Women’s mountain bikes: varieties and tips on choosing

Women's mountain bikes: varieties and tips on choosing

Bicycles for women on technical equipment are no different from men’s. The main difference is a frame design that takes into account the anatomical features of the body of beautiful ladies. Today, sporting goods shops are offered a wide variety of Velobaykov models: amateur, semi-professional, professional. Every woman can pick up for themselves what is needed and by price, and by configuration.

Rating the best models

For many bike, it is not just a weekend entertainment or a practical thing for riding in the city, but a truly “battle horse” and even the meaning of all life.

The vehicle model should not only be most comfortable for driving, but also reliable, stylish, dynamic, functional, compact and passable.

Consider the 10 most sought-after biblies.

Merida Juliet 7.500

Created specifically for fair sex representatives and is considered one of the best models. The practical and lightweight frame is made in 5 sizes, allowing you to use such a mountain bike for girls with any height. The installed air-oil plug makes it possible to adjust under any weight.


Against the background of other models of mountain bikes, a typical “female” geometry frame with a strongly bevelled top tube is highlighted, even more emphasizing the femininity of the design. Cute design, reliability, permeability and speed – its main advantages. Pleasant bonus – good equipment. Essential drawback – weight of almost 15 kg.

Jamis Eden Comp

This bike is perfect for a beginner. Thoughtful equipment installed on the hardtyle gives an opportunity to even feel a real rider and get a lot of positiveness from riding. Complete set of bobbias is designed for a young lady with a small body weight.

STELS MISS 6100 V V010

One of the inexpensive and very practical models of Cross Country for walking around intersected and highland. The advantage is the convenience of adjusting the rigidity of the spring fork with the lever. One movement is enough so that Bicycle is calmly adjusted under the type of road (bumpy trail or even asphalt). With such an opportunity to control the unit in any conditions it becomes easy to ride.

The model is beneficially different from his fellow opportunities to regulate the rise of the steering wheel.


Mountain bikes for women of this Czech company for 20 years have been occupied by one of the leading positions in the bike market. They have proven themselves as one of the highest quality and affordable. These models are not designed for extreme travel and sports races. Ideal for a beginner cycling. Unusual frame geometry frame provides additional reliability and comfortable landing.

Fuji Bikes Addy 27.51.5 DISC

His main feature is a thoughtful front shock absorber with a soft air and oil fork. Such a feature allows you to adjust the plug under non-standard forms of rider. This nuance provides the ability to adjust compression speeds and reverse strokes, to establish the rigidity of the spring and the full blocking. Additional plus – bicycle weight is 12.5 kg.

Merida Juliet 6.20-MD

The premium class model belongs to the group of sports and amateur upgrades and is highly valued by low girls for strength and maneuverability. The equipment is particularly pleased: the speed set is 24 options, a durable lubricular frame, a soft fork with a rigidity of spring and blocking stroke.


Golden middle between budget mountain bikes and expensive sports cycles. Main advantages: relatively low weight (about 13 kg), light and rigid frame created from aluminum alloy, 30 velocity options. Without special difficulties you can choose accessories (wings, trunk, flip holder).

Reliability and durability – this is what characterizes this model.

Merida Juliet 7. 300

True find for experienced riders. It combines excellent driving quality, advanced hinged equipment and excellent handling. Reinforced aluminum frame is able to withstand any load. Saddle Calculated for Daily Trips. Bike is designed for those who truly appreciate the active sport.

Giant Intrigue 1

Refers to the professional bike class. Suitable for extreme girls. With such a bike, not only the mountains are conquered, but also the first places in sports competitions. His distinctive trait Not only stylish design, but also advanced equipment: Lightweight aluminum frame, 20 speed transmission, comfortable saddle, brake disk hydraulics. Substantial minus – high price.

How to choose?

Bike – the thing is purely individual and the choice should be taken seriously. The main thing is to take into account your own preferences, physiological features and specifications of the bike. Just so you can purchase convenient transport where it will be comfortable to move.

When choosing a bike, take into account the following parameters.

Height and weight of the user

The choice of mountain bike affects growth and weight in accordance with the size of the frame. Bicycle manufacturers make up their sizes for a specific model. Approximately available standard table:

  • 150-165 cm – s+
  • 156-170 cm – M+
  • 167-178 cm – m+
  • 172-180 cm – L+
  • 178-185 cm – L.

In case of doubt about Rostov, you can calculate it yourself. It is necessary to measure the length from the package to the stop in centimeters and multiply the coefficient of 0.57.

When choosing, keep in mind and some other features:

  • Full and elderly suitable bikes with a small frame+
  • speeds of speeds should choose a model with a ram+
  • Girls, adorable tricks, give preference to low frame.

Buying a mountain bike, do not take the model less growth parameters, but too big will be inconvenient.


Ask the seller, from which material the unit is made. Most often manufacturers use aluminum and titanium alloys. There are also products from alloy steel and carbon fiber. Such models in weight are easier, but also cost more.

If the price-quality ratio is needed, then pay attention to the designs made of chromium and molybdenum. Proven to be such models only with the best side. With a relatively low weight, they are fine withstand heavy loads.

From time to time a woman will have to raise a bike, and his weight should not exceed 13 kg. The harder bike, the more difficult to manage it. Especially if you are a fragile girl.

Saddle and power steering

If you can, try a little ride a bike. Sitting in the saddle, you should feel comfortable and not slut, but pedals – spin smoothly, without difficulty. Only so shoulders, back and loin will not get tired of walking.

The height of the saddle must be selected correctly, in accordance with your growth. When driving a leg will be straightened at the bottom point of the pedals and will not get tired and root in the knees.


The bike created from high-quality materials can not be cheap. Pay attention to the average price segment. If the budget is limited, refuse some accessories.

Do not save on technical equipment, as shock absorbers, brakes, tires, the suspension is not only responsible for the safety of the passenger, but also affect the service life of the vehicle.

Brand review

Each manufacturer, creating a bicycle model, tries to endow it with all the necessary advantages – so that the quality does not suffer and it was possible. The most accessible are products of domestic and Asian firms. Europeans and Americans are too climbing prices, so their products are less chassis in our country.

Stels (Russia)

Large Russian bicycle and component manufacturer, functioning since 1996. Since 2015, the company began to confidently conquer the European bike market. Products are distinguished by impeccable quality.

Merida (Taiwan)

The global leader in the production of cycling, combining at the same time an affordable price with high-quality technological characteristics. Mountain bikes are especially in demand, characterized by a high level of hilly terrain and excellent performance.

Author (Czech Republic)

The company was established in 1993, in its work focuses on the joint work of engineers and leading cyclists testing bicycles. The entire lineup has an attractive design, improved running, suspension and sensitive brakes. Main plus – various price category.

Giant (China)

Leading manufacturer of branded cycles around the world. Today, all major production facilities belong to this company. The main difference from other manufacturers – the firm has the ability to create bicycles of the highest quality segment at an acceptable cost, opening new horizons for cyclists for cyclists.

How to choose a female bike, look next.

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