Xiaomi bicycles: advantages, disadvantages and model range

Xiaomi bicycles: advantages, disadvantages and model range

Xiaomi bikes are gaining increasing popularity among riders. The company produces children’s and adults Mijia Qicycle and Himo bikes with wheelchair 14-16 inches, which are great not only for the urban environment, but also for light off-road. And for the correct choice of your new Xiaomi bike, you need to get acquainted with the model.

Instead of preface

Xiaomi is widely known as the manufacturer of portable electronics. Other things are available under this brand, such as backpacks and scooters. But they produce other firms, control over which Xiaomi. That is, the product is obtained As high quality as the main products, and the pricing policy remains. This allows you to produce a wide range of bicycles.

Find suitable bike Xiaomi can each.

Xiaomi SEVEN Small Bai Child Yo Car

Begovil Xiaomi Seven was created for the smallest riders. Such transport will speed up the physical development of the “very beginning” cyclist, not to mention a significant benefit to the health of the kid. The design of the bike is very ergonomic, and it is not necessary to make much effort to move. The model is completely deprived of sharp corners and faces – the safety of the young driver above all.

The model is absolutely hypoallergenic and small by weight. In addition, many color options are available.

In front of the beggrel has 2 wheels, and behind 1. Lack of such a design – speed when turning should be low, otherwise the wheel separation from the road. With this wheel to increase security do not have spokes.

Xiaomi Mijia 700Kids Child Deformable Balance Car Tricycle 2 In 1

Mijia 700Kids – transition model on the way to “adult” 2-wheel bike. Distinctive feature – it can be used and as a runaway, and as a 3-wheel bike.

Front wheel here one and it has removable pedals. Rear wheels 2, and thanks to the big track transport is very steady. Wheels are completely closed, which completely eliminates the possibility of injury.

The model is made of environmentally friendly plastic Q195 with additives that increase strength. Thanks to this, the mass of slightly more than 6 kg. And also is the ability to adjust the height of the seat.

The bike has several colors options, which will delight young bikers. By the way, the folding model.

Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike KD-12

Although the model of Children Bike KD-12 is designed for older children, she can successfully serve as a 2-year-old ride. The main advantage is a disconnected carriage with anterior asterisk, pedals and chain drives. So this children’s 2-wheeled bike turns into a begging. Such transport is excellent for children in 90-110 cm.

The carriage knot holds on 5 screws, and it is easily removed. It can only be put in one position, which greatly simplifies the assembly of even inexperienced people.

This model is equipped with pneumatic tires that are better suited for everyday use. Wheels are solid, that is, safety when moving the greatest. The chain transmission is completely closed, so the clothes entering it completely excluded.

Manual brake set on the rear wheel. Regardless of the use option, it remains that ensures safety. Seat can be adjusted in height. Different variants of color execution are available.

The disadvantages of this model include the absence of wings and stand.

Further Development of the Model – Xiaomi Ninebot Kids Bike. She already has 14-inch wheels with spokes and a non-removable carriage.

Bike perfectly suitable boys 4-6 years.

Xiaomi Qicycle

The bike is designed for people with a growing 180-190 cm and weighing up to 100 kg. It is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 250 W, built into the front wheel. Mass of the bike itself – 14.5 kg.

Pneumatic tires of 16×1.75 inches provide sufficient comfort when driving around smooth roads. If desired, you can put a 2.25 inches width tires.

Accumulator with a capacity of 5.8 a * b grabs up to 45 km. At the same time, there is no jurka or handle of gas, the engine provides assistance to the rider only when rotating pedals. Battery is located inside a bike frame. Wherein It can be charged both cycling and separately. Charging time – about 3 hours.

It is very easy to remove, which simplifies life as riders and not too decent citizens. Be careful.

The power of the electric motor can be adjusted from the on-board computer, which can also read the distance traveled, show speed and other. But there is a disadvantage – a computer only in Chinese. But understand it is easy.

And also a bike can synchronize with a smartphone via Bluetooth, to transfer onto the onboard computer data. Here, too, there is a defects, which is in the firmware. The official is installed on the bike using the application from Play Market, but it works not entirely correctly. Good firmware need to search for 4pda, and install yourself through a smartphone, downloading the file APK.

The main advantage of this “smart” bicycle is an effort sensor on pedals. That is, the bike adjusts the power of the engine is not based on the speed of rotation of the pedals, but to the extent of the accompanying effort. It is much more convenient, and ride on such a bike very nice.

You can move and with the help of pedals, this will help 3-speed planetary sleeve Shimano Nexus 3. It does not require adjustments, is distinguished by reliability and long service life. But because of the engine-wheels, the bike is low, much lower than on ordinary bikes.

This bike is folding, it has a steering wheel, it takes off the seat with the pin and in half the frame is folded. Wheels are located opposite each other and fixed in this position by magnets. They are not very strong, but they will cope with their task. In this position, the bike can stand – the role of the third support is performed by the seed pin, the end of which is rubbing.

Seat made by the Italian company Selle Royal, It is beautiful and comfortable, truly royal. At the sedel there is a markup that will help properly adjust the height after folding.

From other flaws – wings and stand do not go bundled, they need to buy separately. As well as users mark the weak light of the front headlight. There is no complaints to the rear dimming.

Still need to say about pedals. They are folding, but on this their advantages ends. They do not have a bearing, so they are torn hard. In addition, they do not distinguish with reliability, and can begin to be laid and creaked after 100 km. The problem is solved only by buying other pedals – any.

Xiaomi Himo C20

Very similar to qicycle, but with some differences. This bike is closer to the Mountain Bike class, it has 20-inch wheels. The bike is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 250 W, which is located in the rear wheel. The battery is built in the frame with a capacity of 360 W * h, which is enough to 80 km drive. It is charged about 6 hours.

Gear gear gear habitual parallelogram. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, so that the mass of the bike is 21 kg. Both brakes disk.

The bike is also folding, it has a steering wheel and removes the seat along with the pin. But, Unlike qicycle, the frame is complete.

The chip of this bike is a seed pin that can work as a pump. And also present a complete complex of lighting, which is powered by the main battery.

There is already a stand, but the manufacturer has forgotten about the wings, which is a lack of.

Xiaomi Himo Electric Bicycle T1

Flagship bicycle model. Actually, this is already an electric cucumber with pedals.

This model has a rear engine-wheel with a power of 350 W, which is powered by a battery with a capacity of 14 a * h. In the greatest configuration, the stroke can be 120 km. And the model is equipped with hydraulic brakes.

Because of the specific landing, turn the pedals on the electric bike is difficult, but it is unlikely that such a need for.

On the ride modes corresponds to the onboard computer. And there is also the ability to switch the light of the headlights from the close to the far.

At the same time, the bike is completely complete – there is a stand, and wings, and trunk. But the price flagship corresponds to.


Xiaomi bikes will be a good choice for riders. They are comfortable to fold, can go for a long time without recharging and retain the right posture of the rider. But additional accessories must be purchased separately. And also have to look for a suitable firmware on third-party sites. Well, the bonus teach Chinese – after all it is necessary to understand the cycle computer.

Next you will be waiting for an overview of the Xiaomi Qicycle electric bike.

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