All about children’s skates

All about children's skates

To get pleasure on the rink, to achieve good results and for complete safety, it is very important to learn everything about children’s skates, including how to choose them on shoes in size. It is also necessary to deal with which models will be better for beginner riding lovers. It is worth familiar with the skates “Cold Heart” and other ice models of small and large sizes.

Description of species


Such children’s skates are still customary to the category “Fitness”. With their creation, the primary attention is paid to comfort. Prevail in structures soft shoes. The blades are mainly performed on the “hockey” type. The design is suitable for riding even on ice is not the highest quality, however, it will not be possible to achieve impressive sports results.


Such adjustable models appeared relatively recently, but have already managed to decline considerable popularity. The reason is obvious: in childhood, the leg grows extremely fast. And after a year you have to buy gear again. Sliding devices allow you to do this at least once every two or three years, reducing the load on the family budget.

    In addition, they are simple and relatively comfortable. However, it is necessary to remember that sliding skates:

    • are unsuitable for professional athletes and just for lovers of active workouts+
    • differ in uncomfortable design insoles+
    • have the deadlord location of the center of gravity+
    • have usually a weak clasp (which is especially characteristic of budget models).


    Traditionally, such skates are considered the attribute of figure skating. They often choose even those who do not seek to master active maneuvers and rapid rebuildings. The reason is obvious – a beautiful appearance attracts many buyers. However, it is necessary to understand that actually such products are justified only if it is planned to be engaged at a high amateur level with elements of professional contestants. The ankle is supported very well, but even the weakest defects on the ice are almost an irresistible obstacle.


    The name speaks for itself – this kind of ice skates is optimally suitable for inexperienced lovers, only making the first steps around the rink. Their composition includes a pair of poloz. Similar models are suitable for working out walk and slip, skills stand in one place. Fastening on shoes is performed using straps. All training modifications are simultaneously sliding by default.

    With interchangeable chassis

    Usually, equipment is acquired separately for winter and other seasons. This allows you to take into account the nuances of weather conditions and eliminate the maximum errors, flaws. However, there are also transformers applied regardless of the time of year equally efficiently. It will be possible to ride on ice, and on other solid surfaces. The replacement of the chassis with blades occurs quite quickly and in skillful hands does not represent problems.


    The name speaks for itself – such equipment is chosen for children who love to swing the stick, and not just move around the ice site. There are also simple educational and oriented options oriented options. In any case, the hockey classes suggest dynamic loads, and therefore without reinforced the ankle protection just do not do. Count on the same softness and comfort as pleasure models, it does not have, but it is quite predictable and justified.

    It is also worth considering that hockey versions do not provide decent protection from cold. However, in the situation of a tense match, this circumstance is insignificant.


    For a long time, the idea was that good skates for children – necessarily leather or made from other materials.And it was partly so – due to the low quality of old synthetic structures. However, in recent decades, the problem is solved, and you can completely choose the material to choose. Modern synthetics in combination with special membranes. Excessive sweating completely excludes, and at the same time the leg remains warm regardless of weather conditions.

    Design options

    Classic appearance is typical for simple curly skates. But their manufacturers often try to offer original options. However, it is characteristic mainly for lovers, but professional athletes definitely choose self-equipment equipment. For girls, it is advisable to choose simple pink copies – they look beautifully, and at the same time not too clean. But lovers stand out and actively condone to use models like “Cold Heart”. Their appearance naturally contains references to the most popular cartoon.

      Strict design should choose, above all, for boys. But there are exceptions that depend on personal taste. Most often, skates are of such colors:

      • White+
      • black+
      • green+
      • White-pink+
      • bluish.

      Skates supply many major firms. But only a certain number of models justified enters the top best equipment.

      • Such is the Czech Novus AFSK-20. There is a similar model inexpensively, it is distinguished by both a beautiful appearance and a full fixation of the foot. The danger of injury on the rink comes down to a minimum, and thanks to the well-thought-out lining, the leg almost will not sweat.

      • Norwegian developments, namely, deserve attention, Nordway Nicole. Pay for them will also have little. True, the service life is small, but at the younger age, it would be difficult to expect. The design is made from artificial material and looks neatly. It is necessary to take into account the lack of insulation, which is why you have to take models for 2 size more.

      • In the ranking it is worth mentioning and hockey skates. Among them, Bauer Supreme 140 is highlighted – the product of the well-known and well-proven manufacturer. Canadian goods without problems fixed on foot and has a wide range. An important advantage is the excellent sharpening blade, which is not stupid even with frequent active use. Judging by the reviews,

      Bauer Supreme 140 is better suited for riding in amateur format, and for professional junior hockey players they will be overly tough.

      • Good alternative can be considered Oxelo Zero. In their favor, they speak both a otnya appearance and high quality of manufacture, and a great fit on the leg. French product can safely be used by several seasons in a row. True, it is not too convenient to stitch it. Complaints on the quality of sharpening blades sometimes come.

      • Where perfect is sharpening Orooks Ih 100. Although it is cheaper Chinese skates, they show themselves from the best side. The designers took care of the diversity of the dimensional series and the possibility of choosing sports equipment for all age. It is only necessary to understand that this model is not suitable for intensive workouts and responsible matches with full voltage.

      The dimensions are mostly selected for sure, however, due to the narrowness of the boot, the problems may experience children with broad bone.

      • But it is worth noticeing and to the walking versions. For example, K “SK MAGIC”. On such skates it is very easy and pleasant to produce balance on ice. The design is characterized by a warmed layer based on artificial fur. The shape of the skates is chosen very well. Noted the long service life of these products, but also true and the fact that the blades often have to be accurate.

      • Chinese skates praise for universality SAIMAA B906. On them and boys, and girls can engage in figure skating amateur level. Sliding design allows you to save a little. Inside the shoes are insulated and is characterized by excellent comfort. True, SAIMAA B906 – Typical “Mallomers”, but this problem is enough to consider.

      • For skating both in summer and winter can be recommended Mobile Kid Twin Seasons. Ice blade is easily replaced with roller skate. Sliding performance allows you to count on several seasons of skiing. External appearance does not cause complaints. However, sometimes there are complaints about the characteristic plastic smell.

      • Profitable segment deserves attention. Skates stand out in it CCM Super Tacks. For them is typical anatomical form. Lightweight and durable models are completely protected from hitting a puck. Oxide spraying blades can serve longer, and the design of the insoles and the shape of the skates reduce fatigue for the most intense loads.

      • Inexperienced figure skater can like Le Fleur Leather. Despite the budget value, the quality of the model is quite decent. Design is well experiencing mechanical effects. Design visually attractive. However, Le Fleur Leather is not fully suitable for professional sports.

      • Experts celebrate high quality Bauer Vapor X500. Such skates are good to withstand mechanical shocks. Cashia can be engaged on a professional basis. Important: Such skates require addiction. In the absence of experience, the legs at first will hurt.

      • It is worth seeing to the version Snow Girl 30-33 sizes. The roller platform is absent, that is, initially everything is focused only on ice. Can be engaged in amateur riding and training. Design was developed by engineers of the well-known ATEMI firm. You can use it perfectly calmly.

      • For young hockey players, more preferable to become KHL Nitro. Their features: artificial leather shoes, the manufacture of high carbon alloy blades, a glass with increased frost resistance, amplification of both heels and the nose, fixation of the legs with the help of shoelaces, the presence of sizes from 35 to 46 positions.

      Features of choice

      First of all, you need to take into account the appointment of a specific model. The smallest children need to buy the most stable skates having double blades. As soon as the child starts confidently stand, you can go to one-olese versions. Very important nuance – you need to choose a specific copy of the legs. The minimum allowable envelope on a moderately thick woolen sock so that the feet of the legs are tight and comfortable, to the gap between the heel and the back the little finger.

      If the boots are closer, when moving, they will be hardened and damage the foot. Too loose shoes will hang out and create the risk of tossing ankle. However, in order to choose the right hockey skates, you need to take them on 1 size more than ordinary home or sports shoes. In any case, it is necessary to add to the magnitude of the foot 10-15 mm, then even the need to wear thick socks will not put in a dead end.

      Too big reserve is also inappropriate. Because of it, the balance of the balance is broken, and constant falls begin. Before buying a concrete product, you need to finish it until the end, try to stand and walk. If only the most insignificant discomfort is detected, then the purchase is more correct to refuse. In the real rink or on asphalt, inconvenience will significantly increase, and it may even threaten the injury.

      It is useful to determine the material that manufacturers used. In childhood, most of the right decision, many are considered natural leather shoes. However, the very first classes will be much more efficient when using sustainable plastic shoes. But on this acquaintance with shoes does not end. It is necessary to check whether it is enough of its sole.

      A very important role also plays:

      • Full strengthening of the design in general+
      • Support and protection of legs in the back area+
      • Simplicity of lacing, providing adjustment exactly on the leg+
      • The tongue that should reproduce, duplicate the bending of the limbs+
      • The speed of the drying of the stelek, their equipment with the supinator.

      But even the most nice shoe part, which is better for beginners in adolescence and childhood, does not cancel the importance of the blade. In a good product, it is formed from a first-class stainless alloy. Matte tide recommend all experts because it reduces wear. The ridges set nearby should not touch.

      But the personal tastes should not be discounted – they are no less important than matching the size of centimeters.

      Skates for children 2 years have little different from those that need to be used at the age of 3. Save on their purchase should not be (however, as at any other age). For cautious periodic ice skating you can choose the basic walking versions. Beginning with 4-5 years old, We must already take into account the difference between boys and girls, as well as the features of specific disciplines in Catania. If possible, however, it is better to postpone the beginning of serious classes up to 6 or even up to 7 years, so that the organism is fixed, but It is already worth looking at the target group: In 8 and 9 years old, it is not necessary at all that suitable for children of 11 or 12 years.


      Regardless of age and the purpose of use, it is almost always necessary to sharpen new skates under it. Factory sharpening, if it is, suits not everyone, besides, it’s not forever. It is recommended to use automatic machines that allow you to vary the length of the “platform”, that is, in contact with ice, from 40 to 60 mm. To choose exactly this indicator, if you consider:

      • Mass of the bodied body+
      • Style of movement+
      • Stiffness of support ice.

      All this is strictly individually and can change. No wonder professionals for each competition are sent with several pairs of skates. If we reduce the magnitude of the ice contact, you can achieve maximum movement maneuverability. Such a “radius” is precisely predominantly in the middle of the blade. But experienced skaters and hockey players after several years of classes may pick up a more suitable place for it.

      Important: It is not recommended to switch with sharpening machines on manual. This may irreversibly distort the skate parameters and make them unpredictable for users. Such a board will be useful even to adult riding lovers. In the absence of experience, it is better to contact professionals. Sharpening in the conditions of the prepared workshop – it is more reliable, and safer.

      Tips for care

      Even the most carefully selected and well sharpened skates can bring if they treat them with disregard. The blade should be wiped out every time after skiing. Otherwise, the remaining moisture will lead to corrosion. Sharpening It is required to periodically update so that skiing went smasher. Leather skates clean and put in order just as any leather shoes. For storage of skates, it is recommended to use the box, in which they were kept in the store, or just a clean dry place. Ice skating must be used, using covers, otherwise you can simply be able to have a comfortable and successful skating of speech. These same covers are used to carry their travel inventory. Before laying in the cover, you should certainly wipe the blade and dry the product in a well-ventilated room (but not only on heating devices).

      Critically important to follow the laces. Noticing that they will soon break through, we must immediately contact a specialized store. Lace damage to ice threatens a breakdown of design and even injuries. It is necessary to control the condition of fasteners holding the blades. They are required from time to time to tighten as increasing.

      If the riding season is completed, it does not mean that skates can just postpone. Boots are pre-cleaned. They are necessarily lubricated with a neutral or specially selected with cream color. In some cases, it replaces simple vaseline. Eliminate the races helps laying the newspaper – just as they do with different shoes, the blades are lubricated with technical vaseline, solidol or machine oil.

              As it is possible to get a special skunk bag. It will easily include accessories for sports activities. Such a solution is much more practical than just leave your inventory somewhere in a closet or bedside table. It is also necessary to ensure that the blade is not crushed or loaded. In this case, you can guarantee successful and long use of skates.

              About how to choose skates for a child, see the following video.

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