All about geocying

All about geocying

Hyperships – a game, familiar to every person since childhood. I remember, before in every courtyard, the children of different ages satisfied the caches, they were engaged in search of treasures, represented how they were sent to a fascinating trip to mysterious places.

But after some time, those kids lose interest in the premises of the palemakes and the overgrown bushes. The older they become, the more responsibilities are assigned to them. But even an adult person needs fascinating leisure, allowing you to plunge into childhood. And we are talking about the game geocaching.

What it is?

No one is a secret that in the modern world There is a lot of recreation options for adults. Mountain areas are even satisfied with the camp 21+, where everyone can distract from the household routine. However, not everyone can afford to remove from the house for more than 2 days, respectively, for rest, they should choose other ways to leisure. For example, geocyshing. Someone this word may seem new, unusual. Although in fact Geokeshing is known worldwide for quite a long time.

Geokeshing – Tourist game, involving the search for caches and treasures. The Word itself takes its beginning from the Greek language, where “Geo” means “Earth”, and “Cache” translates as “Cain”. This game is for more than 15 years, however, for such a small period of existence, she conquered the hearts of many people around the world.

If we speak in numbers, more than 6 million people joined the community of connoisseurs of this game.

What is noteworthy, Modern variation of geocutching is designed not only for a single or corporate quest, even family can be played in this game. The number of existing caches is more than 2 million. They are located in almost all corners of the globe. And every year this number increases. The main platform of the game represented is concentrated on the website www. geocaching. Com. Registration on the platform is free.

After creating an account, the registering person becomes a full member of the project and can start looking for caches, as well as create their own treasures. In addition to the main platform of the game, in each country Individual Internet portals are launched. In Russia, for example, this is www. geocaching. SU. On the territory of the Russian Federation this game came in 2002. Russian society she seemed the prototype of the Soviet game.

The essence of the game – Some players hide caches, indicate their coordinates on the GPS navigator, report this data on the Internet. Other players using the coordinates provided and their own gadgets find hidden treasures. Often, the caches are hiding in natural locality, in places of historical and cultural significance, which is why the game proceeds in the cognitive process.

Every member of the team (not only adults, but also children) during the game can show themselves. Senior people based on geographic knowledge, like making routes, overcome complex obstacles. Preschoolers and schoolchildren prefer to solve riddles and, of course, find treasures.

If we speak simple words, everyone in the game there is a place, everyone will be able to contribute to the search for the cache.


The beginning of the geokeshirt as a modern species of the game was found in 2000. Everyone knows that the United States has been developed for their own military forces mass technology, including the GPS system. However, it passed data with some errors, which was negatively reflected even on the exercises of the American army. In 2000, US President Clinton announced the removal of secrecy status with GPS technology and gave permission for its introduction to all industries. Information about the abolition of secrecy status flew around the whole world for hours. The next day, one ordinary American offered his friends on the network to play the game “Stash”, which translated into Russian sounds like “Skate”.

The rules of the game demanded from one person to create a cache, publish his coordinates on the Internet portal. Others can only find the treasure. Man hiding treasure, was the initiator of the game. He hid in the cache book, products, money. Well, and searching for his friends from the network. Thanks to the interest of the Society, geocaching began to gain momentum. Already today this game covers a lot of countries in the world.

On the territory of the former USSR hid a huge number of caches, and each is indicated by the GPS point, which not only indicates the treasure coordinates, but also talks about the sights of this place.

Types of Tyachika

Each community participant is allowed to create Own caches. At the same time, any requirements for the cland is not presented. Treasure can be hidden in a large container or in a small box. The smallest treasure is 3 mm. To it should be attached to a small piece of paper, where users will leave users who managed to find a whining. Close-size treasure should be supplemented with notebook or notebook for records.

Do not forget that the player who has found treasure is allowed to take one subject from the cache, but in return to put something. To date, there are many types of caches, each of which has certain features. The most popular are traditional, step-by-step and cache-riddle. About them and it is proposed to learn more detail.


The traditional type cache is laid in the container whose coordinates are reflected in the GPS navigator. Initially, they were hidden in certain places, today they hide almost anywhere, including the city.

Traditional cache is considered the most common. Its location must be published on the site by direct coordinates, without any additions. Although sometimes it is very difficult to find it, because such caches are hiding under the most realistic camouflage. Sometimes to find such a treasure, the player will need to show climbing or diversity abilities.


This type of cache involves a step-by-step search. To reach the final, the player needs to go through a few caches, each of which contains a mystery, the solution of which is the next search location. These riddles can be hiding in a wide variety of places, for example, on the opposite side of road signs, on trees or large boulders. Each new stage, approaching the player to the final, becomes more complex, but if a person took up the search, he must bring started to the end.

Tire mystery

In this case, the cache requires Solve a complicated puzzle. The map shows the location coordinates where the cache is hidden. The player needs to get into this area and find one or more puzzles, thanks to which it will be possible to calculate the exact location of the treas. As mysteries, you can use mathematical tasks, encryption, sudoku and much more. Only deciding the puzzle, it will be possible to understand exactly where the treasure is hidden.


There are other types of caches who are popular in the modern world.

  • Night cache. In this case, the search for treasures is made only at night. To get to the cache help special reflective stickers or liners fixed in different parts of the terrain.
  • Postal cache. The combination of the cache with the mailbox. In the drawer hid a stamp and log for records. Players need to get to these boxes, put the prints of the found stamps in their journals and in hidden magazines to leave the mark of your own stamp.
  • Moving cache. This type of cache is designed for the OpenCaching website. US. GPS system hides a cache in a specific place, and players feature other coordinates. The players need to understand what is common between the shown search points, in order to figure out, in which the treasure is hidden.

Do not forget that modern technologies allow you to completely get rid of the primary search devices. Now there is no need to carry a logbook with you. All information is carried out in online mode.

In this case, only a part of the types of caches that can be found by playing geokeshing is presented. Among children, for example, a very developed type of cache “Photo-video”. Player hiding treasure lays a cache and makes it a photo in different angles when using a variety of photo modes. To search indicates a short prompt, for example, a music office. Those who are looking for a treasure, you need to understand the photo What kind of music office is a place to conceal the treasures, after which the players go to the selected room and try to find a treasure of distorted photo filters.

How to play?

Geokeshing – game that conquered the hearts of millions of residents of the Earth from different countries and continents. This leisure way is chosen for a collaborative family, team, friends. In geocaching you can play alone, only then the search for the treasure does not bring so significant pleasure.

What is noteworthy, this game does not have any age limitations. Kids, schoolchildren, students, adults can play in it. It is enough just to register on the platform of this tourist game, read the rules, get acquainted with the technology of creating bookmarks and search for caches.

Start offered with rules.

  • When creating caches, it is important to take into account the unusualness of their location. Yes, you can shove the box in the hollow tree, but the search for it will be uninteresting, banal, boring. Sucks must be hidden and disassembled in the most unusual way. The main thing is to reinforce the place of searching by photos and tempting slogans.
  • After finding the holder, the player is allowed to take one subject from the cache, and in return to put something from himself, making an appropriate entry in a special journal about it.
  • If the search of the cache requires the passage of complex obstacles, it should be notified about this players in the same tips.

Now it is also necessary to deal with the prohibitions that exist for registered geocuting players.

  • Cannot do skids on regime objects, in protected places. The player should enjoy the game, and not a fine with an administrative violation or criminal prosecution.
  • It is prohibited to create several caches in historical and cultural areas.
  • Cannot invest drugs, alcoholic products, tobacco products, intimate toys. Not only adults play this game, but also children of different ages. And finding such a treasure will definitely not bring them positive emotions.

Well, now it is proposed to get acquainted with the step-by-step process of the game. This is important for those who have never participated in a similar event.

  • The first thing you need to do is to purchase a gadget that supports GPS. In the modern world, this is a smartphone. Acquire the GPS navigator for the game is wrong.
  • The next stage requires the passage of registration on the Geochetinki website. Most sites even have a detailed list of existing caches, and some are represented only part.
  • Next, you need to find and choose one of the nearby treasures. For beginners, it is best to start with those that are harnessed nearby.
  • Information about the interest is interested in the magazine or print. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the level of complexity of the task. Newcomers worth starting with the simplest mysteries.
  • Using the GPS navigator, it is necessary to determine the location of the cache.
  • Before you go to the search for the treasure, it is necessary to consider which item or item can be put in return. This trinket should not be expensive, but it must have a certain value. Incidentally, the creators of some caches in the description of the treasure report that nested things correspond to a certain topic. And those items that will be placed in a cache, in the future should not be separated from the conceived author of the topic.
  • When finding a cache, it is important to carefully examine how it is packed. After all manipulations, the tab must be folded along the same system.
  • When I find the treasure and not to take any thing from it. It is enough just to report my strand. If I wanted to take into my memory something, it is important to understand that the thing invested in return should be equal in value.
  • In notepad, attached to the cache, it is necessary to write your name, the date of finding the treasure and nickname from the site.
  • Next, the whip again hides in the same place.
  • After all manipulations, the player should go to the site and make a note of places where he visited.

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