All about rest in kindness in Montenegro

All about rest in kindness in Montenegro

Montenegro – one of the most picturesque countries on the planet. Anyone from the settlements of this country surprises the beauty of natural conditions and architectural buildings. One of the places recommended for visits to tourists is a good town.

A bit of history

The first record about the city of Kindness dates back to 1260. Until 1704, it was part of the Kotor and only after became an independent city.

After the kindness acquired the status of the city, he began to grow rapidly and was a resting place for the wealthy part of the population of the Kotor, who were erected on the coast of the locks, which have established to today’s times in a completely satisfactory form.

The development of the city entailed the construction of buildings and structures. In kindness there are some temples that are attractive to photographers.


    Kindness is located on the coast of the Gulf, is a settlement whose territory has an elongated form. In this place there is an embankment that extends along the bay for 7 km.

    Transport accessibility here is very good, which makes the town attractive for brongeous visits. Kindness is located next to the city where there is a station where buses are departed from.

    To get from Kotor to kindness, you can use the car, this place is simply created for auto-trailers. The elongated form of the city area makes it possible to always find free parking, the presence of cheap hotels allows you to stay in this area for the entire vacation period. You can travel by public buses – this is the most economical way.

    Can be used for these purposes a bike. In which rent bicycles, with which you can get to kindness.


    In this place there is something to see. Sights of kindness go roots during the heyday of Montenegro, which falls at the beginning of the XVIII century. In those days, this area was the most famous among the sailors and owners of the courts, which not only visited Montenegro, but also built housing and temples here.

    The buildings of those times have been preserved to our time in the form of historical monuments, buildings, palaces, which are very attractive to antiquity lovers.

    The main attractions of kindness are temples and churches. They are striking with their magnificence.

    The most visited places

    From the places most visited by tourists, it should be noted:

    • Church of St. Eustafia+
    • Palace Radonich+
    • Palace Milosevic+
    • Church of St. Matthew.


    Due to the features of the location of the territory, the infrastructure of these places may seem not too developed for some travelers. Here, of course, there are also shopping points, and catering sites, but there are not very much, and they do not replete the variety of goods.

    Rest in the resorts in this place can be quite boring for lovers of night active life, because there are no nightclubs. This place is suitable for those who want to relax from the daily bustle of the city and tedious tourist entertainment. By visiting this unique place, it is possible to enjoy clean air, to be in solitude among citrus trees and join the historical moments of this place.


    In kindness there are only 3-star apartments Apartmani Jasmina. They have 3 fully suitable rooms with dining area, living room, balcony. Satellite television provided. For tourists a barbecue, parking, internet. Hotel staff communicate in Russian and Serbian.

    In the city, located near kindness, there is 2- and 3-star apartments. The most sought-after of which are several hotels.

    • Rooms Tamara. This is a hotel that is estimated in 2 stars and meets European standards. The tour desk is operating here, laundry, cars and bicycles are given for rent.
    • Apartments Bella. Hotel 2 stars, each room has a kitchenette with a full set of home appliances. Here you can stay with homemade pets.
    • Apartment Ivan. This is a modern hotel, where guests are offered bath accessories and household appliances.
    • Apartmani Cetkovic. Three-star hotel in which the Internet is operating. Guests can enjoy parking, terrace, garden.
    • Apartments Lazarevic. Three-star hotel, where there are 3 rooms with a balcony, air conditioning, kitchen and shower. There is a terrace where you can sunbathe.

    In the event that a hotel is required to be more expensive, then the greatest distribution received:

    • Hotel Forza Mare+
    • Hotel Forza Terra+
    • Hotel Palazzo Radomiri.

    They all correspond to European standards and refer to 4- and 5-star. Guests enjoy a fitness center, swimming pool, solarium, beach.

    Catering enterprises

    There are 10 most diverse cafes, restaurants and bars, where they mainly serve seafood and fruit dishes. And here you can try pizza and fast food.

    Here are the most famous catering establishments.

    • Caffe Pizzeria Pronto. Is a pizzeria with acceptable prices, excellent service and good-natured employees.
    • Dobrotski Dvori Restaurant. This is a restaurant with Mediterranean and European cuisine, there is a barbecue.
    • ELLA’S Restaurant. Seafood prepares for traditional recipes.
    • Bella di Mare. Restaurant, where European and Mediterranean dishes are preparing, the most common dish is the Greek salad, pasta with seafood and sauce.
    • Restaurant Forza Mare. Restaurant, which is famous for French and Chernogorsk cuisine.


    The most basic advantage of kindness, are beaches that stretch along the edge of water and consist of sea stones. The beaches of this city are equipped with shower cabins, sports fields, sun loungers, locker rooms, toilets. Here you can use the services of water attractions, there is a rescue service, parking for cars.

    Shopping centers in the city do not have, acquire souvenir products possible in the market or in small shops.


    Reviews of the township town in Montenegro are mainly favorable. Many of those who visited here, dream of returning to these edges again. Negative reviews have not been detected.

    On the pros and cons of relaxation in Montenegro, it is described in the video below.

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