All you need to know about sutomore

All you need to know about sutomore

Resorts of Balkan countries may not be less attractive than Turkish or Black Sea Analogs. But at the same time, clear leaders and outsiders are distinguished among them. Completely undeservedly in the second group fell Sutomore.


Somoron resort is located in Montenegro, but among Russian tourists it is not enough. The main reason here is the acute lack of places in hotels. Dominant part of the placement of coming – apartments, apartments and private houses. People with prosperity can afford to spend time on the villa. The peculiarity of the resort is therefore the fact that you have to book accommodation on the Internet, moreover, in advance.

In Sutomore, they are mainly those who count on an independent rest. Refusal to help tourist companies allows you to save quite significant money.

Even at the peak of demand, rent apartments can be rented for 30-50 euros per day, and in the private sector you can pay 10-20 euros per room.

Features of the weather

If we proceed from weather conditions, you can confidently say that the official holiday season begins in May. But not everything is as simple as it may seem. The Adriatic Sea is pretty cold, and there is still enough cold depth trends in it. Therefore, lovers of strictly comfortable leisure makes sense to go to this resort not earlier than the second decade of June. Then it will be safe to swim, without fear of health consequences, even those who have not too strong.

Of course, this restriction does not work on those who are thoroughly hardened and wishes to come to Sutomore early. However, still on the Balkans are mainly for the sake of pleasure. And therefore, the mass start of the season is on July 10-15, it was then that in Chernogorsk schools ends the school year, so the beaches are becoming much more crowded. Air warms up to 25 degrees. In the evening, it becomes cooler (approximately 23 degrees), which gives pleasure to people.

July days in Sutomor are also quite pleasant. Air warms up to 30 degrees, and many believe that this is the perfect time. But August in this part of Montenegro is usually characterized by heat, the temperature in some moments rises to 35 degrees during the day, so from 11 to 17 hours of people on the streets less. It will delight very warm water (up to 25 degrees).

September in Sutomore is the velvet season. Signing retreats, the air is heated to 25 degrees, and the sea is up to 23 degrees. But in the afternoon the weather may deteriorate. Rains and even storms.

Starting October 1, the work of urban beaches suspended.


On the territory of Sutomore, you can not only lie on the beaches, but also to see a number of attractive places. Around the kilometer to the North-West are the ruins of the fortress XV century High Nheai. The very place is famous for the church, in which there is an Orthodox and Catholic altar at the same time.


Sutomore beaches in length approaching 2500 m, each of them differs in purity and arrangement. The main beach platform is approximately 800 m. This is the only sector covered with sand and small pebbles. The magnitude of the “wild” beaches is significantly inferior to the main beach, but not by beauty. It is there that can be retired and truly enjoy the “wild” rest. A set of proposals for vacationers is quite typical. It includes:

  • Flights over the sea+
  • Rent on catamaran+
  • Tablet riding+
  • Dive with aqualung.

Near beach playgrounds are continuously working various cafes and restaurants. It is recommended to visit a variety of institutions, because the menu can be very different. Nearby there are also shops of souvenirs and shops with thematic attributes. For excursions and for independent visits, the ruins of the monastery of St. Mary, as well as Skadar Lake, are equally recommended.

On the islands located on this lake, many buildings of the Christian Cult.

Visit the islands is easy – many boats and catamarans get there. The territory of the sutomore itself can boast by old buildings. They were erected from stone mined in the vicinity of the city. The same stone was used in the construction of local bridges. Attending sutomore with children recommend simply walking through the streets, bays and surrounding forests, enjoy the type of steep rocks.

Local fish market allows you to buy a variety of seafood mined by Chernogorsk fishermen. Unlike supermarkets, the market is very easy to bargain. You can reduce costs almost 50% when lucky. At the same time, the market visit is better to plan on the morning hours. Then it will be possible to get the finest fish, caught yet at night.

Assortment of excursions from sutomore is great enough. Attention deserves flight on paraglid over Budva. The takeoff will occur from the resort of Becici. Individual excursion to the boat (along with dives) will begin in Budva itself. Additionally offer:

  • Fishing in the sea+
  • fishing on a mountain lake beer+
  • Output to the Skadar Lake on the High-speed boat+
  • Sea walk through the Gulf of Sailboat (Galeone).

From other excursions draws attention to the “Heart of Montenegro”. It implies the inspection of the city of Cetini, who is valuable in cultural and historical terms. There you can explore the palaces, temple buildings. From this city, tourists are sent to the village of Nehushi, where the process of cooking dishes will be shown and suggest evaluating the achievements of national cooking. From the Nehushi bus will go to the Boca-Kotor Bay, on the way it will be possible to inspect the beautiful landscapes.

The final point of the excursion is a visit to Perast and the island of Saint Virgin, famous for unusual structures.

A good alternative is the excursion program “Canyons”. It is aimed at acquaintance of vacationers no longer with cultural, but with natural attractions. Visiting the Skadar Lake, Morach Canyons and Tara will be naturally organized.

These canyons are waterfalls, very beautiful landscapes.

Please travelers also arched Giurjevich Bridge, XIII century Monastery, Mountain Roads, Black Lake, National Park. Sea excursions are organized from sutomore (for which ships and boats are used).

Travelers can explore amazing types of coast, bays, islands and vintage villages (villages). Maximum attention is paid to which the ship stops for 60 minutes so that passengers can inspect the vintage streets live.

Day Tour on the boat implies Visit to Budva and Petrovac. Additionally, to feel the charm of the transition to the Adriatic Sea. Attractive and sea walk to the sandy beach of Queen. Boats move between two points daily. They go to the way in the morning, and in the evening there are tourists back.

Where to stay?

Talk about the excursions very nice. But it is equally important to know which hotels will be waiting for in Sutomor, and what can be counted when visiting them. For accommodation, tourists are intended hotels and apartments. Based on the generally accepted international scale, In Sutomore, on average, leisure corresponds to the level of 3 stars.

But do not fear that the quality of rest is too low.

All visitors noted that comfort is guaranteed anywhere in the resort. The reduced assessment is mainly due to the fact that the situation in the rooms and apartments is not too luxurious. An attractive offer is Saga Del Mare. Per night there are at least 50 euros. The path to the beach is approximately 1 minute. Private beach strip is reliably protected from penetration of foreign people. Provided free Wi-Fi. Apartments in Saga Del Mare are equipped with air conditioning and kitchens on which:

  • Refrigerators+
  • plate+
  • kettle.

Guests will also offer barbecue accessories. You can easily order a car rental at the administration or snorkeling. Much cheaper (from 16 euros) Accommodation in Apartments Sosic. Reducing the board is due to the fact that the road to the beach is 9 minutes. Part of the apartmentsSOSIC contains kitchens. Be sure to be awarded to guests barbecue affiliation. Customers available free parking.

From Apartments Sergej The road to the sea will be about 6 minutes. 800 meters separates paying 38 euro guests from the city center. Guests are offered air-conditioned facilities with balconies, bathrooms, personal cuisine. Free Wi-Fi allows you to argue that this hotel meets international class. Nearby equipped with a food store, there is a pizzeria.

From individual villas recommended visit Apartments Aleksic. Distance to beach band is approximately 1 kilometer. Because the road there is no more than 10 minutes. Each room, including studios, air conditioning, bathroom and Wi-Fi. Get to the surrounding markets and shops is easy. The path to the railway and automotive stations does not exceed 10 minutes.

Complete the review appropriate on Apartments Blagoje. Rent number there stands from 20 euros. Get to the beach will turn out for 9 minutes. Around the complex of buildings there is a garden where barbecue accessories are provided. Studio category rooms are complemented by balconies and air-conditioning systems. Provided gratuitous wifi. 100% of the rooms of this class equipped with miniature kitchens with plates and refrigerators.

How to get?

To come to Sutomore itself from the airport or get somewhere, it is worth using regular buses or a train (from Podgorica). A number of routes connecting the main centers of the country and coastal resorts are laid through Sutomore. Taxi services are also in demand, although they are more expensive.

Tourist reviews

Judging by estimates of holidaymakers, a visit to Sutomore is great for family leisure. Airborne transfer does not exceed 30 or 40 minutes even with strong roads. The path runs almost on the shore. Therefore, children will distract an excellent view that opens from the windows of the car.

Important! Rent apartments on the first line is very expensive – bets start from 35 euros. Since in the peak of the Sutomore season is crowded, we advise you to attend the beaches on the outskirts of the city.

On the main urban beach, you will be able to “take a position”, only if you set up “no light zarya, that is, about 8 am. Note that it is not recommended to sunbathe between 11 and 16 hours – then the sun is the most dangerous, especially for children. In any case, do not come to the beach without sunscreen and the umbrella from the Sun, which can be bought everywhere.

Vacation at this resort is available at a price. Coming in September should be borne in mind that at night there is enough cool. As previous travelers tell, it is possible to walk in the evening hours only in a sweatshirt or jeans. Daytime is accompanied by air warming to quite significant temperature. But at the same time the sun does not burn, and you can be on the beach in the morning until the evening.

For lovers long swim better ride in Sutomore in July-August. The rest of the time the water is a little colder. But the evening weather at the end of the summer is characterized as suitable for walking along the embankments and to visit the coastal bar. Note that the bathing is recommended to use special durable shoes, as the bottom, as a rule, is stony, and there is a possibility to step on the sea hedgehog.

The beaches and the surroundings of the coastal town are pretty clean. Travelers noted that the sutomore restaurants correspond only by the lower level by European standards. It is worth considering that the beaches and embankments are located downstairs, and all housing – at high places. Therefore, getting to the hotel from the sea is not too comfortable, if you still have to move the stroller with children.

It is worth considering that the beaches where the music played, rent inventory at higher prices than the “quiet” sites.

Powered in Sutomore at a very high level. The difference in quality and prices in individual institutions is almost absent. Especially good estimates are given to the restaurant “Reliv”, from where you can see the sea. Ride the resort after September 15, which is understandable, not recommended.

Reviews noted that the weather is often unpredictable at this time.

If a big family is going in Sutomore with children, it is more profitable for her and practical to stop at the hotel, but in the apartment. From entertainment for children’s rest is good for the moon park near the embankment. Youth audience will be satisfied with water entertainment, travel on scooter and excursions. Experts advise visit local open-air discos. The resort is recommended for solid people, and for the elderly holidaymakers in need of measured leisure.

Important! It is worth being prepared for the fact that beach accessories (for example, towels) will not give any beaches or in hotels.Therefore, it is necessary or carrying them with you or buying on the spot.

Summing up, you can say so: Sutomore is a resort for those who do not want to overpay. Conditions are rather similar to the Black Sea coast. What is important, the locals in their mass speak Russian, especially those who work in tourism.

Review of the city with the eyes of a vacationer Looking further.

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