All you need to know about the blades for skates

All you need to know about the blades for skates

Skating blade is the most important element of this sports equipment. It has a huge impact on the quality of riding, the execution of various ice tricks. These products can be different species. In the article we will talk about the features of such blades, their varieties.

Primary requirements

Blades for skates must be made of high-quality treated metals (various types of steel). Such products can easily withstand significant loads, while they will not be deformed.

The surface of these parts should be completely shiny, glossy. Even small matte spots are not allowed on it. Exception can only be samples with special protective coatings, at the expense of which they acquire a matte coating.

Besides, These elements are necessarily made as sustainable as possible so that the user can confidently stand on skating and perform various movements and tricks.


Today there are a wide variety of various blades for skates. Consider separately some classifications. Depending on the material from which they are manufactured, several types are isolated.

  • Stainless Steel Models. Such steel has in its composition chrome, which is able to increase the resistance of the basis for the formation of corrosion.
  • Models from alloy steel. This metal for the manufacture of blades has in its composition various additives, which give it maximum strength and hardness.
  • Carbon steel products. Such material includes a small amount of carbon. The higher the content will be, the harder it turns out the part.

Depending on the type of design there are monolithic and removable blades. The difference is that the second option can be easily removed at any time. Removable varieties are considered the most preferred, since when breakdowns, the blade can be replaced with a new, without buying new skates.

These products for skates may also differ in their intended purpose: models for figured, pleasure, hockey boots.

Some of the most well-known firms should be allocated that specialize in the production and sale of blades for various types of skates.

  • John Wilson. This company from Great Britain is considered the oldest manufacturer of such products, it was founded back in the XVII century. Currently, the brand produces figured blades that are created from high-quality treated steel. Production of the brand most often has a special system of teeth with a crossed design. This allows you to increase the work area. All models provide an excellent grip with an icy surface.

  • Jackson Ultima. This brand from Canada releases the blades lines for simple figure skates, as well as for professional sports boots. The company’s products tend to have a classic design. Blades are created from the treated solid steel base. They are produced with the most different dimensional values. Jackson Ultima products are sometimes produced in the form of a double acute design, which includes the blade itself and a special platform, which is fixed on the sole of sports shoes.

  • Ramonedge. Mark produces high-quality blades for skates, in the range you can find including models intended for hockey skates. This product is sold together with special certificates, they indicate all the information about the details. Ramonedge blades are made of a special alloy and using a unique profile, which was specifically designed for these designs. The surface of the product has a special spraying, which extends their service life, performs a protective function.

  • Graf. This company specializes in the manufacture of various blades, including those used for hockey professional skates. Brand products can be produced with different dimensional values. The platform of these blades is made from a special lightweight plastic, which has a rather high level of strength. In addition, the material is absolutely frost-resistant, it will not be deformed even when operating under conditions of low temperatures. Most often, the brand produces the removable models, which, if necessary, can be easily changed to others.

These blades provide maximum maneuverability during ice movement.

  • Bauer. This manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of stainless steel blades. At the same time in the assortment you can meet models for professional hockey, and for simple walking skates. Many models are designed for reinforced loads.

  • CMM. This brand is a major manufacturer of various hockey inventory, including blades for skates. The models manufactured by the brand are processed by a special protective coating, which significantly prolongs the life of the product. Firm makes blades for skates of different sizes.

Criterias of choice

Selecting a suitable model for skates, it is necessary to consider a number of important features. Be sure to look at the shape of the product. So, hockey blades have the appearance of a small groove with two sharp edges. In addition, the models can have a large or smaller radius of curvature, and the level of bending, in turn, is directly proportional to the level of maneuverability and balance.

Need to look at the blades. These parameters include thickness, length and width, height. So that the skates are able to approach, all products of one manufacturer should be purchased. All values ​​are indicated on product labeling. Smaller sizes, as a rule, possess children’s varieties. Remember that the optimal thickness of the blade for solitary ride should be not more than 4 mm. If you select a model for dance boots, then it can vary within 3 mm.

When determining the optimal width, take into account the approximate weight load and the type of sports shoes itself. The standard is considered to be a value of 2.65 centimeters, but more narrow and wide varieties are found.

And also before purchasing, it should be immediately defined, from which material produced blade. The optimal option will be varieties made of stainless steel. They are characterized by special durability and reliability. In addition, such samples will not be subject to negative impact of moisture.

Currently, models from special aluminum alloys, which have optimal durability are gaining increasing popularity.

It is recommended to choose a blade, the surface of which will be processed by the protective composition. Such models can last the long period. Most often after coating, products acquire a matte surface.

Choosing such products, it is worth considering and design details. It is better to take a removable model, as it can be replaced independently in case of breakdown. Before buying a suitable instance, you should carefully view its surface. It should not even be small scratches, chips and other similar defects.


Ice blade can be replaced and independently. To correctly install this item, you will first need to put the palm of one hand on the lacing in the middle of the shoes. This palm is tightly taking skates, and the other hand you need to remove the old blade.

The back of the skates are placed on the table or another flat surface, after which the hand is enough for the shoe sock. In the groove of the first screw, you must carefully insert a screwdriver with a flat head and hold in that position. Then with the help of pliers should take on the fastener on the other side of the first screw.

Next, the screwdriver turns against a clockwise until it starts to weaken. Later, the screw is unscrewed from the plastic holder. Screwdriver insert into the fastening item and make a little effort to remove fasteners.

After that, shoes appear again on the table. The same flat head screwdriver is fixed in the groove of the second screw element, and hold it in this place. Next pliers are taken for fasteners, and begin to rotate the screwdriver until the retainer starts staggered. He is also pulled out.

When the screw parts will be dug, the hands should be wrapped in advance with a fabric towel. Only then it is necessary to hold the two flat sides of the blade between the index and thumb. To the edges of the product and to the bottom department cannot be touched, so as not to be injured.

Then fingers applied to the side parts of the blade and gradually pull it up. So as not to damage your hands, the item is not worth lifting too fast in one movement. After removing the old element, you can install a new blade. It is fixed by special rivets. If you do not want to independently deal with such a replacement, then you can send skates to the workshop.

How to cool the skates correctly, look in the following video.

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