All you need to know about the village of Chan in Montenegro

All you need to know about the village of Chan in Montenegro

Many tourists, especially couples with children, prefer a relaxed comfortable stay in a beautiful place. An excellent solution will be Chan – the picturesque resort village in Montenegro. Due to the stunning pebble beach, it is called the pearl coast. Also, the resort is famous for an amazing landscape and a comfortable Mediterranean climate with healing air.


According to historical information, Chan came into Montenegro at the beginning of the two thousand. Modern resort village is a cozy little space with a wide clean beach (1.5 km). On the map of Montenegro Chan, it is easy to find on the coast between Budva and Bar.

The main benefits of relaxation in this place include the following points.

  • Security and calm. The village is located away from the noisy highway. It is located between the hills of the island and the Vigrarad, being a fenced area of ​​the Adriatic coast. Cozy and silent Chan is perfect for a romantic travel or rest with children.

  • Clean sea and air. This resort is famous for its amazing flavors. The fact is that eucalyptus and cypress trees grow in the village, which, in combination with pine trees, create a unique smell of freshness. The air in the resort has a therapeutic effect and is useful for people suffering from pulmonary diseases. Acclimatization of tourists proceeds easily and quickly, this nuance is especially important for small travelers.

  • Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro, tourists recognize the “pearl shore”, which is located in the resort of Chan. He received such a name because of the round pebbles, which amazingly resembles pearls or beads. This beach is perfectly equipped and easy to stay with children. For kids there are special bathing areas.

In second place in popularity is “Queen Beach”, which can be reached only on the boat. It is separated from a chant with cliffs. “Queen Beach” – pure sandy place, which is perfect for family holidays.

Two more on the beach that attract tourists CHAYN, bear the names of “stone” and “Small paradise”.

The first is a part “Pearl Shore” and separated from him with a small pier. There are many clean sand, and there are no sun beds. As for the “Small Paradise”, then this is a wild pebble beach. Tourists will be able to get to him only on a boat or boat. About this beach few people know how tourists are rare there.


Place the tourists of the village of Chan will work in a comfortable hotel room or bungalow. You can book a room in advance with the help of the Internet application or upon arrival. Choosing a place of residence in Chan, pay attention to the presented hotels that have won only the most positive tourist reviews.

  • Vip Apartmani Canj. The hotel is located close to the beach (10-12 minutes walk). Room windows overlook the sea and open amazing views of the coast. All apartments are equipped with a split system, a kitchenette and household appliances are present.

  • Guesthouse Apartaments Zec. The beach is within walking distance, and in the complex itself is open a beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea. Tourists offer accommodation in “suites” or studios. The hotel is surrounded by a stunning green garden. Resisting in this complex can be used for free to use sun loungers and umbrellas from the Sun.

  • Del Mar Apartaments. Maximum intimacy of the beach and availability of own parking. Rooms are equipped with a special area with a modern TV and a refrigerator. The hotel breaks down the garden where you can cook barbecue.

  • Hotel Galeb. The hotel is located 300 meters from the beach (pebble). The complex has a restaurant that opens amazing view of Chan Bay. Rooms imply accommodation from 2 to 5 guests.

Food and entertainment

Rest in the village of Chan is considered quite budget, so you will not meet luxury restaurants here. And cozy cafes with low prices and a varied menu provided. For example, in the center of the embankment there are several establishments with a beautiful view of the sea and delicious seafood in the menu. One of these institutions is called Vasilisa.

Another pleasant and inexpensive cafe in the Chan is considered Ravna Gora. This is a cozy establishment that is located on the east side of the beach near the main road.

Bars and clubs in the holiday village are present, but they are a bit. The most popular for tourists is Vela Beach Bar. This is an entertainment establishment where you can dance and chat with friends.

Variety of rest in the Montenegro resort village can be in several ways. For example, make a journey to nearby settlements called Petrovac, Bar or Sutomore on a rented car. You can also order an excursion that will help you learn interesting historical information about Montenegro. In addition, a fascinating occupation for the whole family will be cycling or boating, catamarans.

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