Beach Budva: Description, Rating The best, Tips for choosing

Beach Budva: Description, Rating The best, Tips for choosing

Montenegro’s coastline is mostly pebble, it is even often covered with pure gravel or just concrete, but it does not affect the number of holidaymakers here in the summer. To choose a suitable place and not disappointed, it is worth learn how to learn about the beaches of this country. Our article is devoted to the beaches of Budva.


The further move to the south of Montenegro, the more likely to find a sandy beach here. In general, there are several options on the territory of the country how these places for recreation can be organized.


Some of the most interesting beaches of Montenegro are not actually them, but are concrete slabs that are stretched out of the rocky shore and often act as pours for fishermen and those who want to tie their boat. These types of beaches are popular to the north of the Bay and the Croatian border, and not only local residents love them. They are usually small and equipped with a metal staircase, descending to water, like the fact that there is pools. Since in these places the coast has a tendency to be rocky, dive and jump into the water is prohibited.

Some tourists seem incredible to see the locals sunbathe and rest on their towels laid on a solid concrete, and they do it with great joy. Here you can find a sun bed and an umbrella.


The most common beach type in Montenegro, consists of pebbles, which local businessmen are trying to cover with sand every summer only so that the sea washed away everything until the end of the season. While pebbles create a beautiful view and filter water, making it cleaner, it is quite difficult for them to walk, so it is recommended to wear special shoes in which they bathe.

Pebble beaches are characteristic of the Adriatic coast and can be white, gray or even reddish-pink. If we talk about convenience, then they are better than sandy, as pebbles do not settle on wet legs, and man goes home clean.

Multiple beaches in Montenegro are not covered with not pebbles, but a simple gravel. Such zones appeared where there was no coastline before, but it was artificially created for commercial purposes.

Gravel beaches – the worst of all because these stones are sharper than pebbles.


Although the sand is not so common here, as in other countries, in Montenegro there are several sandy beaches, especially in the south of the country near the Ulciny and the border with Albania, which should be visited. Sand here is darker in color, sometimes even brownish gray, and not white, which makes the beaches less attractive than pebble: they look like dirty water.


Some of the best beaches of Montenegro are small bays surrounded by rocks and clean water. There can sometimes get only through narrow paths down the rock or water on the boat, so they are almost always free from a large number of tourists.


Beach near Budva are the most famous in the whole country, this territory is usually called Budva Riviera. Previously, Budva was a fishing village, but when the Balkan and Russian tourists began to come, this place was transformed. Its popularity is quite justified: the old city is beautiful, and there are several small beautiful fishing villages and stunning beaches behind the condominiums.

  • Slavic. This is the main urban recreation area, which is conditionally divided into small sections. Everyone carries the name of that restaurant, which is located there, in fact, this is all one large object that starts from the old city and stretches to the peninsula. The total length is 1600 meters, while the width of the coastline – 20 meters.

  • Richardova Head. This is a small (total of 100 meters) the beach, in which the pebbles are scattered. It is mistaken to think that he is part of the Slavic Beach, on the map it is marked with a separate object.

This name has received the territory thanks to the shooting of the film about Vikings. Something unusual to allocate in this object is difficult, it’s just a great place for a beach holiday, nearby have everything you need. From the Slavic beach it separates his marina. The disadvantage of the place is the need to rent an expensive sun bed, since there are practically no places for towels.

Celebrity holidays arrive here, so most of the territory is a closed zone.

  • Hawaii. This beach is located on the island of St. Nicholas, which is located just a kilometer from Budva. On the coastline of the island there are three beaches, the total area of ​​which is 840 square meters. Their distinctive feature is a lot of vegetation that creates the impression that you are in real Hawaii.

  • Bulianitsa. This place is one of the longest beaches in Budva Riviera, as well as one of the least developed. Since 2018, Bulianitsa has been the venue for dancing festival. Restaurants, bars and sun beds are available at one end of the beach – the volume that is closer to the village, but most of the empty and surrounded by fields.

There is a campsite that does not differ comfort in the summer months due to heat. The territory is filled with gravel. Even on the first assessment it becomes clear that the place requires further development.

  • Petrovac. Is one of the most famous beaches of Montenegro, because it is close to Budva, but the party is popular, which is further from the settlement. It is also not very developed, so still retains some of his initial charm, despite the fact that it appeared on the map after the First World War.

While the main part of the beach is quite large and leisure tourists, on one of his end, old stone houses are still standing. Sea embankment, though small, but rather attractive, there are all types of amenities, including sun beds and umbrellas.

  • Czrven Glavitsa. The name of this beach means “Red Head”. Such a name went from the color of the rocks that surround the beach. Getting to it is quite difficult, so it is considered a secluded place to rest. Pebbles and stones are dominated here.

  • Yaz. One of the largest beaches across the entire coastline of Montenegro. It is located in 2.5 kilometers from the city, its total length is 1200 m. A distinctive feature of this place is that there is a row of sand not only on the coastline, but also in the sea. Around you can see a ring of mountain ranges on which abundant greens. Here not only the sea is clean, but the air is simply amazing. Nearby there are several tent camps.

  • Mogren. The length of this beach, which is divided into two zones is only 350 meters. Between individual parts runs the tunnel. The most valuable thing is that there is a beauty of the surrounding nature.

  • Duklee. Most often this place is called a “little beach”. It is located between Becici and Budva. This is one of the few sandy beaches, which is very popular with tourists. Here built a luxury residential complex, which is waiting for guests all year round.

  • Tropeno. Despite its small size, this place is determined by popularity, because it has special charm and is in a very picturesque and colorful bay. Of all the beaches there is the most convenient gentle down to the sea, for this reason most of the holidaymakers with children come here exactly.

Local entrepreneurs tried to qualitatively develop the beach infrastructure. You can get here not only on the rented car, but also by public transport. From the city of the trip takes 20 minutes.

How to choose?

There are both paid and free beaches on the territory of Budva, and those and others are very popular because of the large influx of holidaymakers. But when choosing a place to relax, you need to take into account not only its value, but also other factors:

  • Distance from the city+
  • Overflow+
  • Descent quality+
  • surface+
  • availability of needed amenities+
  • infrastructure.

It is worth noting that there are different differences between wild and equipped territories. Zones that are further from a large cluster of people are attracted by their silence and solitude, but they are often dirty, because algae throws ashore. Near the hotels, the territory is regularly cleaned, like water in the sea, so here and swim more pleasant.

Most of the beaches of Montenegro are covered with sun loungers and umbrellas for rent. This circumstance confuses those who are not used to European habit to pay for the use of the beach. It must be remembered that there is always the opportunity to use the territory for free if it is not purchased, you just need to find a place for a towel, and it is quite difficult.

For this reason, it is recommended to come to Budva at the beginning of spring or in the fall, when the number of tourists is much less.

Most beaches have a private bar or restaurant. Thus, you can enjoy drinks, snacks and even full nutrition directly there. There are also toilets, dressing cabins and showers on well-developed areas, which allow you to wash off salt from the skin. There is nothing like the wild beach, so you have to adapt to the conditions existing there.

There are special beaches that are marked by blue flags. “Blue Flag” is an organization that awards the territory of a special status of an environmentally friendly, safe place. In this case, it is said about clean water, the presence of necessary conditions and accessibility.

To comfortably relax and sunbathe, it is always worth remembering that in the territory of pebble beaches it will be difficult to lie on the towel because of the severity of stones. Here the optimal choice will be the rental chaise lounger. In an attempt to save, you can always go to the sandy coast, but you should not wait for whiteness from it: sand is gray and unattractive.

The territory with a sandy bottom and gentle descent is perfect for couples with children. In any case, it is necessary to provide for a child special shoes and it is desirable to choose a place where there are boat waxes.


By law, the beaches in Montenegro are open to all, they are public and free, however, as numerous tourist reviews are evidenced, there are several exceptions to this rule. For example, if you stop at the Hotel AMAN Sveti Stefan (the most famous attractions of the country), then there will be access to the three beaches of the resort, two of which are only available for those who can pay for a sun bed and an umbrella, and the third is created exclusively for guests and even fenced.

Although it is probably the only private beach in Montenegro, there are others who are theoretically public, but they will not be able to use if not to pay for recreation accessories.

So usually happens on the territory in front of hotels, despite the fact that by the law 50% of each beach must remain free for all vacationers so that you can put a towel. In this case, you need to understand, that in the summer months the beaches of Montenegro are so popular and crowded, It is difficult to find a free space, so the lounge chairs are ultimately the only option. Prices for sun beds and umbrellas can vary from 10 to 120 euros.

When the place is rented, payment is made for the time during which it is supposed to be on the beach. If you are lying, say, for lunch, it will be easily given to someone else, so such circumstances should be discussed separately with the owner or you can leave your towel on it.

In general, beach holidays in Montenegro in the Budva area will bring a lot of pleasant impressions, because everyone can find the perfect option for himself. The most expensive suggests renting apartments on the beach with its own piece of the beach, where no one comes. If you want to retire, then local can be asked where there are secluded beaches and get to them easier. People here are welcoming and always with joy come to contact.

All about the beaches of Budva See next video.

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