Beach Yaz in Montenegro

Beach Yaz in Montenegro

Every year, millions of tourists from around the world attend the beaches of Montenegro, wanting not only to relax, swimming in the sea, but also admire the mountainous terrain of this state. In this article, we will talk about the amazing beach of Yaz, close in the vicinity of Budva. Next, we learn more about how to get to this place, and get acquainted with why it attracts tourists.

Location and Description

Those of tourists who still decided to go on vacation in Montenegro, it is especially recommended to visit the famous Yaz Beach, located just three kilometers from Budva. It is worth noting that Budva is a rather noisy city, which is located in the central part of Montenegro, it is washed by the water of the Adriatic Sea.

Tourists seeking a relaxing holiday, usually do not delay in Budva for a long time, preferring a quieter area nearby.

Beach Jaz is quite large, its length is about two kilometers. This is the perfect place to have clean pastime. Given beach and sandy and pebble. From the side of Budva, you can watch the shore with cliffs, then large stones and large pebbles.

Around the center of pebbles mines and almost to the very end of the beach goes into the sand. Pebbles here are quite diverse, and therefore it is nice and neutral to go. Although those who still do not like pebbles, it is recommended to relax on the sandy side of the shore. Or on pebbles you can always easily move in slaps.

All over the beach can walk for hours, enjoying a beautiful sunset or dawn, as well as viewing marine inhabitants – crabs. Those who reach the end of the beach will be able to enjoy a wonderful view of a small bay. This is a great place for a photo shoot.

Tourists with very young children can be a little difficult, because there are no playgrounds at all. But the paid sun beds and umbrellas are enough for everyone. There are also souls and locker rooms. In general, this place is comfortable for staying.

How to get?

Getting close to the beach directly from Budva can be difficult, and therefore it is best to take advantage of a transport (bus or taxi), which actively carries tourists to the surroundings of this beach. Usually the bus goes once every two hours. You can also rent your own car for a very competitive price, especially if the trip is planned with children. Near the beach you can rent a parking space.

To get to the right place, you can rent a bike. However, it is this branch that is not very popular in Montenegro, so a good firm will still have to search.

At the same time on the colorful road on the way to the beach you can make a large number of interesting photos. Also, this walk from Budva will probably have to taste fans of hiking, because for many 3 km – it is quite a bit.

Nevertheless, if there is a desire to walk, then it is necessary to prepare, because, In addition to the love of beautiful mountain landscapes, you will have to go on narrow paths, on the side and through the tunnel. At the same time here there are signs everywhere – it is almost impossible to get lost.

Accommodation and entertainment

For those tourists who want to stay on the beach for several days, the locals are offered for rent housing, namely small houses and villas. Directly on the beach of houses only a few, although some tour operators can offer a huge amount of villas at very low prices. Do not trust them, because mostly these houses are located in neighboring villages (approximately 1.5 km from the sea).

Overnight can only be found in the villages close to the villages of Evore and Seoce. However, they are located on the hill, and therefore for the descent to it will have to be patient. When choosing a villa should be vigilant and attentive. So without much difficulty ride from the villa to the beach and back, it is recommended to rent a car. Only then no problems in this regard will arise.

Any special entertainment here not to find. This area is generally adapted for a quiet family, quiet and comfortable holiday. Although in the vicinity there are still several cafes and even pizzerias. There is a place to relax in the summer camp for those who prefer to spend the night in tents.

However, it is not worth counting on the late work of the cafe, therefore tourists are recommended to stock at a hike to the beach by dry soldering.

On this spiritual and spacious beach, a festival is sometimes held, where you can see the performances of some local teams, and also familiarize yourself with the traditional souvenir products. Local residents for rent offer water bikes, catamarans and kayaks in very competitive prices.

Tourists on the note

Although the beach is Yaz and protected, it is not recommended to leave things on it without supervision. Entrance to it free.

Do not dive in unknown places, as on one side of this beach is very large and low-challenging stones.

The beach is quite clean, because there is a cleaning. Nevertheless, it is recommended to dispose of garbage on the beach in allocated to this place.

It is known that there is a special place for nudists on this beach. For those who avoid this type of rest, it is recommended to be located away from this area.

In general, holidays on the beach of Yaz in Montenegro will probably have to taste to many, and swimming in the warmth of the Adriatic Sea will leave behind exclusively pleasant impressions.

In the next video, see the Beach Overview of the Beach in Montenegro.

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