Beachichi Beach in Montenegro

Beachichi Beach in Montenegro

Beachichi Beach is the best choice for those who are not only chasing beauty, but also prefers to spend time with benefit. After all, Montenegro offers an exciting and saturated rest for every taste. After going to Becici, you can find the magic coast, magnificent mountains, ancient history, water entertainment, delicious food and much more.


Water tourism entered our life at the very beginning of the XX century. However, Bechichi Beach was recognized as one of the best in Europe already in 1935. Nothing has changed and almost a hundred years.

In the north of sand is a bit darker, and closer to the south becomes a gentle golden color. On the line of the survey, there is a pebbler with pebbles of a very small size. This place is especially loved by children.

First of all it is impossible not to note that the beach is municipal. This means that even in the territories related to various hotels, tourists can relax for free. There is a gentle descent to the sea, which is of great importance for those who came to rest with young children. Depth increases gradually, and this guarantees the safety of incoming in water.

It is impossible not to note the excellent beach infrastructure. Here are equipped with changing clothes, showers, toilets, several bars are located. But also very important for vacationers purity on the coast, followed by specially hired people. And finally, the beach strip is quite wide, which allows you to choose a way to find there – lying on the towel or renting a chaise longue.

However, among the disadvantages, a very large cluster of people can be noted at the time when the season lasts. This is quite explained, because the beach is recognized as the best in Europe. Tourists note that the prices for sun beds are quite acceptable, but a little strains the lack of shops.

For example, if it didn’t work out in advance to bring water with you, it will be possible to buy it only in the bar, respectively, at an inflated value.


This resort is hot weather time and rainy, windy winter. In July, the temperature reaches the mark of +31 degrees Celsius.

Curtainly in Becici in January. Day there on average from +8 to +10 degrees, and this is not so cold. The most racifier from October to November and from January to March. The precipitation during this period can reach 113-115 millimeters per month.

As for the bathing season, it begins in May and ends in October, And the most comfortable temperature expects tourists from early June and until mid-September. July and August is considered to be a velvet season, at this time there is very comfortable for children, as the water in the sea warms up as much as possible, to +25.27 degrees.

When to go to rest?

The greatest influx of tourists in Becici, as it is easy to predict, happens in a high season. This is due to comfortable temperature and air, and water. After all, the main advantages of the beach holiday – the Sun and the Warm Sea. However, it should be noted that in this period prices are significantly increasing. This applies to both rental housing and the cost of various services. In addition, there are more travelers on the beach.

If the goal is to rest, in which children do not take part, it can be planned at the beginning of autumn. On the beaches there will no longer be such a number of people, and the weather is still happy with heat.

In addition, in the fall, the wind is intensified, which leads to the appearance of waves, and this is an excellent opportunity to do both diving and windsurfing.

How to get?

The village of Becici himself is located in close proximity to the Adriatic highway. There are buses towards the airport, as well as in other directions.

One of the airports is located in Tivat, which is 13 kilometers from the resort. The route is from him 5 minutes walk, so most often the tourists just go to her and brake the bus going in the right direction. He can deliver them to the bar, Budva and Podgorica. From Budva to Becici can be reached by city transport. Wealthy tourists or afraid to travel in a similar way can order a taxi or rent a car in Tivat.

Another airport is located in Podgorica, which is the capital of Montenegro. The distance from him by the village of Becici – about 65 kilometers. Minus the fact that direct buses here can not meet. First you have to go to the bus station to the bus station, after which I am transferred to the bus going to the Budva. Already from Budva to Becici is easy to get in city transport. The path is quite long, so when traveling the company will benefit from taxi services.

Getting from Budva to Becici will not work. City buses run every 10-15 minutes. In addition to them, there is also a tourist mini train. He makes stops near each of the hotels.

Apartment Dukley

In the north of the coast, there is a cape who divides Becici and Budva. At this Cape is the hotel called Dukley Gardens 4 *.

The appearance of the hotel is very specific. From the side of the sea, he resembles a rock with swallow nests on it. Near it becomes clear that this apartment. They are very comfortable, have their own small kitchen and a dining room, a terrace, leaving the sea, a bedroom and a living room. Each room has air conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi. Guests have prepared essential bath accessories, dishes and all that is required for accommodation.

If guests do not want to prepare food on their own, their services are offered a restaurant with a wide selection of dishes.

Kitchen here – International and Mediterranean. The hotel allows pet-friendly stays for this not require.

Hotels on the coast

Those who are traveling for a beach holiday, it is important for the hotel’s own beach. Such proposals on the coast mass. However, it should be borne in mind that prices for hotels standing on the first line will be an order of magnitude higher, especially in the season.

Coast Hotels offer guests a wide range of services. On the territory of many there are indoor pools, baths and saunas. High class hotels please guests with animation programs, kids can take in children’s clubs. In addition, restaurants and bars, playgrounds, spa rooms are located in the territories. Rooms are equipped with TVs, air conditioning and bath facilities.

Villas on the coast

If the rest is planned by a close company or in a small family circle, a great option will be a house rental on the coast. On the beach of Becici there are a number of villas that are offered to tourists at their vacation. Conditions in such villas are very decent, but they need to book them in advance.

Examples can be given a mansion called in the village “House with Oliva”. It is very old and made of stone, accommodates up to 10 people. Olive is growing in the site, the age of which has 2 hundred years. It offers a swimming pool, 4 terraces with furniture, garden, sun beds, barbecue area. Inside Villa 2 Kitchens with a full set of home appliances, 3 bathrooms. The path to the sea will be about 300 meters, in the immediate vicinity there are bars and restaurants of expensive hotels.

Housing behind the track

No matter how comfortable living on Villach, it costs significant money. However, resting on the coast can and more fiscal. Hotels in the road from the sea are worth it significantly lower, but it is not a significant disadvantage.

It is necessary to take into account that shops and markets are also located behind the track, and there have to go there.

The path to the beach is about 10-15 minutes and very comfortable. Therefore, for those who want to save the choice of hotels in this territory will be an excellent option.


Beachichi Beach, as the best in Europe, can not not offer its guests aquatic entertainment. Vacationers can ride water skiing, there is even a special installation. Paraglane flights and sea walks on a comfortable yacht are popular.

You can ride a catamaran, and those who do not want to go far, the beach football will suit.

For extremals, a jump on a tarzanque and a descent on mountain rivers. In addition, the Mediterrane hotel has a good water park, in which 7 adults are located and several children’s slides.

Overview of Beachichi beaches in Montenegro in video below.

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