Car rental tips in Montenegro

Car rental tips in Montenegro

Rest in Montenegro is gaining more and more popularity, but it is best to learn local attractions by car. Since some interesting facilities are located a lot of kilometers from each other, then travel on buses to different areas of the country or even within the city may seem very extensive.

Why it is worth making a choice in favor of rolled?

If we talk about the benefits of renting a car in Montenegro, then this option allows you to enjoy attractions yourself and at any time convenient for you. However, if you want to join the excursion tour, then in this case the car rental will be a waste of money.

The machine allows you to move around the country at any time of the day and night, which is extremely necessary when the evening trip is planned, and public transport is no longer active.

The presence of a vehicle makes it possible to book apartments not in the center, at an inflated value, but on the outskirts of the city. So you can save significantly. Renting transport, it is necessary to take into account that in Montenegro some parking lots are paid and there are restrictions on the entrance by car.

The government has taken care of the comfort of motorists, therefore Roads in the country are very good. Besides, The cost of gasoline is much lower here, than in other European countries, which allows to explore the territory of Montenegro in the most detailed way.

In any case, if you compare sightseeing tours and an independent trip to a rented car, then the second option is always cheaper.

What documents are needed?

Rent a car on the territory of the country may not be anyone, since for this driver must approach certain requirements and have relevant documents.

Be sure to make a passport in any rolling bureau, In this case, the car owner should be strictly from 21 years old with driving age at least two years. In your account there must be funds, in the quantity so that they are enough for deposit. However, the deposit can be made and in cash.

The driver’s license of the international sample is not included in the list of mandatory documents for the conclusion of the Avtoar. If you compare with some other European countries, then in Montenegro to car rental are more loyal, without demanding too much tourists.

Where to rent?

In the country, the whole business rental business is divided into two large categories of existing companies: international, local.


International organizations accept applications online via the Internet. Among them are the authority and for many years the companies have proven: “Hertz”, “Eurochar”, “Sikst”, “Evis”.

Learn the range that these firms offer and choose the machine can be remotely. If you do not want to spend a lot of time searching for a suitable car, then you can use the metapoisk – a program that automatically mode is configured to select a vehicle with regard to all the wishes and the criteria specified by you.

As for the price of the service, then in such a rental company costs more than if the tourist took advantage of the local organization. You can contact the Rentalcars site, which is considered the largest in the international market of such services. All available distributors are shown on its pages, but from the disadvantages of this service, users note a large deposit that you need to make a car rental.

There is a large range of cars and on Rentacarfor Me, where easy to find an available option for any city. Without collateral to get a vehicle can through the Sitngo Me portal, At the same time, it is best to use the services of a company that there offers car rental of different class cars. In collaboration with the firm, it is necessary to take into account that car will be delivered only to Budva airport.


Local distributors in the territory of Montenegro are not so little, but in most cases the choice of cars is small. Very often have to deal with an intermediary who has already taken the vehicle and at an inflated value offers its tourist. Online you can find many negative reviews about such services when people had to overpay very much.

How to book?

You can book on site or in advance before arriving in the country. Each method has its own characteristics.

Early booking

It is possible to order a vehicle long before arrival in the country. This option has its advantages, for example, you can conduct a complete comparative analysis of several leading companies operating in the field of rental cars, and choose a suitable option for yourself. The site gives full detailed information about the car, its value, the necessary documents and lease conditions.

You can order additional accessories, for example, a navigator that will be very useful when traveling around the attractions or a children’s chair.

If necessary, you will deliver you to your arrival right to the airport. Such a service helps save not only money, but also time. In the season, when there are many people who want to make prices more competitive and thus, in the network, the car rental offer can be found much cheaper than in the office, since an additional service factor will be operated in the office.

Not always there will be the option that I would like to see, since most cars quickly disperse. The advantage of booking in the same is that you can get exactly the vehicle to which you count. Search engines are configured in such a way that the user is easier to find the car by the required parameters.

The rental process everywhere looks approximately the same.

  1. First, the tourist chooses the car or orders it on the Internet.
  2. After booking it is issued a voucher with a view of several phone numbers. Next you need to call one of them and confirm the reservation fact.
  3. After calling the car, if necessary, deliver to the airport or report where it can be taken.
  4. Before sitting behind the wheel, a vehicle lease agreement is signed.
  5. After signing the contract and the act of transferring a car, you can use the vehicle specified number of days.

It also happens that the flight is delayed with the arrival, in this case the driver who drives your car will patiently wait for you in the parking lot. Experienced tourists advise in advance to ask the video and photo of the machine, which is expected to rent.

In place

There are advantages and when choosing a vehicle in place. For example, you can immediately see, in what condition the car is located and make sure that it works fine, it does not have serious damage on the body. All scratches and other defects must necessarily be made to the contract or transmission act, and best of all – to fix in the photos, so that later you did not have to pay for them.

To determine the cost of costs for car rental cars, it is necessary to take into account the city where it is planned to come, renting time, machine class and gearbox.

There will be no problems with taking a car in Budva and any other city of Montenegro, if you take care of this in advance before going on a trip. It is worth choosing a car, taking into account exactly how it is planned to spend a vacation. If you want to ride around the rough terrain, and not only on city attractions, then it is worth considering the ground clearance and type of machine. When traveling with children with children Be sure to additionally rent a children’s chair. Those who are poorly focused in Montenegro, be sure to take the car With navigator, Since it will significantly save gasoline, time and nerves.

About renting a car in Montenegro, see the video below.

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