Choose a cross-country ski suit

Choose a cross-country ski suit

Winter sports is always exciting and interesting. Skiing is one of the most popular among them, and, like any other sport, requires constant work on improving the skills and strict discipline. Work on yourself is, of course, it is very important for any professional, however, whatever he could do without the necessary sports equipment and clothing?

In the article, we will look at the features of the costumes for cross-country skiing, their types, and also imagine the rating of the best models from different manufacturers.


Many mistakenly believe that ski suits are universal and suitable for any skiing style, but it is not.

It is important to choose a suit for cross-country skiing, as it depends not only by comfort and freedom of movement during training, but also the physical condition of the athlete.

Elements of clothing for ski sport are: Racing jumpsuit, sweatshirts, vests, thin trousers for workout, Walking, jackets, windbreakers, thermal underwear.

The main goal of clothes for the skier is to absorb extra moisture, the preservation of heat and protection against wind and rain. It should consist of three layers:

  • The first-sample of synthetic material or wool performs moisture functions+
  • The second – from the membrane material, performs the function of the injection of moisture from the body+
  • The third – from the microfiber, protects against strong wind and moisture.

To understand what clothes for cross-country skis pick up, you must proceed from the professional skills of an athlete. A set of clothes for a beginner or an amateur will be significantly different from the costume of a professional. Racing suit must be the most streamlined in order not to reduce the speed of the skier during the passage of the route.

Review of species

There are several varieties of winter clothes for cross-country skis. Ski kit can be two species – in the form of a separate jumpsuit and separate jackets and pants.

  • For professional skiers, the best solution is to purchase a jumpsuit.
  • For those who deal with ski sports at the amateur level, you should choose a suit.

When choosing a sports jumpsuit for skiing, note that ski jumpsuit sleeveless cuffs have the ability to adjust the sleeve width. Also, the best choice will be the acquisition of a racing jumpsuit with a special collar that protects his face from frost.

It is important that the clothing tightly fits the body of the athlete, since this is achieved by a high resistance rate to the wind, and the skier can gain high speed. Also athletes for professional cross-country skiing do not wear a second layer, only thermal underwear.

Curra racing clothes simple, without pockets and superfluous fittings. And female and men’s models are almost the same, differences can only be in design. For ease of wear, extra lightning on the back or side.

Ampators Costumes consist of two elements – jackets and trousers. Also, such a kit serves as a training option for skiers-professionals. Depending on the type of training, as well as weather conditions distinguish insulated and lightweight ski suits. If you wish, you can combine jackets and pants of different density, the main thing is that the costume be as comfortable for an athlete.

The walking kit consists of high pants on suspenders that are firmly fixed on the body and do not fall at active movement. In addition, a high planting of pants protects the lower back from wind and snow and provides a soft landing, in case of falling.

In the catalogs of modern manufacturers of sportswear there are separate collections for cross-country skiing for men, women, as well as children and teenagers. A wide range of products will allow you to choose the perfect option for each.

Best models

Sportswear Market Polon A variety of options for cross-country skiing. We present you a rating of quality costumes for cross-country skiing in Russia from different brands.

  • Jacket Salomon RS Warm Softshell JKT M (France). Warmed option for training in harsh climatic conditions. Perfectly saves heat and circulate air. Inside covered with microflis, in the necessary places for ventilation there are inserts from knitwear.

  • Salomon Lighting Warm Softshell Pant W Pants. Convenient workshop from warm fabric, which perfectly passes air. Inside insulated microflis. Behind there is an insert from knitwear, which serves as ventilation. Adjustable Wide Belt, Reflective Inserts.

  • Racing Jumpsuit BD RaceSuit Nations. Separate version of elastic and high-strength material. Special streamlined material allows you to quickly gain speed.

  • Separate Jumpsuit SWIX Triac (Czech Republic). Women’s racing overalls from aerodynamic material. Comfortable landing due to the separation of anatomical zones. On the back there is an insert from the breathable fabric, as well as convenient anti-slip ribbons on cuffs of sleeves and a stanner.

  • JBERSON FISCHER NORDIC M (Austria). Separate polyester suit with admixture of elastane. There is an adjustment of the belt volume with a lace. On the collar there is zipper.

  • Jumpsuit Spine Pro (Russia). Separate polyester and spandex option for racing. At the bottom of the shirt there is an anti-slip strip. The design is made in a bright color solution and immediately striking.

Criterias of choice

In order to choose a good set of clothing for skiing, you need to know several important recommendations that you will help you.

  1. The high-quality jacket should consist of three layers – preserving heat, reducing excess moisture and protecting against severe weather conditions. You should not buy jackets with a filler from a synthet board, immediately after the first wash, the syntheps will fall, and the jacket will blow. Plus, the jacket must have a free cut, so as not to shy movements during training.
  2. The outer layer of the jacket must be made of water-repellent fabric.
  3. It is better to choose the models of jackets, where in the area of ​​the armpits there is an insert from the tissue transmitting air.
  4. Pants material must protect from wind and rain.
  5. The height of the pants should be sufficient to close the lower back from the wind and snow.
  6. The material from which a suit or jumpsuit is made must be durable and elastic.

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