Choose a pants for a snowboard

Choose a pants for a snowboard

Sport and Active Leisure is the most correct leisure for any person. If in the warm time of the year to do a favorite thing is not particularly difficult, then the need to look for specialized clothes to feel comfortable in any weather. Snowboarding became one of the extreme and very exciting sports. To learn how to ride a snowboard and actively spend a winter holiday, it is necessary not only to master the basics of technology, but also correctly choose clothes, in particular, pants for this type of activity.


At first glance, all people who ski and snowboard are dressed equally, but this is an erroneous opinion. Snowboarding pants differ from the ski cut, although the fabric can be the same. For descending from the mountain skiing, singular pants are used, which are tightened by the body and closed the boots weakly, landing them is ordinary or even understated. With a small amplitude of movement, such clothes do not cause discomfort and does not interfere with the skier.

Snowboard pants have a completely different cut, they are wide and loose, so that the athlete does not argue. The specificity of the type of activity implies a huge number of jumps, shifting the direction of movements and other elements that require the retention of the body in a wide variety of positions. Thanks to the wide block and high landing there is no stiffness of movements, and the spin of the athlete is well closed, which allows you to protect it from snow and supercooling.

Women’s pants can have an additional layer of insulation or dense material from behind pants, their tailoring is slightly different from male, as in ordinary clothes. An additional element is also suspenders that can be adjusted depending on the growth and personal preferences.

They should be comfortable and quickly removing if necessary.

Inside the pants there are special additional elements of the “skirts” that wear over the boot and do not let the snow and cold. To reliably fix the “skirt” on the shoes, an elastic band is used, as well as the adjusting valve, if it does not work tightly fix the element. Quality pants have a free cut, fleece or cotton filler and a high landing.


Choosing pants for a snowboard, you need to understand exactly how they should look and how to differ from ski. For comfortable snowboard riding, wide and long trousers with free cuts are needed, which will not interfere with the ride. Skinny models will not allow you to feel free and perform all tricks.

In order not to use a belt for sports trousers, manufacturers complete their products with suspenders. Pants with straps are better sitting, do not move while driving, do not fall and do not deliver the inconvenience athlete.

Alternative can be semi-overalls, where the pants are connected to the vest and fully protect the whole body.


Clothing for this sport is made extended, which allows you to fully close the boot, protecting the legs from the snow. The specificity of the activity is such that the athlete often falls and without additional protection by the end of the workout will be wet from snow, which is unsafe and unpleasant. Long pants cover shoes, and if desired, the snowboarded crepes are fixed.

Manufacturers are equipped with pants side lightning at the bottom of the product that can be unsettled if it is not possible to fully close the shoes and fasten the snowboard on it.


Snowboard pants should sit well on the athlete, without interfering with him and fully protecting. The main feature is the overestimated waist, which covers half the back. Reliable materials and high-quality gum allow you to fix the pants in one place, not allowing the back of the back. Zipper in this case is high under the jacket, and even during stretching in clothes it does not fall snow.


Snowboard rods can be warmed and ordinary, but for each options, membrane fabric is recommended. The membrane allows the material to breathe, but does not let the air and moisture, making clothes convenient and comfortable.

Among the most sought-after membrane tissues, they allocate the following.

  • Distributed – Very durable material, in view of which weakly skipping air and moisture, so with active movement clothes can become a little wet inside.
  • Porovy – well removes the air and moisture from the inside, but does not miss the cold outside. Caring for such material is needed more thorough. Washing should be without phosphate and sulfates, keep pants needed in a hanging form. Over the time of the pores begin to be clogged, and the fabric is worse than regulates heat transfer, creating less comfortable conditions for use.

  • Combined – As part of the product there are two layers of the membrane: pore – near the skin, careless – outside the product.

This option is the most comfortable and durable, however cost more.

Warm varieties are completed with synthetic materials capable of maintaining heat and not overlay the body of an athlete. Choosing pants, you should study the tag on them, where the indicators of waterproof and passion are indicated – the higher the indicator, the better the quality.

Colors and design

The choice of snowboarding pants can also be made based on color characteristics. For girls, bright shades are suitable:

  • Purple+
  • Pink+
  • Mountains+
  • White.

Male colors are considered:

  • khaki+
  • camouflage+
  • Blue+
  • Green.

Neutral shades that are equally well looking at the athlete of any sex, are:

  • Red+
  • Saladovy+
  • Orange+
  • Yellow.

Sports pants can be monophonic, have a drawing or abstract patterns, the style of clothing is selected individually, depending on personal wishes. Stegal pants should not look inactively, so before buying them, you must measure, choose the appropriate style, color and size option.

Best brands

Choosing a pants for snowboarding, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer. The more famous brand, the better it has products. Such companies in the production of clothing, shoes and equipment for winter sports are considered the most popular and popular.

  • Armada – Well-proven firm that produces products oriented on professional athletes and lovers. There is a large range of models and color solutions.

  • Salomon – the most popular brand of sportswear for different sports, including winter. Through the use of achievements of science and technology, this company produces innovative goods. Attention to the consumer and a large range allow the manufacturer to please almost every buyer.

  • Envy – Swiss firm that produces very high quality and stylish products, combining high production standards and design ideas. Things of this brand have the highest class of quality, but also the cost of them is considerable.

  • Sportalm – Austrian firm that focuses on the highest quality, while paying special attention to style and product design. Things of this manufacturer have a unique appearance, they are very convenient and practical.

  • Rossignol – French brand that has powerful production capable of every year to produce a new collection using exclusively modern technologies. Each thing has an original design, not repeating the products of past collections.

  • Yobs – Korean firm that produces high-quality and beautiful clothes for skiing. Relatively cheap and very high-quality things of this brand immediately began to win the love of athletes.

  • Sugapoint – Korean manufacturer of ski clothing Premium level. Through the use of the most modern technologies and materials, things have a unique design, very convenient to use and are not similar to another equipment.

The cost of skiwear can be different, but it serves as an indicator of quality level. What is the most famous brand and higher price on the goods, the more advantages will be at such equipment.

Having a certain budget, it is necessary to find a golden middle and pick up high-quality clothing for the optimal cost.

How to pick up?

To choose the optimal pants for snowboarding, it is important to know which nuances should pay attention to the search process.

  • Style – on sale there are female and men’s verses for a snowboard, distinguished by. It is better to choose the type that corresponds to the floor athlete.

  • The size – Pants should not facilitate the body of a snowboarder, better let them be big than in bulk. Before buying, you need to endure clothes and choose the one that will not fade movement.

  • Seasonality – In the cold season, it is better to take winter pants to get the maximum comfort from skiing and not get sick. In the warm period, there are tightened pants who will protect the body of an athlete without allowing it to be sealed in the process of skating.

  • Ventilation – in high-quality clothing there are ventilated areas that allow you to ventilate the body if such a need arises. To the pants do not get cold and snow, ventilation areas are closed with lightning.

  • Ability to adjust the belt – In order for the pants to be comfortable to wear, and they did not fall down, the lace in the belt, which you can adjust the width of the belt.

It is important that this lace can have enough length, otherwise they will be inconvenient to use.

  • Availability of “skirts” – Pants must have on the basis of protective “skirts”, which are put on the shoe, completely blocking the snow and cold access to the body of an athlete.

  • The presence of pockets – For ease of use, pants are equipped with pockets that can be closed on zipper, velcro or by stripes. Some models are equipped with special clamps for keys in pocket.

Correctly choosing pants for a snowboard, you can secure comfortable and safe riding in any weather.

Tips for care

To ride a snowboard without problems, you need to know how to care for clothes.

  • Thanks to the special membrane body evaporation, the athlete is derived from under clothes and do not interfere with ride, but when the holes are contaminated, discomfort begins. To wrapping pants for a snowboard, you need to study the label on them: there will be an optimal temperature for the washing machine and the peculiarity of the product. Manufacturers do not recommend to wash the skiing things with ordinary powder, as it negatively affects the membrane state and can score pores. The outer layer of skiing is covered with a special impregnation, which prevents the penetration of moisture inside the jacket or pants. After washing, this impregnation is erased, and it must be applied again with the help of a water-repellent spray.

  • The drying of specialized clothes is carried out on slow revolutions of the washing machine, so as not to deform the membrane material. After washing, things should dry only in a horizontal position.

Ironing pants and a snowboarding jacket can not, Iron fully spoils membrane fabric.

      • Store pants or suit better on the hanger, putting a special protective case, twist such things do not recommend.

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