Choose a ski cap

Choose a ski cap

Ski hat – Important detail in an accomplice of an athlete. How to choose the right ski cap, you will read in this article.


Comfortable clothes in winter sports is very important. It is unacceptable if something will put something in a ski walk, press, move, interfering to focus on the main. So this seemingly minor item like a hat, it plays an important role.

Main requirements for the head fault:

  • The hat should sit on the head comfortable, without going on the forehead and eyes, without tightening the head, without creating unpleasant sensations+
  • keep warm, not blow+
  • Do not pass moisture+
  • Production material should be hygroscopic.

Review of species

Consider the main types of hats.

  • Bandage. In warm weather, this option prefers not only skiers, but also skiers. The main condition – the model must be made of natural wool or breathable warm synthetic tissues and approach. Choose an armband for the color of the ski costume.
  • Bandana. Suitable for riding in quiet, weak, warm weather. For training at -20 ° C such an accessory will not work.
  • Buff. Equipment of athletes in the shape of a seamless pipe, wearing which can be like a hood, bandana, golk, hat, knitting on the top of the knot. Made Buff from expensive natural and synthetic materials.
  • Balaclava. This model is designed for riding in cold and windy weather. She tightly fits his head and face, protecting against stroke snow and wind gusts. Make balaclava from a soft fleece that does not irritate gentle female skin.
  • Classic cap. Headdress that does not lose its relevance. Perfectly takes a ski head shape, creating comfortable heat. You can find stamps of hats with a visor, with special insulated windup inserts in the area of ​​ears and foreheads for skiers.

There are pretty options with pompon or in the form of a man of the brightest positive coloring for lovers.

  • Bjorn daehlie. Founding the company Famous Norwegian skier Bjørn Erlenn Delhi, who knows what the workman is needed to achieve the goal.

  • Craft. Swedish brand works in order to help athletes achieve high results. And no matter if you ski in the park or participate in the Olympic Race. Comfort and Multifunctionality – the main thing for the manufacturer. The world famous brand clothes skiers around the world. In 2019, the Russian national team performed in the chapters for the mountain ski from the Craft brand.

  • Seger. Exists in the market 50 years. Initially, the company produced popular textile products. Expanding production, the company began to delight consumers of high-quality sports clothing.

  • Salomon. In 1952, this French company made a whole revolutionary breakthrough, developing unique ski fasteners, several times reducing injuries. Now the brand produces not only skiing, but all that is necessary for them.

Salomon caps are distinguished by a beautiful landing and warm comfortable lapse.

  • Baff. Motorcyclist, and at the same time the owner of the Textile Factory Juan Rojas perfectly understood that the athlete flying at speed need reliable protection from cold, wind, snow and burning sun. Created by a unique headdress gained popularity among athletes around the world.

  • Noname. Finnish company produces exceptional quality equipment using modern high-tech fabrics. Neither snow nor frost in such ski hazed athletes is not afraid. Distinctive feature of brand products – bright charismatic design.

  • SWIX. Swedish company in the market since 1946. Releases light and practical hats, comfortable under all weather conditions.

  • Wed’ze. French company, whose goods are widely represented in the popular Sports store Decathlon. Accessories are distinguished by quality fabric, rich selection and reasonable prices.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a hat, the following factors take into account.

  • Age of athlete, its activity, scalp.
  • Weather conditions of terrain where workouts will be held.
  • Material. A good hat can be made of fleece, half-walled knitwood, polyester, cotton and acrylic. Any matter should be hygroscopic, keep warm and not to skip moisture.
  • Style. A molded ski cap should be universal, tightly adjacent to the head and ensures maximum protection against wind and frost. For long-term riding in the mountains, the balaclava, protecting his face from the Sun and the weather. For long-term cross-country skiing workouts, a warm hat with a windscreen strip is suitable, tightly adjacent to the ears and closing forehead. Easy option can be chosen on riding in good weatherless weather. The color of the accessory choose to their taste, under the tone of the costume, but it is optional. If you train in the dark day, choose a bright cap, well noticeable in the dark.
  • It is important that the accessory has a high-quality warm lining and an outdoor side odd.

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