Choose a ski jacket

Choose a ski jacket

Modern companies offer consumers a wide range of jackets for winter sports. The acquisition of a ski jacket is an important process in which many parameters must be taken into account so that the purchase is not only stylish, but also comfortable for an athlete. The best models must meet all the ski needs.

Features and requirements

The choice of a ski jacket must be accompanied by basic knowledge of its device and true purpose. If professional athletes know in view of their experience, what models should pay attention to, the beginners to deal with this without help is unlikely to be possible. First you need to pay attention to what should include a ski jacket for a comfortable sports.

  • Membrane fabric. It is she will provide heat to its owner due to its waterproof and the ability to remove excess moisture to the outside, without disturbing high-quality thermal insulation. It also possesses windproof properties, which is important for the pastime on the slope of the mountains.

  • Sealed seams. To preserve the important properties of membrane tissue, the manufacturer must take care of the high-quality sealing of the seams after the sewing of the product. Non-locking holes from the needle can provoke moisture from the inside of the product than the protective properties of the ski jacket will break.

  • Snowswain Skirt. The ski jacket must exclude snow from entering it, so it should be equipped with additional protection in the form of a special skirt, which will exclude discomfort during drops.

  • Availability of hood. Neck and head must be protected from wind and flying snow. It is also necessary that the edges of the hoods are securely regulated using special fasteners or lacing on the ski head. This is necessary so that the hood does not fly during maneuvering on the ski access and gave the necessary an overview of the athlete.

  • Additional amplification. Jacket for an active sport should provide for additional protection against falling, namely the strengthening of durable fabric in the shoulders and chest. When dropping, the dense fabric will take on most of the pressure and reduce the load on the body, so that the skier can be avoided by injury.

  • The presence of pockets. Free pockets with reliable zipper will allow you to keep the necessary things with you, for example, keys, and not be afraid that they will stay on the slope after riding. Evalnamed the presence and internal pockets for valuable fragile things.

  • Mortitate ventilation. The fabric in this zone must be lightweight and with a good moisture traveler for a comfortable time on the ski.

  • Adjustable Cuffs. So that the snow accidentally fell under clothes during active sport, the jacket must have well-adjustable cuffs that will sit on hand tightly and make it good. This is especially important for cross-country skiing.

  • Light reflector. Modern models are necessarily equipped with decorative reflective strips, which also carry in themselves and practical benefits – they will allow rescue services in case of an accident faster to find the missing lover of snow slopes.

All these aspects are very important to consider when choosing a ski jacket. Thus, it will be possible to choose the most optimal option for a comfortable job in favorite sport.

Materials manufacturing

The structure of the ski jacket may consist of 6 layers in order to maximize comfort and heat during active winter holidays. The classic jacket includes the following layers:

  • External material+
  • Membrane layer+
  • Insulated layer+
  • climate control+
  • Antistatic+
  • Lining layer.

The outer layer is usually made of fabric, which should have such qualities such as wear resistance and low-temperature resistance. When it is made, Capron, Lycra or Polyester are used.

The membrane layer performs a two-way barrier feature. Does not miss water, resistant to a strong wind, but it should be allocated to thermal underwear. Most often, fabrics with impregnions are used to provide such properties, which form a microporous breathable polyester-based structure or polyamide.

The following insulation can be used as materials in the manufacture of winter sports jackets:

  • Pooh. A classic option that creates the effect of the “heating cutting pad” and provides protection from the cold.
  • Tiesusuut. Artificial Pooh, distinguished by durability and scoring. Fine enough, therefore it is considered the most popular option in the manufacture of multilayer sports jackets.
  • Syntheton. Traditional insulation, which is distinguished by bad breathability. More often used as a local additional means of insulation.
  • Fleece. Able to maintain heat and well to remove moisture, does not shine movement.
  • Polyartek. Easy weight of wool analogue, providing additional wind protection.

As climate control, special innovative developments are used, due to which heat heat is taking place with active physical exertion to avoid overheating.

The antiseptic layer is designed to eliminate the conditions in which bacteria is developed during active physical exertion. Often manufacturers connect these functions with a sublock material.


Classic Sports Ski Jackets are deprived of details and more oriented to practicality and versatility. They are deprived of additional decorative parts and are designed for long-term use. Often performed in one or two colors.

Fashionable ski suits in a premium segment are distinguished by a bright interesting design. They fit the figure as much as possible, but they do not roll out movements. As decorative elements, fur on a hood or fur lining is often used. The outer layer of the canvas is decorated with a print.

The best manufacturers are the best in this segment:

  • Colmar. Italian brand, which is focused on the multifunctionality of its products.
  • Bogner. Differs high quality and durability.
  • Salomon. Universal models for active and extreme winter sports.
  • HIGH EXPERIENCE. Manufacturer of stylish women’s ski jackets. Differs in light material and its own development of high-quality fiber.

When choosing a suitable jacket, it is also necessary to pay attention not only to the popularity of the brand, but also on the specifics of specific models.

Tips for choosing

Before you purchase a sports jacket, you need to decide what kind of sport for you is most relevant.

  • Trail skating. Classic descent on the ski slope down requires additional protection against precipitation and low product length.
  • Rest. For lovers of outdoor activities that are not professionals, lightweight jackets with a stylish design for skiing.
  • Frearyd. Extremes It is better to choose a jacket with additional protection from falling and moisture resistance.

The jacket must be chosen in its size so that it does not throw movements and was not too voluminous so that there is no discomfort during riding.

Children’s options should not be too long. Child must be comfortable, This will exclude fall. Best of all before skiing to spend a warm-up lesson to check how easy the skier is convenient to control the equipment in the new jacket.

Women’s options are very diverse. Among the model range, it is best to pay attention to the shredded long jackets to provide heat and convenience on the track.

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