Choose a suit for a snowboard

Choose a suit for a snowboard

If you like active rest and not imagine winter without snowboarding and mountain descents, you need to prepare for it in advance. We are talking about equipment, namely costumes that are offered in a wide variety. Your attention is presented with useful information about the features of such clothes, its types, as well as recommendations regarding the choice.


Snowboard costume should be not only beautiful and bright, but also practical, reliable and durable. The main task of this equipment is to ensure cold protection. The clothes should not just warming – it is important that she keeps it warm, but at the same time removed moisture, because during the movement athlete always sweats. Thus, it is better to choose professional things that have already managed to prove their effectiveness.

Ski costumes differ from the usual. As a material, a cloth with a membrane is used, which simultaneously replicates water and allows the body to breathe. For insulation, often synthetic material is used, it has low weight and excellent performance. As for the shortcomings, ski suits are offered at low prices, but this is an excellent investment for many years, since the cloth is durable, accessories are stable damage, so you can not worry about new clothes for a long time.

Of course, the outerwear should be bright, so that a person can be noted on the mountain slopes. In addition, it allows everyone to choose a suit in that design that likes. Another feature of the equipment is the presence of outer pockets, there must be more than 2 or 3. In such a suit there is a place where you can hide the phone, ski pass and even a mask. Snowboarders’ outerwear has:

  • Cuts, which provides air circulation+
  • Durable zipper+
  • Snowstanding the so-called skirt that is fastened on the waist+
  • Knitted sleeve that will be sewn to the main+
  • Separate hood.

Clothing is not just beautiful, it is functional, moreover, it is convenient to move in it and make various tricks on the board, which athletes will always be happy. Filling the jackets are always a down, and it is better to choose products from the feathers of waterfowl, as they will not pass moisture.

The membrane technology is an important criterion in the choice of such clothing, but it complicates the care of the product, so it is important to follow the recommendations of specialists and manufacturer.

What happens?

Today on the market you can find bright male and women’s sports costumes of large and small sizes, so everyone has the opportunity to choose what they like. At the same time, it is not easy to distinguish between the gender, since each such kit is always quite broad pants who are not constrained by movements, and this is important in such sports. Additional insulation is inserted on his knees and buttocks, which also allows you to soften the blow.

As for additional elements, they are in the presence of gum, with the help of which the pantna is fixed on foot and shoes, so the snow does not fall into the shoe. An excellent choice will be a product with straps, it sits denser. The base kit includes a jacket and trousers, sometimes complement them with accessories such as gloves, gangs and other hats. Snowboard pants are an integral part of a snowboarder equipment. Any athlete knows that sometimes you want to stop, sit down right on the snow and relax a bit, so pants must be prepared for this.

Some manufacturers produce overalls instead of classic pants. This product has a breast insert or suspenders. Along the entire length there is a sewn lightning, which makes it easier to remove the costume, even if the athlete’s boots are put on the athlete. The big advantage is that brands produce a variety of colors, so the kit can be with a red jacket and black pants, women often choose a pink or white costume, but men like green more, bright blue or camouflage. Equipment can be calm color with bright inserts, the design is the most different, and this is a huge plus.

Overalls can be called practical and more comfortable. This type of costume is popular, of course, it is important to choose the right size and style. Similar clothing is available from high-class materials that have protective and moisture-repellent properties.

It should not be noted that manufacturers create ski clothing and for the smallest, the market offers overalls, kits from pants and jackets for children, they are always very bright and most convenient as possible, so equipping can be equipped with the whole family and go on vacation. A distinctive feature of children’s kits is that they are provided for the element of protection, because the child can fall on the hill, so in suits there are knee pads, elbows and a protective layer in the crystal area, which is important.

As for the jackets, they are also often in a free rod, necessarily the presence of a hood, all seams are carefully processed, on the belt and wrists there are cuffs on elastic bands to ensure protection against purging and reliable fixation. Some brands pay attention to other components of the costumes, so the equipment may include a mask and gloves to protect the face and hands.

Best brands

If you are interested in the rating of the manufacturers of ski equipment, you are offered to top brands that produce excellent products for fans of the active type of rest.

  • Premium-class clothing manufactures Australian ROXY Company, which is known worldwide. A distinctive feature is the presence in the range of sockets. Clothes are characterized by practicality, comfort and durability, while all models look stylish and original.

  • The next on the list was the TIGON brand, And this product is worth paying attention for the reason that the clothing is created by a team of Snowuraders and experienced designers. Therefore, the stamps are always excellent quality, functional and transmit an athlete style. In the range sets of bright fresh colors, each product has a lowered waist, there is a defense stuff and deep hood. In addition, prices are attractive for everyone.

  • Waterproof and Easy Equipment of Burton The market has already been enough and causes interest in everyone who is going to the mountains. The assortment presents women’s and men’s models with minimalist patterns, there is a ruler for children.

  • AIRBLASTER was founded in America, But today, almost all athletes know about this brand. A distinctive feature of the company became a mental approach to the manufacture of products, the proof of which is that riders who create costumes work for themselves.

Criterias of choice

Choose a snowboard suit for skiing is not so easy, especially if you do it for the first time. There are certain criteria to choose a product for women or men who want to go to the mountains in the winter season. Snowboarder equipment must meet standards and requirements. One of them is waterproof. Pay attention to the type of fabric from which the kit is sewn, the material should have a protective coating that pushes moisture outside and outputs it from the inside. A greenhouse effect should not be created in the costume, so make sure the product is well ventilated – it may be cuts from the inner part of the hands through which moisture.

Additional parts in the costume are extremely important, the jacket must be a hood, because it protects against wind, the product has a sweepser, and the sleeves and pants are equipped with cuffs. Each pocket has a dense clasp to lose the contents it was impossible.

If you decide to purchase uniforms for a snowboard, do not follow financial restrictions. Of course, you can find a cheap option, but it does not mean that the quality will be the best. Sportswear should be comfortable, practical and durable. There are different insulation, but it is important to focus on the products of the new generation, as they will serve much longer.

It is recommended to pre-measure the sets so that the costume sat down and stopped the movements.

It should be noted that such clothing is amenable to great loads and on elbows with knees can be cheating faster, so you can explore manufacturers that use rubberized inserts. The length of the sleeve should be per brush, make sure there are cuffs and velcro, both on the pants and on the jacket. The hood has a volume regulator so that with windy weather it was possible to tighten and protect against purge. Will be better if the hood can be disgusted.

To make the movements not shy, it is better to take pants for one, and sometimes two sizes more than their own – it will allow conveniently driven on the slopes and make tricks. Fasteners on your pockets are required, all accessories should be durable and reliable.

During fitting you need to move, raise your arms and legs to check whether the jacket will not go. Sit to make sure the pants are suitable. For children, it is better to choose costumes with the presence of a jumpsuit so that the back is closed. It is impossible to ignore additional means of protection and, if possible, always try before buying all the equipment. Taking advantage of such simple recommendations, you can find a suitable costume for a snowboard that will serve not one year.

How to choose a suit for a snowboard, look in the following video.

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