Choose skate laces

Choose skate laces

In Russia, one of the most popular entertainment – skating. However, before going to the roller or sign up for training in hockey, speed skating or curly skating, you need to pick up the skate laces.


Manufacturers produce a wide range of shoelaces, but all products can be divided into three main groups by material.

  • Cotton. Simple and budget option without impregnation, which is suitable for those who ride unprofessional. For the manufacture use simple materials of low strength and a small service life. But at the same time, the shoelaces are well fixed on the skate.

  • Cotton with nylon thread and impregnation. Make the lacing procedure at times lighter, fit perfectly for curly skates. The difference of such a group is a good tension, more reliable fixation.

  • Waxes with impregnation. Best and expensive option with maximum tension. Laces are in demand among hockey players, as the skates of athletes are exposed to high loads. For the string of a solid node, no particular effort will be required, but it will be difficult to untie the lacing.

High-quality laces are additionally equipped with spangled tips, which facilitates the process of the skate lacing. Standard white products and color.


When choosing a shoelace, the length of the length is played. This parameter depends on how convenient an athlete or an amateur will ride. Standard Size Table for Children and Adults looks like this.

Skid size

Lace length, cm











It will not be possible to achieve the correct lacing if its elements will not correspond to the sizes of shoes. If it is not possible to choose the length of the product on the table, you can resort to counting the number of chalks. In this case, you need to take a base length of 100 cm on 8 holes provided in the skate. Additionally, each lover is worth throwing 20 cm.

Best manufacturers

Today there are many manufacturers in the market that are engaged in the production and release of skate laces. It is worth paying attention to the most popular brands.

Elite Prolace

Special attention deserves Waxed laces, producer of which occupies a leading position in the global market. The product is represented in several colors: red, orange, purple. Also in the ruler there are blue, pink and silver gray shades. The advantages of the cords of the famous brand include:

  • High strength+
  • durability+
  • reliability.

Every year the company updates the range.

A & R Sports

Another good brand that produces a double layer of yarn. Such an option will suit all fans to tie skates. Features of the material:

  • Paraffin wax gives softness and smoothness+
  • Molded tips fix the lacing+
  • There is a wide range of colors.

The advantages of goods of the manufacturer include an affordable price and compliance with sizes.

Hot Pink

The brand produces laces for hockey, and also produces products for ordinary shoes. The company’s assortment has ragged laces, with which they will be able to maintain skates in a tightened form for the entire period of skiing.

To produce its products, the brand uses fibrous materials, uses proven technologies and modern equipment. The advantages of HOT PINK laces include the versatility of use, high strength and long service life.


Budget manufacturer of shoelaces, which contains no wax. For the manufacture of a product brand uses a carbon material of high quality. As a result, it is possible to get durable shoelaces that are suitable even for hockey skates.


Manufacturer of shoelaces for hockey and roller skates, boot. The product is made of durable carbon materials. The range of the brand is a wide variety of colors and sizes, so choose the appropriate option will not be difficult. The pluses of SILFRAE laces include:

  • affordable prices+
  • Quality guarantee+
  • High characteristics.

Among the minuses celebrate a small discrepancy with the claimed color producer.

Also leading positions in the ranking of the best manufacturers are held by the following companies: Risport, Edea, Graf, Wifa, Jackson, Riedell.

What better to choose?

When buying cords for riding or hockey, first of all it is worth assessing the quality of the material and execution. Additionally, it is recommended to draw attention to:

  • The presence and type of impregnation+
  • Dimensions+
  • Form.

The optimal purchase will be shoelaces with spangled ends. When choosing a product, it is necessary to check the material strength. For this, the laces are taken for both ends and pull with force from each other. If there is a voltage, it means that the product does not break and does not stretch after a long service.

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