Choose skates for boys

Choose skates for boys

Skating skating is an active and cheerful pastime that every child like a boy and a girl will appeal. Some perceive ice riding as a way to spend a good weekend, others are engaged in skating at a professional level, visiting hockey classes or figure skating.

The first thing you need to purchase your child for any of these classes is high-quality skates. Many believe that all children’s models are produced unisex, but it is not. Skates for boys differ from models for girls in color palette, external design and even features of their design. In the article we will talk about how to choose skates for boys.

Review of species

First of all, it is necessary to figure out what kind of skates for boys are. Highlight three main types of skates.

  • Figure – Designed for curly skating. The rigid design of the boot firmly fixes it on foot, so that when performing complex tricks, jumps and pyruettes, stretching or dislocation is excluded. The special shape of the blade with the tooth is necessary for performing a variety of ice elements, it is longer and wider than on other types of skates. The design of the boot involves the presence of a heel for proper weight distribution.

  • Hockey – Sports Models, intended for hockey. The design of the boot is made of dense material with special protection and reinforced toe and heel. Wide blades are cast and removable.

  • Amateur (pleasure) – model specially designed for amateur ice riding. The boot is made of soft or medium stiffness of the material, which makes riding as comfortable as possible.

They can be used for walking both in open areas and on closed ice arena.

The separation of ice skates occurs due to different areas of their application. For different skating style for sports equipment, different requirements are presented – blade shape, sharpening level, heel availability, external protection and other.

It is believed that children’s skates are produced for children by age from 5 years and older. It’s not quite right. Children’s models are released even for the smallest, you can find on the shelves of sports shops skates for children with age 3-4 years.

Depending on the age of the child, skates are:

  • Baby (for children 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 years)+

  • Teenage (for children 11, 12, 13 and 14 years old).

Recently, children’s sliding skates become popular, in which, if necessary, you can increase the size of the boot. This option is suitable for those who are going to acquire a pleasure for the boy. For professional classes on ice, such models will not fit.

Best models

Among the wide selection of manufacturers of children’s skates for boys, multiple demand models use models of several brands.

  • Pleasure skates TechTeam Rich Boy. Sliding model of a Russian brand from artificial leather with internal warming of fur and foam rubber. The blade is made of stainless steel. The sliding mechanism makes the purchase of durable. Fixed on foot using lacing and bable.

  • Children’s sliding skates Action Boy. A pleasure model with an improved block is ideal for amateur ice riding. The blade is made of carbon steel. External body executed from durable two-component plastic, insular insulated with foam rubber.

  • Children’s curly skates graf etude jr. Model from genuine leather with high-degree rigidity shoe. Interior decoration made of special breathable fabric. Comfortable shoe and lightweight sole provide maximum convenience during training. Perfect option for newbies.

  • Hockey skates Maxcity Ottawa. Men’s model from combined synthetics with a sole of plastic. Blade made of stainless steel. On the leg is mounted using a lacing.

Good budget option for a boy.

Child Nuances

Picking up skates for boys, it is necessary to be guided by the same principles as when buying a model on an adult. First, you should decide which model you need to your child – hockey, for figure skating or a pleasure. And also you need to know what level of preparation from your child.

Whatever ice skates you choose, there are several nuances that should be paid when choosing an inventory for a boy.

  1. If you choose a model for playing hockey, the main thing is that the skates have been equipped with good leg protection – a reinforced shoe, strong blade. For beginner children, it makes no sense to acquire the most expensive models, it is enough to choose a high-quality pair of shoes with good technical indicators.

  2. For a boy who works in figure skating, you need to choose skates on a long wide blade, sufficiently stable and maneuverable for the execution of tricks. Not only the presence of teeth, but also the ability to become in them on tiptoe.

  3. Those who want to buy walking skates for boys, you need to choose comfortable model with a warmed boot. The shoe should be undesser, made of durable material, is insulated with an internal booze. The blade is better to choose their carbon steel.

  4. Children’s models are mainly manufactured in the following sizes: for the smallest – 24-27, 28, 29+ for children 6-10 years – 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 36+ for adolescents – 37, 38 39. It is important to make fitting before buying skates. After the child puts them on, let them like a couple of minutes to make sure they do not press. BUY follows skates size size. If the model is not insulated, immediately measure it on a warm sock. On the growing skates to take in no case, because it is attempting for a child.

  5. Check the way of fixing the leg in the boot. The best option is a lacing with additional fixation with a velcro or balling.

  6. Consider the desire of the child when choosing a design. For boys produced models with bright and interesting design.

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