Choose skates for kids

Choose skates for kids

Ice riding is one of the most popular winter sports. Therefore, many parents try to instill with their kids love for him since childhood.

So that the child enjoyed riding, it is very important to buy him high quality and comfortable skates.


Now there are several main varieties of skates. You need to choose the appropriate, focusing on the needs of the child.

  • Training. Educational skates are ideal for those who are just starting to master this sport. Models with two crawls are very comfortable and lungs. In them, the child will quickly learn how to walk on ice and not fall. They are attached to shoes with belts. Sliding models are well suited for children 2-3 years.
  • Figured. Such skates are suitable for kids who spend a lot of time on rinks. They are easy to find out on the extended blade and special jar on socks. The base of the skates is sewn from genuine leather or high-quality leatherette. It makes them very comfortable. By cons of such products can be attributed to the feeling of legs.
  • Hockey. Skates of this type are more stringent. The basis of the boot is synthetic. On the sock and heel you can see special plastic inserts. They protect legs from strikes and injuries. Blades have an arc shape from high-quality chrome steel. There are no jar on socks. They are ideal for young athletes.
  • Walking. Baby walking skates worth buying those kids who want to do this sport not at a professional level, but in their pleasure. Inside these soft shoes is a high-quality insulation that protects the legs well from the cold. Minus such a shoe is that due to the soft pads, they are loosely fixed on the legs. But if the child keeps care and rides neatly, the skates are quite suitable for him.

When choosing comfortable skates for the smallests worth paying attention to the products of proven brands.

  • FILA SKATES X-One Ice. This is an excellent option for children 4-5 years. It is perfect for walking. Shoes are sewn from high-quality synthetic fabric with moisture-repellent impregnation. Boots are fixed on the legs with the help of lipukets, shoelaces and plastic clips.

  • Tech Team Rich Boy. Such walking skates are also very familiar to children. The basis of the boot is made of high-quality leatherette and plastic. Inside is an artificial fur. Ride them very convenient. Sliding skates The child will be able to wear for several years in a row.

  • Vision Girl. These skates are perfect suitable for young girls. Plastic boots are suitable for walking in cold weather. They are warm and very comfortable. Skates can be used when learning skating. Over time, they can be replaced with others.

  • WIFA PRIMA SET MARK IV. Durable and comfortable skates are ideal for novice athletes. Boots sewing from genuine leather. It makes them durable and wear-resistant. Inside the shoe is a high-quality orthopedic insole. Therefore, the child does not get tired even after a long stay on the ice. They are suitable for both boys and girls.

  • Larsen Love. These children’s skates are made of vinyl. They look attractive, but serve their owners not very long. Such skates are suitable for beginners, as well as those who spend little time on the rink.

Criterias of choice

Skates, like boots, it is better not to buy via the Internet, but in a specialized store to be able to measure them. When buying it is worth paying attention to the most important points.

  1. Material of manufacture. Children’s skates make plastic or leather. First perfectly fix foot. They are suitable for those who ride not very often. Children who spend a lot of time on rollers, more suitable convenient models with leather basis.
  2. Blade. The highest quality blades are made of steel. They slide well on ice. To sharpen such blades need not very often. Therefore, they are suitable for long-term use.
  3. The size. The size of the skates is also played. If you choose the shoes of the wrong size, the kid will quickly get tired and often fall. Buy skates best with the child. In this case, he will be able to measure, and also make sure they are exactly suitable for him. You need to measure skates on a warm sock, a couple of minutes after the legs get warm after the frost. Choosing skating boots, you need to wear not alone, but two pairs of socks. In this case, the shoes will not rub legs. It is not worth buying too big skates. In them, children fall much more often.
  4. Price. Do not save on buying for kids. Sub-quality products will rub their legs and cause discomfort when riding. It does not need to buy too expensive models, because children grow quickly, so new skates will be small in the next season.

The choice of footwear for sports is largely affected by how comfortable the child will feel on the ice. Therefore, it is worth buying them only in a proven store, considering all the wishes of the baby.

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