Choose ski clothing

Choose ski clothing

Choose an equipment for skiing is necessary very thoughtful, because the thermal underwear and other skiers clothes are what allows you to smoothly conquer white spaces. Getting acquainted with the review of children’s, female and men’s clothing for skiing, with balaclas and other accessories, it is necessary to remember that health and safety will be largely dependent.


A widespread misconception is that the clothing for skiing is the same that is usually dressed in winter. Supposedly it should only protect from the cold. But this is a serious and even dangerous sometimes misunderstanding. Yes, for those skiers who have a skiing concept only to a certain number of walks in the park and the other closest locality, it may be true. However, any really sporting activity presents no more higher demands.

As in the segment of ordinary clothes, ski equipment produces many firms. All of them, one way or another, seek to increase the waterproof of the equipment. It is in this that it has its main characteristic. Falling in the snow is impossible to exclude even for an extra-class athlete, and it is very important that after this workout or race was continued. Also ski equipment, unlike conventional trousers, jackets and sweaters, will not slide.

Especially important anti-slip properties when driving on skiing. In the usual set for classes and competitive races will still be as follows. Skiers often have to touch snow and snow-covered skis, other items. Do it without special protection is impossible. In addition, low air temperatures, and sometimes the wind make hand protection completely mandatory.

Basic requirements for gloves do not differ from costume requirements. It is necessary to choose a comfortable, warm and completely impenetrable instances. Professional skiers prefer high gloves protecting even wrist and having an additional lacing. Along the way, reliable, well-selected thermal underwear – it is chosen strictly individually. Skiing also implies the use of winter hats, and even better – Balaklava, who perfectly showed themselves to the windy and frosty weather.

What should be?

Do not think that the ski sports form is universal, and you can choose some suitable for anyone. On the contrary, there is a clear separation between equipment for:

  • Professional athletes+

  • ordinary lovers+

  • tourists.

Participants of the high-level competitions are developing albeit and high speed, but for a short time. Ordinary lovers go on skis Let not with such results, but it’s sometimes a long hours on them every day. And for tourists it is important that the form allows you to make long transitions away from civilization, was absolutely reliable. And therefore the equipment of all three types – non-valetable. Attempts by such a replacement will only lead to inconvenience and feeling of discomfort.

Professional sportswear is placed in tight, produced from elastic fabric. It should not limit movements. The design is specifically calculated with the aerodynamics, otherwise the records are not achieved. Especially this approach is characteristic of an elite form, which is purchased for national and international competitions. Amateur ski races allow you to use a closer form.

Models for light walks and tourism have a completely special cut and specific requirements for thermal insulation. But the maximum convenience and functionality are required. Men’s and women’s clothing for skiers differs only on Crow, sometimes colors, and children’s children from adult – exclusively with dimensions and proportions.

Thermal underwear turns out to be a base layer. It requires:

  • Tight fit+

  • The absence of any constraint+

  • Minimum allergic level.

Preferably seamless thermoblash. Slightly worse than the model with an external flat seam. Thermal Shell materials are chosen to taste. Cotton is great for walking and short daily races. For tourist use the best option – wool, and for professional competitions – modern synthetics (proven materials).

Additionally, you will need:

  • trousers+

  • hoodies+

  • T-shirts.

The outer protective “layer” is usually formed from membrane fabric. She will not miss any rain, nor snow, no wind. However, while the removal of evaporating moisture and sweat will not be a problem. In the outer “layer”, except for jacket or vest, usually running trousers.

Some different clothes for freestyle (freeride). It is calculated on very sharp rapid weather changes that are common in the mountains. Danger for freestylers represent and penetrating winds. A number of cases are known when such riding due to bad equipment even ended tragically. In order not to encounter once again with problems and dangers, you need to pay attention to the windproof properties of equipment.

In addition, Freeride implies elements of climbing climbing on certain stages, which makes it seriously taken to the dish.

Other important nuances:

  • Surface strength – so that the first coming branch did not interfere+

  • Elasticity of the top layer of fabric+

  • High ventilation quality (relying on some membranes does not have to – use additional technologies)+


  • Especially careful execution of internal seams+

  • mandatory collar rack.

How to choose?

Skier costumes are divided into pleasure and warm-up. The first type is needed predominantly novice athletes and those who go too fast. Mostly such costumes are protected from wind and frost. Insulation is usually produced by syntheps. Equipment for warm-up (training) is designed with the calculation of increased loads.

She worsens moisture perfectly and while saves heat. Such an ammunition is suitable for those who already know how to skate. Typical training jacket made of synthetic raw materials. For insulation, the fleece is mainly used, but these are elementary levels. In more serious cases, tinsules or polartek are used.

Such materials:

  • Do not give allergic reactions+

  • Excellent sweat+

  • do not let moisture outside+

  • Hold heat perfectly.

It is categorically avoided with suits insulated with syntheps or down. Their characteristics will deteriorate every time after washing.

Pants most often take from the same materials as the jackets. However, it is sometimes practiced by adding a wool or fleece. Ski costumes basedSoftshell material.

Be sure to evaluate the permeability coefficient for moisture. It is he who talks about the comfort of exercises. At level 5 – 10 kg per 1 kV. M. – You can train from 60 to 120 minutes, which will make newbies. Amateur race is possible for permeability from 10 to 15 kg per 1 kV. M. Level from 15 to 20 kg is suitable for the longest travels, maximum sports loading and tourism.

If there are strong frosts or windy weather occurred, you will have to additionally use a warm vest with windproof membrane. The best costume is the one that at first the body. While driving will become warmer – and it will not freeze. Beginner skiers should use pants with shoe straps + thanks to this solution of the zone of the lower back, even when falling will be protected.

Choosing trousers separately from the jacket, you need to give preference by options with the front windproof membrane. Self-grades are used with a wide demand. Special zippers on the sides for the entire length of the trouser simplify dressing and replacing the thermal sets.

The size of the jacket is chosen by:

  • width shoulder+

  • Half breast girth+

  • Language sleeveless+

  • spinal height.

The size of the trousers is estimated by:

  • Width on the belt+

  • Half of the coverage of hips+

  • Height of the belt+

  • The length of the trousers+

  • step-down seam.

Additional accessories

Among them, the greatest attention is naturally caught by Balaclava. It is not less chosen, rather than the main part of the clothes. Check whether the product coincides in size, is it comfortable in it. Attention must be paid on ski gloves. From ordinary, they differ in special non-slip details that increase clutch with stick stick.

Very useful lining for large and index fingers, thanks to which it is easier to use touch devices.

Returning to the selection of caps, it should be emphasized that they must sit tightly. Classical Fur Ushanka hopelessly outdated. It is better to use modern analogs from the fleece or Lycra. When choosing socks, they are guided primarily by their convenience and quality. Best of all those socks that anatomically correspond to the foot.

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