Choose ski sticks for classic stroke

Choose ski sticks for classic stroke

Skiing brings a lot of pleasure and health benefits. However, in order to proceed with your favorite lesson, it is necessary to prepare correctly. Attention should be paid not only to the selection of skis, shoes, suit, but also sticks, without which riding is simply impossible.


Ski sticks for classic stroke can be made of different materials.

  • Fiberglass. Inexpensive inventory, it has a small weight, but easily bends, breaking. Suitable for walks on special ski slopes.

  • Carbon. Light material, has good stiffness, strength, is able to withstand heavy loads. Suitable for both ordinary walks and participation in sports training or competitions.

  • Aluminum. The budget option is distinguished by durability, very difficult. Inventory is suitable for riding in places where the track has already been prepared. In other cases, it is recommended to choose lightweight models.

  • Composite material with graphite adding. The newest technology allows you to create high-strength inventory. This composition has great wear resistance.

  • Titanium. This material has high strength, durability, ease. It is used when creating inventory for professional sports.

Ski sticks are three species.

  • Straight. Universal models are suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes.
  • With bend. Models are used only in sports. They contribute to improving aerodynamics on high-speed descents.
  • Telescopic. Models easily disassemble, going. They most often use ski tourists in ski tours.

How to choose a size?

Size of ski sticks need to be chosen by growth. This contributes to maintaining a balance when riding. If the size is too big, then the load on the arms, the shoulders rises, and the feet relax. Hands have to raise above the norm, missing the desired bending in the elbow. All this affects the right course when skating, as well as on the entrance to the turn. If the size is small, then there is no load on the muscles of the hands, shoulders. Progressing time on a turn when riding, relieves. Excessive slopes lead to tension in the lower back, and later – to the pains in the back. Balanced work of all muscle groups allows to avoid unnecessary injuries, excessive stiffness, rapid fatigue. Properly selected size allows you to use the desired riding technique, which is especially important for beginners.

The rules for the selection sticks for cross-country ski have their own characteristics. For the classic stroke, the height of the stick is determined by deduction from 25 to 30 cm from the skier’s growth in cm. And the height can be calculated by the formula by multiplying the coefficient of 0.83 by the magnitude of growth. Thus, the acceptable length of the stick is not more than 83% percent of human growth. The necessary indicators are presented in the form of a table where a certain increase in the right ski stick size corresponds to. For example, for a classic with a height of 165 cm, the height of the stick is 136.95 cm, with a height of 175 cm height of the stick is 145.25 cm. It is allowed rounding hundredth values ​​to integrates.

It is important to note that the Rostovka of the skium sticks is determined from the tip to the dwelling point. The growth of an athlete is determined in ski boots.

What else to pay attention to when choosing?

Before buying, it is recommended to check inventory in your work. For this it is necessary to hold it in hand at different angles. Stick must be securely held in hand. The presence of a rubber handle prevents any friction or slip. It is important to pay attention to any discomfort. Additional components that are attached to skiing also have their own characteristics. They are easy to replace, but it is more expedient to immediately choose a suitable device.

  • Pens. Models differ in the form of execution, manufacturing material. You can find handles from treated rubber or plastic. Options based on cork wood are more likely to meet on professional sports sticks. They are characterized by high clutch, low thermal conductivity. Modern models are easily ease, convenience.
  • Drugs. For the manufacture of inventory, genuine leather is used more often. And you can also meet the dumplings from high-strength fiber synthetic origin. In one way or another, they must be soft, convenient to operate. Conventional straps are suitable for skiing for walking. For sports, it is better to choose valves. They hold the wrist tightly, which provides the possibility of using sporting equipment for skating. It is recommended to purchase models with the ability to adjust the size.
  • Paws. Inventory required to ensure support, therefore, safety. When skiing on a specially selected skiing, you can buy a small paws. If walking in places where there is no route, it is better to choose a large size.
  • Tips. There are options in the form of a cone, as well as in the shape of an isy with a tooth. The models are made of metal, which has high strength. There are options with galvanized. Tips have a different weight. They can be changed depending on the desired effect.

Sports inventory It is recommended to purchase in specialized stores. Among manufacturers who have a good reputation due to the production of high-quality products, you can allocal Austrian company ATOMIC, American HEAD Company.

In addition to the technical characteristics, the brand names should also pay attention to the appearance, color. Any little thing can bring discomfort and prevent the achievement of the goals.

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