Choose skiing for stroller

Choose skiing for stroller

When choosing a ski for a pediatric stroller, you should carefully read their characteristics, advantages and possible disadvantages. It will help comfortably move around winter roads, make the right choice and be sure to buy. Producers of such a device are enough – both domestic and foreign.

Pros and cons

Skiing for a stroller – this is the best alternative to massive strollers for the winter bundled with the polls or, how otherwise they are called, sankam strollers.

The advantages of skis for children’s winter strollers are obvious. These include:

  • Patency in any, even snow-covered places or on the rammed road+
  • Budget value+
  • Convenience and easy operation+
  • durability, durable material (polypropylene, metal), reliable fasteners+
  • Protection against vibrations and jumps+
  • light weight and compactness, can be stored on the shelf+
  • Have a different design, come to any color scheme stroller.

Thanks to skis-linings do not need to spend money on the purchase of a separate stroller. And most importantly – you can comfortably walk with a child in the winter day, enjoying the fresh air.

Based on the reviews of the owners of miracle devices, it is possible to conclude not only about positive moments, but also about negative.

  1. Low-quality material. If skis are made of fragile plastic, then the period of their operation will be short.
  2. No rear stroke. This deficiency concerns ski with belt fasteners. This feature of the design is not critical, since mostly stroller moves forward.
  3. Full replacement of wheels on the lining. Such a process takes a long time. The design can only be used in the month.

This is the cons of strollery skis, because they can be used at will, for installation and removal it is not necessary to make absolutely no effort. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice, after reading the design features.

What are there?

Ski-lining on the wheels – invention, which became known in the past century. In 1945, he presented to the world a citizen of America, setting one ski for each side of the stroller.

Ski varieties for stroller:

  • Mostly on the front wheels+
  • Only on the rear wheels+
  • Full set (4 pcs.) on all wheels at the same time.

The main feature of ski-lining is the installation. Consider them in more detail.

  1. Mini ski. Lining with metal bilateral brackets or belts-screeds are attached to wheels. Convenience is that this type of ski is easy to use – when you need, you can install or, on the contrary, remove. Minus belts lies in the fact that such a fastening is impossible to fix if the stroller is equipped with solid disks.
  2. Full replacement wheel. This option is not entirely practical in use, since it is inconvenient to constantly change the set of wheels to ski due to a sharp weather change (snowfall or lack of snow). On asphalt such a design will not slide. The complete replacement of the wheels is suitable only for geographic areas, for which strong snowfall and long-term length of the winter season are characterized.
  3. Polozia. Installed immediately on 2 wheels on the one hand and in the same way – on the other. The advantage is to reduce the installation time. Disadvantages – massiveness, do not differ in versatility, suitable strollers, in which the axes above the ground are 12 cm, and then the wheels must be the same diameter.

Currently, the choice of mini ski and their producers is huge. A convenient tool for walking with the baby can be chosen quickly and easily, for this you will need to know only the parameters of the wheels – width and diameter.


The optimal option is considered to be padded strollers in the form of belts or bilateral clamps. They are lightweight, compact, convenient to use, and in this case, they differ in budget value.

You can allocate several manufacturers, most famous and beloved from consumers.

  • “Prestige”. Russian firm from g. St. Petersburg, offers customers overlays, in shape resembling children’s mini-skis. Material – Plastic, Fastening – Strap. Of the advantages – versatility, low cost, convenience in removal and installation. They are designed for any wheel diameter. Of the minuses – fragile plastic, operation – 1-2 seasons, are not suitable for solid disks due to lack of places for fastening. Cost from 450 rubles.

  • Wheelblades. Swiss “invention” is distinguished by reliable fasteners in the form of clamps. Removed and put on into one movement. Of the advantages – comfort in use, reliability, made of durable material, compactness, universal dimensions (suitable for any variety of wheelchairs), long service life. Of the minuses – high price, cost from 5,700 rubles.

  • SAFE START STROLLER SKIS. Fastening-clamp on 2 wheels at the same time. Perfect option for 3-wheel and double rear wheels. Manufacturer Country – United States. Suitable only for wheel diameter 125 mm. The company recommends using a mechanism not only for sliding in the snow, but also for walking on sand surfaces.

  • Cybex. German firm manufacturer. Stoles are designed for Cybex Priam strollers, the design completely replaces the wheels from the front, made of frost-resistant material.

  • “Kolesnik”. Manufacturer – Russia. Domestic Analogue of the German Brand. Skiing are low cost, material – plastic. Cost from 800 rubles.

Choose from what it is important to determine your own wishes and capabilities.

Tips for choosing

Comfort, ease of installation and movement, various price category, durability, reliability – all this can be obtained by making the right choice of skis for a baby carriage. Winter will not be a reason to sit at home, and the nozzles on the wheels will give a light slide and a good mood during a walk.

Therefore, before buying, you should carefully examine all the parameters, characteristics and reviews about the design.

Choosing skis, you need to consider several criteria.

  1. Components, completeness. The choice depends on the area of ​​residence. If there is a lot of snow, you can install a force at the very beginning of the winter season. If little, you should give preference to skiing with clips or more budgetary option – fastening with straps.
  2. Quantity. It is enough to purchase 2 lining, only on the front wheels. Rear should remain free for comfortable movement on solid surfaces (without snow) – stairs, tunnels, passing streets of streets.
  3. Convenience and ease of operation. The ski mechanism should differ quickly to be installed and also quickly removed. For this, belts or double-sided clamps are perfect.
  4. Material. Accent when choosing should be done on high-strength, frost-resistant and stainless materials. Fixture for wheels must be made of metal or polypropylene. This will prolong the service life, ensuring the reliability and integrity of the ski for a long time.
  5. Dimensions. Another important nuance. Not all ski linings are universal, some of them are only suitable for certain stroller models. Special attention when studying the characteristics should be paid to the wheel diameter.
  6. Manufacturer. It is recommended to get acquainted with all manufacturers and after that make a choice in favor of a specific. Special attention should be paid to the most famous brands in order not to be disappointed in the quality and deadlines.
  7. Price. The design itself is convenient and solves a lot of problems. But it should be remembered that it is used mainly in winter, so it is not worth overpaying.
  8. Warranty. Quality goods have a warranty for a period of 12 months. If long-term use is planned, this moment should not be ignored.

Ski-overlays for walking with a child in winter – this is a universal device. Thanks to them, you can walk daily several times and not be afraid that the stroller will get stuck in a snowdrift. The kids will enjoy a walk, while not experiencing stress from changing strollers, sharp jumps or vibrations. And the decision to buy skis allows you to save a decent amount and not spend money on the purchase of a sled stroller. It should be noted and the fact that the ski mechanism is suitable not only in the winter period for walking through the snow, but also in the summer will allow free to move on the sandy beach.

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