Choose skis for children 5-6 years

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Choose skis for children 5-6 years

When a decision is made to teach a child skiing, the question arises about the right choice of sports equipment. This is especially true if the came already 5-6 years old, because at this age the children are already quite consciously understand what kind of sport, and can coordinate the movement of the body during skating. From the publication, you will learn about the best ski producers for children, what kinds of ski are offered by young skiers who have reached 5-6 years of age, and what should be considered when choosing a ski pair for preschoolers.


Up to 5 years old Skiing for children can be hired or ask for friends, because the child does not yet realize the beauty of ski skiing and not always willingly responds to such walks. Interest appears closer to 6 years, and at this time you can already truly teach your child to ski, having bought him own children’s copies (with or without boots).

The process of choosing and buying skis for a preschooler is very important. Most experts are inclined to the fact that the first skiing for a child must be running. It is easier to master the skills of skills at the initial stage: to work out the slip rules, learn how to keep balance and so on.

Varieties of cross-country ski:

  • Classic+
  • Konkovye+
  • Universal.

If you choose for the initial stage of learning between a classic cross-country skiing and skating products, it is better to give preference to the first. They do not develop a greater speed due to special notes.

And aftercing the skill of classical skating, you can move to the ski skiing. They are shorter than classic and go with a rounded nose. As for universal, there is an opinion that such products are not very convenient for children.

There are still mountain children’s skiing. Usually, young skiers of older years are riding on them, but in recent years there are many preschoys on ski slopes. More and more parents are attached to the skiing of their Chad just from 5-6 years.

Well, it is purely individually for everyone, the main thing is to ensure safe riding a child. So, for the first steps, it is better to hire an instructor or be constantly next to your young skier until it starts to make items on the track confidently.

Best manufacturers

From cross-country ski for children, products produced under Austrian brand atomic. High popular use Model for classic skiing SKI Tiger Junior. These skis are operated without lubrication, and at the expense of Nordicap technology, the pressure is evenly distributed to the sliding surface.

For those who are just starting to get acquainted with skis, Finnish firm Larsen Offers universal Children’s model Racer Step. These are inexpensive skiing, which will be very comfortable and preschoolers.

From the category available at the price allocated also Mark “Sportmaster” Nordway. Children’s line of this network is represented including XC COMBI JR model.

Among the best manufacturers of ski equipment and equipment for children and adolescents are also Brand TISA. Once a Russian brand, and now, together with Fischer, produces a popular Model SPORT STEP (Variations JR. and kids).

Child Nuances

On the initial way to master the technique of ski skiing (for the classic stroke), the products must be 15-20 centimeters more than the growth of the child. But the options for mountain riding is better to choose weight. So, kids, whose weight is less than 20 kg, take a ski length of 60-70 cm. And then – depending on the weight category – from 80-120 cm.

The first skis are usually remembered by a child, and to choose them correctly, consider the following recommendations.

  • Do not purchase skis and shoes to them larger. In addition, the child will be uncomfortable to ride them, it can be injured.
  • Consultant to choose to help the store consultant or you can refer to the size information. For this, you will need growth parameters, weight, the size of a young skier and a comparative table (should be at any seller of ski equipment).
  • Be sure to check the health of the ski fasteners, which should work when falling and run away. Better to configure them and try to ski.
  • When buying, inspect the ski carefully, they should not be with cracks and other damage. The pair should be symmetrical in all respects (length, width, thickness, weight).

    Need to remember that skis choose a child, taking into account:

    • Age+
    • Growth and weight+
    • Preparation level.

    Even if you buy used specimens, pay attention to the above parameters. By the way, in the secondary market there are usually almost unused skiing (children are rapidly developing and growing from Rostovka), but violation of storage rules can lead to product deformations.

    Poor-quality copies will be bad on skiing, especially inexperienced skier.

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