Choose Snowboard Glasses

Choose Snowboard Glasses

Like a bicycle, skiing, snowboard is a considerable speed, which is several times the speed of a pedestrian or a fan of running. So that the wind does not blossom in the eye, preventing the glasses confidently, use the glasses that need to choose.

Pros and cons

The advantages and disadvantages of glasses for snowboarding are mainly dependent on the specific manufacturer.




Oakley (USA)

Ideal compatibility with any structure of the face. Well combined with helmet. Tree-layer fleece seal, replaceable filter, impertuous visor.

Eyes of different people in their own way react to specific lenses

Salice (Italy)

Right with comfortable in the use of velvet layer. The argument changes to the gum. Filters – double, with polarization. Anti-block layer.

Eyes of different people in their own way react to polarization

UVEX (Germany)

Insensitivity to a sharp change in temperature. Skella is fixed on a magnetic basis. The coating is protected from scratches. Color replaces automatically – adjustment under the brightness of light.

There is no wide-angle view and adjustment under the size of the head.

Carrera (Italy)

Polarization, mirror, flexible frame for the possibility of interior points with dioptras. Ventue. Stew – spherical.

You can not use helmets of other brands.

Dragon (USA)

Two-layer layer without allergens. Combined with any helmet. Tightly closes the face. “Fighting”. Wide-angle lateral appearance.

No specific deficiencies.

Deciding with the brand, find out which of the types of safety glasses you will do more.

Review of species

Snowboard glasses are divided by specific species.

  • Glasses mask – product with a casing that closes most of the face, from the forehead to almost the lower edge of the nose.

  • Snowboard glasses with diopters are designed for people who, with normalness, not all right. Falnotherly snowboarders they have nothing to do with anything – the athlete is predominantly in the distance. But the minor “minus” diopters will not interfere – the movement is so fast that you need to smear in advance, in time, in time, so as not to crash into any obstacle. Snowboard – an extreme sports projectile, acceleration can reach hundreds of kilometers per hour – almost like on the car, and it is vital in time to fit into the right turn.

  • Mirror – reduce the brightness of sunlight when the athlete moves towards him, depending on the relief. High in the mountains will require a light filter, possibly with polarization – an excess of ultraviolet on high-mountain routes may cause an attack of ophthalmia (temporary impaired view for up to several days). Colored windows of warm tones (from red to green), moreover, having an anti-UV coating will effectively help get rid of such a danger.

  • Impetuous – Stekla (or plexiglass visor) have a coating that is noticeable only in frost in several dozen degrees. In case of severe frosts there are double glasses.

Among other signs complicating the classification by type, highlight the form of lenses, shade for specific weather and time of day.


Lens color is selected based on the style and conditions of the route.

  1. Yellow, pink, purple, orange lenses Suitable with fog, snowfall and cloudy days. Sharpness and clarity increase due to which the shadow and contours are found from afar.

  2. Golden and Gray Colors – Suitable for sunny weather.

  3. Mirror – save from unnecessary glare, delaying a significant part of the bright “reflecting”.

  4. Green and silver raise sharpness during dispersion.

  5. Bronze – Suitable for evening routes, in the conditions of morning twilight.

  6. Colorless – for night routes, cloudy weather.

If not found, for example, green, then yellow and blue, connected, will give a pronounced green shade.

Only transferring brands is not enough, but the top 10 rating consists following:

  • Oakley+

  • Smith Optics+

  • Scott+

  • Dragon+

  • Anon+

  • Julbo+

  • Bolle+

  • Salice+

  • Roxy+

  • Uvex.

Some models truly manifested themselves as follows.

  • Oakley A-Frame 2.0. Prizm spherical visor technology, anti-step layer coating, protect from UV and blue rays, from which eyes are very tired. Double ventilation. Ribbed contains french and fleece. Filters – from polycarbonate. Compatibility with most models of helmets.

  • Oakley O2 XM. Cylindrical lenses. Frost-resistant nylon. Antipal, ventilation, unsubstantial windows. Three layers of fleece, discharge excess moisture from the skin of the face. Clear image – regardless of the surveillance angle. Extra place for other points (with diopters).

  • Dragon DXS FW16. Mini-glasses with double cylindrical lenses and anti-human visor. Two-layer foam with fleece – a comfort rate when wearing. Adjustable strap. Suitable for anyone.

  • Dragon Rogue FW17. Optical correctness of lenses guaranteed. Anti-UV layer, unsuitable glasses.

  • Smith Knowledge Otg. Large dimensions. Polycarbonate cylindrical lenses. Replacing the filter. “Fog of Anti-Fog”. Maximum correct observation. The strap is configured in length, has a silicone layer. Enhanced with a helmet and glasses for vision correction.

  • BOLLE CARVE SNOW GOGGLES. Double lenses, double lining. Ventilation. Unappropriate stalk.

  • Salice 962ACRXF Black. While folding. Polycarbonate – lenses themselves are made of it. Ventilation, customized strap length, plastic frame.

This list is not final, there are dozens of other models. High-quality products should not have false lenses, they also have protection against UV rays, scratches, which is necessary for a specific weather light filter.

How to choose snowboard glasses?

The factors for which should be paid attention to by choosing a high-quality ski mask, consist in the following.

  1. Availability of full protection against UV. The rays of this spectrum have not yet benefited.

  2. Comfortable frame – glasses should not pinch the nose, completely closing the forehead. There are no cracks.

  3. Wide-angle overview give glasses without frames, with a spherical visor.

  4. If the snowboarder carries dioptre glasses, then Mask must be spacious.

  5. Rubbing Must be flexible.

  6. Ventilation Located on the side. Fabric cover protects the eyes of a snowboarder from the ice wind.

  7. “Fighting” Improves review range.

  8. The strapping should not hang. The strap must be not sliding.

All these features of choice operate for male and female glasses equally.

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