Choose walking skates

Choose walking skates

Ice skates are chosen based on personal preferences. Someone loves to drive chairs, someone, on the contrary, to ride calmly, getting tremendous pleasure.

Most recently, ice skates were considered professional sports equipment and produced exclusively for hockey players and skaters. To date, many love to spend their weekend with family or friends on the rink. For this, walking skates were invented, which differ significantly from professional. They are more similar to ordinary rollers.

Features and manufacturing materials

Pleasure skates are designed for amateur ice riding, they will not suit some tricks. A feature of the children’s line of walking skates is that they are produced with double rods that reduce the likelihood of falling. There is also a separate line of sliding skates, the size of which can be changed if necessary, so they are considered the most profitable.

The cost of pleasure models is an order of magnitude lower than professional, this is due to the fact that the materials used to produce the first, cheaper.

  1. Combined synthetic material. Consists of a different type of fiber, thanks to which the products are durable and wear-resistant.
  2. Pure synthetics. Well keeps the form and keeps warm.
  3. Ecocient. Soft material, not too well holding heat. Poor quality leathesum quickly loses its attractive appearance.

Inside, pleasure models are covered with artificial fur, synthetic or natural cloth.

For the manufacture of blades, three types of steel are used.

  1. Stainless. Consists of chromium impurities. Inexpensive material with quite high corrosion resistance, but less solid than alloy steel.
  2. Alloyed. Consists of chromium impurities, manganese, nickel. Is a material with a high strength indicator, but more susceptible to rust.
  3. High carbon steel. Used for expensive models, has better wear resistance.

Models with teeth and without them. Teeth in pleasure models are less common and higher, so they exclude the possibility of clinging for ice.

A wide dimension row coincides with the sizes of everyday shoes, it is done for comfortable ice skating.

Release models with different levels of hardness. The hard skates, these cost will be more expensive, since the high hardness of the skates allows you to perform complex tricks.

Stiffness is taken into account in order to avoid possible injuries and stretching.

Soft are suitable for beginners, mastering the basic slip on the ice. The average model of the model can be used as a pleasure option, and as equipped for people who professionally deal with light-style figure skating.

The most rigid models choose professional skaters to perform complex elements during their speeches.

Molding Methods – Lace, Lapcro, Micrometer Clip.

Pros and cons

The walking skates every year are gaining more and more popularity, it is due to the fact that they are much more comfortable for those who are engaged in amateur riding, besides much cheaper than professional analogues.

Advantages of pleasure models:

  • comfortable and soft, the leg in them feels approximately to ordinary shoes+
  • they can ride and on closed ice surfaces, and in the open sky+
  • Thanks to the inner warming, the leg in them will not frown at all+
  • Some children’s models have double blades to reduce the risk of falling+
  • availability of sliding models, which is convenient for children, as they grow rapidly+
  • Some models are insulated with a special boot, which can be easily delivered and wrapped.

Disadvantages of pleasure models:

  • the inability to make sophisticated ice tricks+
  • Pleasure skates weakly wrapped out the leg due to the soft material, which is used in their manufacture+
  • Models with low price quickly wear out and lose their protective functions.

The modern ice rod market will delight you with a wide selection of models: for walking, hockey players, professional skaters. You can not decide, walking skates of which manufacturer are the best? We offer you an overview of several walking models that are included in the top of the most popular ice skates of this type.

  • Women’s walking skates Nordway Vita. Artificial leather model with stainless steel blade from the Norwegian manufacturer. Provides for the presence of anatomical inserts and the caliper of the ankle. On the leg is fixed using the lacing.

  • Skates graf Chamonix. The model of synthetic leather is designed specifically for lovers, has an original design. Available in several options: for children, adolescents and women. Easy sole is made of durable plastic, inside the skates are decorated with a material discharged moisture.

  • Pleasure skates X-Match. Bright model with backlit, designed specifically for children and adolescents. Equipped with sliding adjustable mechanism. The boot is made of composite plastic with reinforced toe, blade – stainless steel. Warmed by Coolmax lining. Fastening – Buckly, Belt and Lace.

  • Men’s skates for walking Bauer React SR. Lightweight amateur model with carbon steel blades. Equipped with soft interior trim, comfortable lacing and velcro for durable foot fixing. The perfect option for amateur skating both in open areas and closed.

  • Pleasure skates Reebok Athletic 6 Jr. Teenage Model for Stylish Girls. Inside insulated with artificial fur, thanks to which the leg will always be warm. Clasp – lacing with two top hooks for fixation. The blade is made of high carbon steel with excellent strength indicator.

Criterias of choice

In order to choose high-quality and comfortable walking skates, you need to consider several important nuances.

  1. It is better to choose the walking skates of medium hardness. Fans have hard models will cause discomfort while driving. To understand what stiffness of the skates, you must squeeze the top. If the material is compressed – soft, if under the influence of force they do not change their form – tough.
  2. Before buying, be sure to try skates. Firmly lace them and drink a couple of minutes. Skates should not crush or cause discomfort, but also should not sit on the leg.
  3. Some models are released with additional insulation – a booze that can be easily pulled out and dried.
  4. For better stability, choose models with a large radius of the blade curvature.
  5. If you are not going to twist pyruets and perform complex elements on the ice, blades choose without teeth.
  6. If the question is not worth the price, you should give preference to walking skates with high carbon steel blade.
  7. Type of fastening Choose based on personal preferences.
  8. For high comfort, you can purchase a model with anatomical inserts from synthetic foam.

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