Choosing a children’s ski helmet

Choosing a children's ski helmet

Active winter holiday with the whole family is great leisure and health benefits. Planning a trip to the ski resort with children, it is important to take care of their equipment.

The most important for the safety of a child when skiing or snowboarding will play a helmet, so you need to know all the nuances of the choice and the features of this protective device for children.


Ski family skiing needs to be prepared correctly, having thought out the equipment of adults and children.

In addition to high-quality and colorful ski suits and good shoes, you need to lie in the selection of skis and helmet.

In ski resorts, there is often a large selection of skis for rent, so they can not be purchased, but the helmet is better to have its own, given all the features of the child.

Helmet for the mountain ski should protect the baby’s head in any situation, because it needs to be seen seriously and responsibly. This gear consists of several parts.

  • Frame – Durable external element made of plastic or polycarbonate. Able to withstand shocks and dispel the strength of impact over the entire area, which minimizes discomfort.
  • Soft inside – It is created from high-quality and harmless polystyrene foam or polypropylene foam, which protects the head from injury when drops.
  • Soft lining – Created with a soft porous fabric, allowing air to enter the helmet. Riding with such a lining is much more pleasant and more convenient.

Children’s ski helmet is created taking into account the characteristics of the child’s head, has a large color variety, only high-quality and safe materials are used in the paper.

Choosing a helmet, it is worth paying attention not to design, but on the size of the product. There are such options:

  • small, suitable for girth of head to 55 centimeters+
  • Medium, you can use for a child with head girth to 57 cm+
  • Big, bought for a young athlete with head girth to 61 cm+
  • Very large, you can use for those whose scums of the head is 64 cm.

The size is selected based on the sizes of the head, which can be found using a flexible centimeter or rope and ruler.

Review manufacturers

To buy a good ski helmet for children, it is worth considering products of well-known and popular brands that have proven themselves in the market and have high demand and rating.

From the most famous manufacturers worth noting HEAD and SALOMON. Their goods have a high cost, but are equipped with the most modern technologies and are distinguished by high quality.

Popular goods from the average price category are Wed’ze, Termit and Atom helmets. Equipment has a beautiful design, good quality and optimal cost.

Among the most popular models can be distinguished by several options.

  • Scott Keeper 2 Black / Red – Suitable for children and adolescents, can be used on ski slopes and to ride on a snowboard. Released by Scott Sports. In-Mold system is used to protect the head, in addition, it is possible to adjust the product relative to the child’s head due to JRAS FIT technology. Helmet is equipped with passive ventilation, which allows air to freely and fully circulate in the product.

  • Alpina Carat Le Visor Hm Charcoal / Neon Matt – This option is equipped with a visor. Helmet with such an element is more convenient and safe. Ventilation provides optimal comfort during riding. You can adjust the helmet very quickly thanks to the RUN SYSTEM CLASSIC system. An additional element is a button that locks the helmet without allowing it to fly from the child’s head.

Baby helmets can be of different sizes, with different designs, with hard, soft or removable ears. Large variability allows you to choose the most optimal type of equipment.

Additional accessories

Picking up a ski helmet to a child, it is worth assessing both additional functions, and accessories provided by the manufacturer.

  • Ability to adjust the size – Due to the presence of such a function, you can wear a helmet so that it is most tight and conveniently sitting on my head.
  • Ventilation – Maybe active and passive. The passive version does not allow you to adjust air flow, active ventilation allows you to adjust the product for yourself.
  • Potted – Provides protection of the face and eye into windy and snowy weather+
  • Mask mount loop – So that the child does not lose the mask, it can be fixed on the helmet.
  • Availability of removable “ears” – Depending on the weather, you can put and remove special compartments for the ears, which are protected in cold weather.
  • The presence of a removable lining – This accessory is used as a handlemaker, helping well fix the helmet on the child’s head.
  • Headphones – Special headset that is connected with the phone and allows you to play music right in the helmet.
  • Case – Used as a fabric, allows you to conveniently transfer the helmet.

The hat under the helmet is not put on, so correctly selected accessories allow you to feel comfortable in any weather.

How to choose?

To pick up a ski helmet to a child or adolescence, it is important to know all the nuances of this procedure.

  • Helmet should sit tightly on the head. It is very important to correctly determine the size of the product, measuring the baby’s head.
  • You can buy equipment only in the presence of a child, having experienced several options and choosing the best price and quality.
  • Picking up the optimal helmet, you need to wear immediately and glasses so that the child is convenient in all equipment.
  • It is necessary to give the opportunity to young athlete to choose the design of the helmet, which he soul.

Choosing between the famous brand and the firm that no one has yet to hear, it is better to trust the proven manufacturer than to risk the safety of children on the mountain slopes.

Little-known firms can use low-quality raw materials, not able to cope with high load.

It is very important not to buy a helmet for a growing helmet – this protective inventory should most closely fit to the head to protect in any situation. In another case, the outcome of non-accurate riding can be adverse.

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