Entrance to Montenegro: What are the rules and whether the Viza is needed by the Russians?

Entrance to Montenegro: What are the rules and whether the Viza is needed by the Russians?

The countries of the Balkan Peninsula are somewhat different from most other European states in the sense that their visa policy may vary quite often. Take the same Montenegro – not so long ago she wanted to enter the number of Schengen countries, but then changed his mind and decided to focus on the needs of tourists who do not want any unnecessary visa procedures. Considering that for many of our fellow citizens, this country is very interesting as a vacation venue, it is worth in detail how to legally get into this country.

Rules for visiting the country

For citizens of Russia and other states, Montenegro puts forward the same rules of visiting as any other abroad. First of all, a foreign passport is needed, whose time has not yet expired, but you can not receive a visa with a short-term visit, in general. The return ticket is almost always checked by border guards, be prepared to present it. Children need to enter either with both parents or with a notarized resolution of one of them (either both) that a person is not against the departure of the child from the country.

An animals for crossing the border, a veterinary passport is necessary and documentation confirming timely vaccination, while chipping in the list of mandatory requirements is not included. Most tourists arrive in Montenegro through Podgorica and Tivat airports, but if you arrived by car, We need a driver’s license of an international or Russian sample, as well as international insurance.

Border guards are sometimes asked to show the hotel reservation or tourist voucher, but a visa-free traveler entering no more than 30 days, such requirements are usually not allowed.

It should be noted from unusual that Montenegro as most cafes: local border guards are disapprovingly treat attempts to bring in the country any food. If suddenly you are going to cross the border in one way or another with any historical values, you will have to pre-receive a special permission from local authorities.

But for cash in cash, this country, unlike many others, does not impose restrictions – arrive at least with a suitcase. Like many other states, Montenegro does not allow a large number of excisable goods from abroad from abroad. From alcoholic beverages as a gift you can bring no more than a liter of something strong, for the fault the pervolored volume is increased to two liters. Smokers can carry with them a maximum of 200 cigarettes per person, for cigars the limit are 50 pieces per adult.

Visa conditions

Since 2008, a simplified visa regime has been working for citizens of the Russian Federation in Montenegro, which allows visa-free entry to 30 days. Since the absolute majority of compatriots arrives in this small country solely to relax a week or two, For Russians who arrive here in a short vacation, you do not need to issue a visa.

That is why Montenegro can be called the optimal direction for the “burning” tickets – with a minimum of formalities, you can get together in the shortest possible time and go on a trip.

Another thing that sometimes I want to stay in the country a little longer, and then the visa should still have to do. Please note that, by local rules, no one looks at the entrance and departure, because you are actually not 30 days, namely 30 calendar days. If you arrived at 23.59 local time, arrival day you count, as well as the day of departure, if you went at least one minute of the first.

For citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan, as well as for Russian tourists, when traveling up to 30 days, a visa is not required – registration in a simplified form is carried out at the entrance to the country. Citizens of Ukraine in this regard are even easier – for them a visa-free entry is allowed for up to 90 days.

It is fundamentally important that a visa-free entry in previous years worked not year-round, but only during the tourist season. Chernogorsk authorities themselves determine when it starts and ends, but usually it lasts about mid-April to the end of October. In winter, the visa will need, even if you arrived literally on the weekend.

Registration of tourists

Montenegro – the country is small, you can drive it from the edge to the edge in the clock, because you should get from the airport to the point of destination. There is a rule that During the day, after arrival, a citizen of any other country must be in the local municipality (or even in the police station) and register in local authorities.

This is done not only for the authorities to be easier to follow the order, but also for the collection of tourist tax. Every municipality independently determines how much you have to pay for your stay here, but current prices do not exceed the amounts of 1 euro per day.

Registration is carried out by filling in a special form for foreigners. In Montenegro, there are so many tourists from the post-Soviet space, which is especially for them all the information on the form is duplicated in Russian, so you will not need a translator. If everything is in order, the official will give you the so-called white cardboard – a special card that confirms the legality of your stay in the state.

Ride more than 30 days

If you initially know that the term of your stay in the country will definitely exceed 30 days, it makes sense to immediately submit documents for registration of one of the visas – about the types of visa documentation for entering Montenegro, it will be going below. However, there are other ways to solve the problem. Suppose you planned to relax in Montenegro for more than a month, but you suddenly liked the fabulously, and you do not want to go home – especially if the circumstances allow.

Given the tiny sizes of the country, the most reasonable way to extend your stay here – briefly get out of the border. It turns out that you left the country, and when you return to your passport, they put a new stamp, and 30 days begin to counted.

At the same time, even with such a cunning approach, you can be visible in the country no longer than 90 days a year, so there will still be no one for months to live here without a visa.

If we consider neighboring countries in terms of convenience for “visa-wounds” (so-called short-term departure from the country in order to reset the period of stay here), then the most convenient destination is commonly called Croatia – at least if you have a reusable Schengen visa. This country is good as well as here from Montenegro are organized regular excursions, and to get into it from the Adriatic coast is easy.

At the same time, with trips to other neighbors, the situation is usually not the worse, just excursions and organized trips are not so much. For example, in Bosnia and Herzegovina or Serbia, you can enter the same 30 days to enter visually, however, the borders are lying away from the sea coast, because it is not always convenient for beach tourists. Convenience, however, is that such rules of entry are year-round, because these countries are not marine resorts.

As for Albania, lying south along the coast of the Adriatic, then for Russians the rules of entry are about the same as in the Montenegro itself.

From all neighbors Montenegro the most difficult of all citizens of post-Soviet states to get into partly recognized Kosovo, since this is where everyone needs visas. Considering that these countries do not recognize the independence of Kosovo, there are no embassies of this country, because a visa can be issued on the border at the entrance. However, there is one problem: there is no clearly established rules for obtaining visa permission anywhere, and therefore unpleasant surprises are not excluded. True, many tourists note that with an open Schengen visa in Kosovo you should let you in.

Obtaining a visa

To travel to Montenegro, you can get a visa of one of the four categories, and the cost will vary depending on the category.


Immediately, let’s say that the two first categories of those described are not needed by anyone of citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan, Since visa-free driving conditions for owners of such passports suggest a longer stay in the country.

  • BUT – The simplest category, it is relatively rare and, in general, is issued only for those guests who use Chernogorsk International Airports in Podgorica or Tivat for transit to another country. With such a document, you can really be in the country, because it does not even give the right to get out of the airport – you just got out of one aircraft and waiting for transplants on the spot.

  • IN – already a little more serious, it is also a purely transit document, but it allows you to cross the country with any convenient way. Such a document may be appropriate if you are traveling, it allows you to be in Montenegro for 5 days, and since the country is very small, and you can drive it for three hours, it gives you the opportunity to look around.

  • WITH – The most popular Chernogorsk visa category, designed for those tourists who initially plan a trip for a period of more than 30 days and do not want to count up time not to miss the moment for “Visa-RAS”. Get it, and you can be in the state of 90 days in a row, without leaving anywhere. There is a document during the year, the extension procedure is not provided – if necessary, simply apply for a visa again.

  • D – The most serious category of permission, his issuance is assumed only if you call serious grounds for a long stay in Montenegro. As valid reasons, you can call work, study or treatment, as well as participation in various humanitarian programs or family reunification, whose members have Chernogorsk citizenship.

Other purposes are also possible, but they will be considered individually. Category D In the future, it can be the basis for qualifying for a residence permit.

Please note that Montenegro is not included in the Schengen zone, because Her national visa does not allow to enter where Schengen operates.

What documents are needed?

Consular institutions of Montenegro on the territory of the post-Soviet space usually draw only a visa category with that, as a rule, fully meets the needs of the Middle Domestic Visitors to this country. To obtain permission to entry, collect a package of documents, about each of which will talk to the discussion of parts.

Passport for trips abroad, including in Montenegro, is necessary. If you want to get a Chernogorsk tourist visa, your document must correspond to two main criteria: it should be two empty pages in it, and another period of its action should be distributed not only for the trip, but also three months after its planned completion. For filing you need to prepare a copy of the first page.

In addition, it is necessary to fill in a special questionnaire with standard questions for entering a particular country. Blanc is issued in the consular department, but in general it can be found on the Internet and print yourself. The marked fields are mandatory to fill, data is usually allowed both in English and in Russian. Any error or correction can make such a document invalid, so we will refill responsibly.

If you are going for a period of more than a month, the staff of the embassy, ​​like the border guards, may arise a lawsager question about where you are planning to live all this time. When submitting documents for a visa It is necessary to submit evidence that in Montenegro waiting for you. A tourist voucher with a prescribed place of stay, confirmation of the reservation from the hotel or hostel, an invitation from a resident of Montenegro, or a housing rental agreement with someone from the local.

If you yourself are the owner of housing in this country, provide relevant documentation.

Like many European countries, Montenegro nominates certain requirements regarding financial support for entering tourists. Compared to other states here, rates are relatively modest – On one adult, 20 euros per day, the budget of children is not interested at all.

Prove that you have the facilities, the easiest way to help the bank, as an alternative, may be a certificate from work or documentary evidence that you are going to visit, and the receiving party takes all the wretches.

In addition, copies of tickets and back (especially back) or documents confirming the reservation are also required. Supplement package of documentation Two color photographs 3 by 4 cm and a written application for the desire to get permission to enter.

Montenegro does not require compulsory medical insurance from entering the country, but the question of its presence is at least considering. First of all, during a multi-week stay in the country, the likelihood of appeal to the doctor is not excluded, and so its services will be paid. In addition, the presence of an insurance policy once again proves the staff of the embassy that you are honest, and hardly create local problems, because the probability of obtaining a visa will increase.

General algorithm of action

If you decide to design a visa yourself, you should arrive in the Montenegrin Embassy in full, all those who are going to go to the country, although for minors (up to 14 years) personal presence is optional. The feed is carried out at least 14 days before the start of the trip, but not earlier than 30 days, somehow register in advance whether it is possible – the queue is living.

Experienced people advise coming in advance, since the reception of documents is carried out in total three times a week and a half hours, and you can simply do not have time. The situation is complicated by the fact that the little Montenegro has the embassy far from everywhere, because in line to the embassy in Moscow, citizens of other post-Soviet countries can stand.

There will be an average of about two weeks to make a visa, something like an urgent design does not offer. You can get a passport there, that is, in the embassy. To find out whether documents are ready and you can pick them up, you should call them to a special number you find on the site embassy.

note that Visa is not free – consular fee from one adult is 62 euros, for citizens up to 14 years old, it is reduced to 32 euros. The big advantage is that payment is carried out purely after receiving the finished visa, that is, in case of failure, you do not pay anything. It is important to know that payment is accepted only in the euro, the equivalent in another currency will not be able to settle.

In order not to go specifically to the embassy, ​​you can try to arrange a Chernogorsk visa through a travel agency or visa centers working in the city of accommodation of a potential tourist. Package of documents is better to collect similar to what is required for filing to the embassy, ​​because without it, no matter how cool, it will not all like. At the same time, each such institution independently determines the cost of its services – except for the road, then costs, of course, will cost more than just payment of the consular fee.

Causes of refusal

Like any hospitable tourist country, Montenegro tries not to deny potential guests in the entrance. Most often, there will be no problems with obtaining a visa, however, in some cases, citizens still denied permission to enter. According to the international practice, the consular institution has the right to not explain the reason for the refusal. At the same time, deciding to submit a package of documents again, once again check the presence of the following interference:

  • All documents must be legal and operating, incompatibility in writing names and other similar blots can cause doubts from the Consul+
  • Any targeted deception of embassy staff, if such is revealed, is the reason for refusing to enter+
  • To previously convicted people, many consular institutions relate to some suspicion, if you also “forgot to mention” such a fact of biography, it will cause a bunch of unnecessary suspicion+
  • specific behavior bordering inadequate, also will not help get a visa+
  • All mandatory vaccinations must be made in a timely manner and have a documentary confirmation, otherwise you will not be lit in Montenegro for a long time.

Traveling with children

Montenegro is perfect for family holidays, because many of our compatriots go here with children. According to the rules, children include any minor citizens under the age of 14. In principle, if the whole family goes on vacation, there will be no special difficulties with the entrance – the child even does not necessarily declare their own passport if he entered the passport of one of the parents.

If the child in the “adult” document does not appear, he will have to make his own document.

When only one of the parents go with the child, you will need notarized confirmation that the second of the parents has nothing against the fact that the child is taken out of the country. If the children for some reason are routing themselves or accompanied by people who are not parents, the corresponding permission is needed from the mother, and from the Father. The last rule applies to completely any “outsiders” people, even if it is not just a coach or educator, but even grandpa with grandfather or aunt with uncle.

About how to properly overstavie a visa on the entry of Montenegro, see the following video.

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