Features of children’s snowboards

Features of children's snowboards

Snowboard can be called an exciting sport not only for adults, but also for children. And if you think about whether your child should become on the board, and how to choose the right equipment, you will need to study a number of recommendations and features of equipment for children.

From what age you can ride?

Children’s snowboard causes elevated interest among parents. And if earlier it became on the board from 8-9 years, then Today, training can be started even from 3 years, of course, there will be special equipment for such riders. Inventory for such age has its own characteristics that it is important to take into account. The board reminds the standard product, it has the front and rear parts, and there is a drawing torso.

The design is made in such a way that Little athlete will be able to learn how to keep balance and balance, as well as feel slip to control it.

If you want your children able to relax in the mountains with you, and they have reached a three-year-old age, you can safely consider the beasts that are presented in a wide range.

Pros and cons

You can say with confidence that Snowboard has its advantages. First of all, the child will train stamina, classes will help develop muscles, which positively affects the health of the back, beautiful posture and excellent well-being. Sport strengthens the cardiovascular system, train the vestibular apparatus and improves coordination, and if you start with a small age, your child will grow healthy. In addition, extreme types of disciplines form a strong character and open many opportunities for the future career.

As for the shortcomings of snowboarding for children, we are talking about risk of high speed, dangerous jumps and steep relief that fraught with frequent injuries. However, this can be avoided if you start with a small and move from simple to complex. In addition, no child is insured against drops even without a snowboard, and various elements of equipment in the form of accessories are intended to protect.

Review of species

There are many varieties of equipment for a beginner snowboarder. Products have their own characteristics and distinctive characteristics, moreover, this allows you to choose equipment under certain requirements. Brands provide a wide range with the most different parameters and the desired characteristics.

For newbies

The boards called the CEP are in great demand from novice athletes. Such a border is hard, but at the same time light, so you can start with it. It is important to take into account that the product is not so durable and does not tolerate overload. Sandwiches are already more flexible, their design refers to medium gravity, they are able to withstand the load.

Snow scooters are equipped with a folding steering wheel, and they are designed for the smallest. Children can not keep equilibrium on the board, so the presence of a handle from the equipment will facilitate the task. On this agent, you can descend not only in the winter from the slide, it is suitable for riding on the grass. This is a kind of snow scooter, which has excellent quality, durability and reliability. The main feature of the design is a curved form, which will allow maneuvering, and the steering wheel is needed to control the balance and direction.

For freestyle

Such models are often hybrid, as they are combined with CEP and Sandwich. Equipment can be easily learned to manage, it is great for performing different tricks.


This option is already intended for adolescents who have learned to control the body and know how to properly control the board. Models for slalom are suitable for experienced riders who prefer high-speed descents. As for the jumps, for such tricks, the board will not fit.


This is the toughest board, which perfectly demonstrates its characteristics on the soft snow. Bord has a swept nose, designed for adolescents, as it is somewhat longer than previous units.

Types of fasteners on boards

The design of the mount includes a flat base, a backdrop, which fixes the boot, and belts. Footwear to equipment can be attached in different ways. If it is a lightweight attachment model, it is suitable for the same shoes. You need to fix to the backdrop using belts. Rigid products are two strips between which the leg is installed.

Manufacturers also offer Step-level varieties: Step-in is triggered by contact athlete with a board, and it is expensive mount, and Step-in-Go consists of the top and bottom back, which fits the leg tightly.

Reliability of attachment directly affects the safety of the child during riding, so you need to choose carefully, based on the technique of an athlete and its abilities. The main task of the device is to securely fix the leg on the board, while the shoes are removed and wear enough. A safe option for a beginner rider will be fastening with anterior fastener and heel, which are firmly held while driving.

Best models

There is a rich assortment of equipment for small snowboarders on the market, so everyone has the ability to choose personal requirements and a number of technical specifications. Burton equipment equipment is in great demand, which produces children’s boards. With this equipment, the child will be able to master the technique, learn the tricks, control the speed and avoid injury. The manufacturer invented the technology of the convex sliding surface. Boards are made in such a way that the athlete can feel the balance. For the core, natural wood is used, which improves the strength and flexibility rate. And for stiffness added fiberglass.

The representative of the children’s series is Burton Chopper, which has a flat base of deflection, symmetry and excellent stiffness. With such a border, not only stability is ensured, but also excellent maneuverability. Early nose lifting, so the equipment is suitable even for deep snow. Wood core has durability and ease, additional flexibility provides fiberglass.

The MICRON Magic model was designed for active novice athletes who wish to become professionals. On such a board it is easy to turn and make the first jumps, it has low rigidity, so it will be possible to control a snowboard without much effort. The manufacturer used the basic design of the Sandwich from high-class materials. The top layer is made of innovative material that absorbs unwanted vibrations. Genuine wood core determines the ease and sufficient boards flexibility. Skolzayak perfectly absorbs paraffin, between mortgages – classic deflection. For novice riders, this is a great option.

The next listed line was the BF Techno Smalls line, created for kids, it includes Techno Smalls and Little Lady. Each product has a flat deflection and symmetric geometry. The board is perfectly connected with the slope, it has low rigidity, so minimizes the risk of falls on uneven slopes.

For boys there is an excellent model of Micron Prosper. The main features include a classic sandwich in basic design, high-quality coating, minimizing unwanted vibrations, durable Slisy. If you are looking for an optimal rack and just start to explore the sport, you can view this position.

Universal is considered a model from Jones Prodigy. This is a new product product, it can be easily learned to basic rolling rules. Equipment made of durable and reliable materials. Geometry consists of raised Kants from the nose side and tail, so riding in any conditions will be smooth and smooth. Thanks to the Camrock brack, a beginner athlete will be able to hold the speed and will not get stuck in the loose snow. Such a board is suitable for freestyle and freeride.

It should be noted that children’s snowboards can go with a rope so that parents can, if necessary, can pull a small athlete, helping him. Plastic unit greatly slides on the surface, so often for beginners – this is the best chalkboard option.

How to choose snowboard?

The answer to this question arises from each parent, the selection must be done weigly, paying attention to all the details, it will help to find equipment with which it will be easy and safe to engage in winter sports. At the same time, parameters such as growth, weight, style, and even skating levels are taken into account. It does not matter, it’s about a teenager or a child for 3 years, It is necessary to study all the technical characteristics of the equipment. The following recommendations will help you choose a snowboard for any shoes for a girl or boy.

Negone to neglect the growth, besides, the children grow very quickly, so the board will have to change every season, but to save, experts advise to take 10 cm less athlete growth. You can use a convenient table in which all parameters are described in detail. If the child has a standard build, The length of the board must be 15 cm less growth, but for large children it is better to take longer than 5 cm. It is necessary so that weight is correctly distributed during riding.

As for the criteria for choosing a boards on width, there are no special rules, But tight beasts to manage much easier, Especially if the child is just starting to use equipment. Make sure the stop does not protrude beyond the edges, as it can touch the snow, and the slide will be difficult. The shape of the board should be chosen based on the ski technology, adolescents are most often suitable for CEP, the same refers to sandwiches, but the hybrid are perfect for beginner athletes.

Each board has its own rigidity indicator that plays an important role, it is not so easy to ride on hard boards, as they quickly gain speed and fit for maneuverability. Children will need a softer material, for example, plastic, it will allow you to manage safely – it’s easy to learn how to perform simple tricks. Such boards have an excellent sliding surface.

As for the mass of the board, of course, a heavy board, a child can not be worn, the average equipment weighs no more than 2 kg, so for small athletes this option is most appropriate. Your attention is offered a useful table, which takes into account the growth and weight of the child, as well as the parameters of the equipment that are suitable for them.

Growth, see

Weight, kg

Board length, see



Less than 80































As you can see, choose a board for a child 3, 4, 6, 7 or 11, 12 years old is very simple, because often in children of a certain age the same growth parameters and weights for rare exceptions. Bord size depends on body weight and other features of the future athlete.

Selection of equipment and accessories

Do one snowboard will not work, it is important to collect full equipment so that the child is equipped with everything you need. In the market of ski products, a wide range of accessories will be offered, which will allow you to make training safe and more comfortable. For example, if you are going to buy a board, look for her high-quality storage and transportation case. The product must be made of durable material that maintains mechanical loads and corresponds to the beard of the parameters. Some such bags are able to accommodate even two board, and sometimes boots with a sports form. The top layer of the cover should be from water-repellent material or impregnation.

Boots are an important component of the rider, they must correspond to the size of the legs and approach the fastening system. Make sure the product is made of impact-resistant material, and inside the legs will not be frozen nor foggy. So it is about children, of course, it is important to ensure safety and protection against injuries, for this there are useful accessories. You can not do without knees who have plastic inserts to mitigate shock during falls. This part of the equipment is offered in different versions. Some knee pads are tied at the back, and they are not so reliable as those that are produced in the form of stockings.

Protection of the chin, purchase a helmet together with a special aluminum arc. An important spare part of the boarding system is a comb. It is made of durable flexible plastic and is required for fixing locks-beams. Make sure it keeps its elasticity in the cold. Before you start a snowboard classes, prepare a complete equipment that includes not only the boards with shoes, but also comfortable clothes, protective elements in the form of elbows, knee pads and helmets. Now you know much more about children’s boards for skiing, their varieties and principles of choice.

How to choose a snowboard and clothes for a child, look in the following video.

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