Features of immigration in Montenegro

Features of immigration in Montenegro

With all potential advantages of Russia, life in it does not suit. There is sometimes a question about moving to other countries. And therefore it is useful to consider all the nuances, for example, for resettlement in Montenegro.

Pros and cons of moving

Getting acquainted with the conditions of immigration in Montenegro, many admire their ease. It is impossible to compare the requirements of local authorities with the position of the Government of Thailand and a number of other states where very tough conditions for immigrants are presented. But before making a final decision, it is necessary to thoroughly examine all the subtleties and nuances. The first dignity of the resettlement in Montenegro is already named – this is not too high plank requirements.

Easy to obtain a residence permit is no doubt.

However, it is worth considering that Transition from residence permit to permanent permanent difficult. Only a little manage to overcome this step. If you do not concentrate on legal issues, then among the advantages of Montenegro, the relative simplicity of the language should be called. He is close to Slavic, and quite a lot can be understood even without translation. Although it should not absolutize this moment.

Further, Christian culture prevails among the local population. This simplifies the search for mutual understanding. An undoubted advantage of the resettlement in Montenegro can also be considered also the exceptional beauty of the country. No photos and videos are capable of passing it completely. Elegant mountains and fruits, azure sea and clouds.

In this country is extremely calm and quiet. Only occasionally come news that someone is killed somewhere. But conflicts are peculiar to local residents. The main thing is not to enter into these quarrels, and then nothing to threatens will. And in Montenegro, the Russian-speaking diaspora is very developed. She interacts well among themselves. Meetings are held every year.

Baby gardens and circles for general development. Broadcasts “Russian Radio”. All this allowed some people to even argue that Montenegro – almost a branch of paradise on the globe.

However, the practice shows that there is also their cons. Living in the country itself for a long time (at least a few months) invariably discover them. Chernogorsk territory is relatively small and city are also not too significant. Only in the capital the number of inhabitants exceeds 20 thousand people. Buy complex new technique is very hard, almost always have to go for this into neighboring states. Send electronics to the service, moreover, unofficial, you can only in Podgorica.

Life here flows slowly and measured. For people who are configured to be all the time “in the vortex of light,” it can deliver many emotional inconveniences. And even those who want to be more likely to be alone will face slowness and non-historicalness of local residents. All work and services they do not perform too fast.

Health quality is also questionable. No, Chernogorsk doctors themselves are not bad. But it is quite common to the situation, when in every city there is only some kind of narrow high-level specialist. Complex diagnosis, the more treatment from any heavy diseases will have to be carried out abroad. Besides, Medical workers are expensive, even if it comes to some little things.

Montenegrins smoke very much. Wherever the immigrants go – to the official institution, a restaurant, hospital, school, or somewhere else, they will have to put up with crushed air. At first it is perceived dyed, but then just people start to appreciate fresh air.

As for the weather, the Chernogorsk winter is not too warm, contrary to popular opinion.If the air temperature drops below zero, the local apocalypse happens.

Freezes the plumbing, often turns off the power supply. Central heating in the coastal zone is not used at all. Local residents drown out houses on wood foci. The vast majority of leased real estate is designed only for tourists. For heating, only air conditioners are used in it, which is clearly not enough.

You can install electrical heaters. But the electricity bills will then shock the imagination. Returning to medicine, it is worth indicating that Doctors try to maximize antibiotics to prevent childhood diseases. Any other means they seem to know. If the health worker finds out that patients have a residence permit and the right of free maintenance, the queue becomes longer than anywhere in Russia.

Doctors do not want to understand even in something that goes beyond their initial circle of interest. If modern drugs for vaccination are recorded in the children’s medapation, then in Montenegro, they simply do not recognize and will not understand that and how to put on. And qualifications “good” not only from doctors. In the first 2 grades of school, teaching is devoted to learning love for nature and the correct transition of the road.

Entertainment sites for children very little even in cities. There is some kind of “provinciality”. Despite the benevolence and lack of aggression, gradually the feeling that is sharply lacking comfort. Prospects for life, especially for the future generation, in Montenegro are very foggy. Many after a few years of immigration have been moving here to other places even there, where much higher crime levels and other problems are growing.

The prospects of accession from the country in the EU is, but they are becoming more vague. Especially now, when many states try to leave the European Union or at least think about it. The average wage in Montenegro – in the area of ​​500 euros. Receiving at least a third more are already recognized here with legal people.

Yes, and a number of professions that are familiar in the Russian Federation, in a small balkan country, simply do not share in demand.

Pretty widespread salary in envelopes. As it is not difficult to understand, it increases it slightly, but reduces the level of social security. But it is impossible to find fault. They cost inexpensively, are very tightly checked and always put on the counter of fresh. As for clothing, then the range is worse, and the prices are higher than in Russia.

Will have to be purchased either in Serbia or in Italy. In addition, until fully integration into the local society, while immigrants are perceived as foreigners, prices will always be overestimated several times. To smooth such an effect, you will have to buy the main part of the goods in supermarkets. True, find them difficult, because markets and minor stores prevail. The size of utility payments is very large, and for the Internet will have to make every month from 20 to 30 euros, even by budget rates.

General rules immigration

As in any other case of emigration from Russia, it is necessary to thoroughly weigh everything for and against. If the decision is made finally, and in favor of Montenegro, then the legislation of this country should be carefully examined. Restor to only acquaintance with the norms regulating migration, unwise. Still have to know and fulfill all the provisions and rules.

To begin with, it should be estimated:

  • What activity will have to lead in a new place+
  • What income will be+
  • In what area and the city will specifically have to move+
  • how much money will have to spend on everyday needs.

For Russians, it is necessary to improve the knowledge of English before moving. It is advisable to master in advance and Montenegrin at least at the base level. It is useful to explore such a question as government immigrant support programs. It’s not so difficult to leave a citizen of Russia, but you still need to find out the situation in the housing market so that the rental or purchase did not become an unbearable burden.

It is important to think about this moment as the sources of income remaining in Russia. It can be bank accounts, promotions, less rated housing and so on.

Russians can not be succumbed to the charm of local flavor during tourist trips. But it is best to do, so it is during the same short-term trips to get acquainted with all the nuances and subtleties. An excellent option for exploring the country as follows – arrival for the longer time, which allows a tourist visa. And one more requirement: when all the information is already collected, it is necessary to think about it again, and then it is finally understood – it is still to move or not.

How to get a residence permit?

According to Chernogorsk legislation, the receipt of the residence permit is possible in such cases:

  • hired job (including seasonal)+
  • Business activities+
  • studies+
  • Internship+
  • treatment+
  • Reunion of families+
  • escape from extreme situations+
  • buying a property.

Issuance of a residence permit, including pensioners, is the prerogative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its structural divisions in the main cities. But for the first time, foreigners can contact consular and other diplomatic structures located in Russia. The basis for which the residence permit must be provided should not be changed before deciding. It is impractical to do it and then when we are talking about the extension of the already existing residence permit. This may make it difficult to achieve the desired period (which is counted every time from scratch).

When the packet of documents is filed, the fact of its provision is confirmed by the certificate. This document writes the date of appeal to receive a residence permit. Such a certificate, foreigners justify the fact that they have already appealed to the authorities, but the decision has not yet been accepted.

Typically, the period is 20 days + in individual cities there are its own rules, and the general order often changes, which requires constantly clarifying all the nuances in the urgent editorial board.

The approval decision is issued by a separate document. It indicates which registration number was awarded the applicant for citizenship. A similar document, but without registration number, issued with a negative solution. On the appeal of him by law 8 days remain. You can complain only directly to the Ministry of the Interior.

Marriage with a foreigner

Under this category, not only foreigners fall into family relations with citizens of the republic, but also members of the family of foreigners who have a residence permit or permanent residence. Family members according to the laws of Montenegro come:

  • spouse+
  • their minor children (including born out of marriage)+
  • juvenile children of one spouse+
  • Adopted children.

Because any of the spouses moved to Montenegro to work or otherwise, the other spouse will receive this status on the fact of reunification. The appeal must be filed personally. For minor and incapacitated legal representatives. It will take to provide a valid passport (overlapping Borvak’s term for 3 months or more). Additionally, the migration authorities will need:

  • photocopy of passport (can be without a notary)+
  • Document of registration+
  • confirmation of the necessary financial security+
  • Confirmation of foreigners with residential premises+
  • Medical Insurance Policy at least 30 days+
  • Payment receipts.

You can confirm the family connection:

  • Evidence of marriage (for foreigners – duplicates and original translations that are supported by the signatures of judicial translators)+
  • Photocopy (including unconfirmed) Certificate of the citizen of Montenegro+
  • Duplicate birth certificate (along with the original text of the translation, fastened by the signature of the responsible person)+
  • From time to time Biometric information (photos, casting fingers and personal signatures).


In this case, the request, along with the applicant itself, must also be submitted by representatives of the economic organization or private entrepreneur. The main list of the required documents is the same as when reunited families. Additionally, you will have to show work permit. It is drawn up in the employment bureau.

Such permission should be issued to a maximum of 5 days before appeal to the migration body.

Invitation can serve any company. These are both Montenegrin firms and organizations belonging to applicants themselves. In this case, Boravak is drawn up for a period of 12 months. Essentially there are no differences from the usual working visa. Open the company in Montenegro, if you provide a certificate about the absence of criminal record, health insurance, education document (confirming).

It will take 5-7 days on the registration of the company, and Boravak is issued in two weeks. In the winter months, the process accelerates. Registration fee is 300 euros. This amount includes government duties, registration of the legal address, opening accounts, registration in tax and other bodies. We still have to pay for the manufacture of seals, for the imputed tax, for the accountant services (the last two expenses are taken into account monthly).

Acquisition of residential real estate

The law approved on April 1, 2015, allows you to receive a residence permit when buying a real estate in Montenegro to 12 months. Extension it is possible without restrictions. But at the same time it must be remembered that the registration of full-fledged citizenship is still impossible. With diligent searches in Montenegro, you can purchase affordable housing. Expenses for payment of utilities and other similar costs there are less than other European countries.


Education in Montenegro is also becoming another good way to immigrate. In a number of curricula, there is no requirement to know the language. Visa does not need. Registration of a residence permit will occur already in the country when a person enters the university. Such a method is suitable for those who do not have the ability to purchase housing + permissions are issued initially for 6-12 months, then they can extend them until the term of study will be completed.

Investment and business

Similar option can be considered the most promising and competent solution. After all, commercial activities, even a trial, already characterizes a person from a certain side, increases its solidity. All other things being equal, it is to prefer the authorities. This is important because There are unambiguous quotas on the number of issued residence.

Leaving the country for more than 30 days, you can encounter cancellation of such status.

You can open a new enterprise for the 2nd day of stay in Montenegro. Therefore, priority is given to those organizations that create jobs in the state. In addition, business requires much greater knowledge of local laws and financial rules than ordinary life. Study Many details are best in place.

The reality of the existence of a firm, as in other countries, is confirmed:

  • hiring people+
  • Rental premises+
  • Buying equipment, consumables, raw materials+
  • Sales of finished products and services+
  • pay taxes and fees.


In the news there are a lot of refugee streams in Europe. As often happens, it is exaggerated. Including because to take a step from forced relocation to full-fledged citizenship. Will have to thoroughly prove its right to receive refugee status.

Political persecution of residents of Russia is almost impossible to prove, and economic foundations are not considered.

Conditions in refugee camps are very bad. Only minimum nutrition and elementary hygiene is supported. It is recommended, including in almost the official level, to search for itself real estate. Interrogation in migration bodies is very difficult, behavior is very carefully evaluated. It is likely that in the coming years, the issuance of refugee status and the subsequent assignment of citizenship will tighten.

Receiving citizenship

When immigration in Montenegro, it is worth remembering that citizenship gives only those who lived in the country for at least 5 years. It is made faster only in several cases:

  • When 3 years there is a family with a citizen of the republic+
  • When a person is recognized as a refugee+
  • When the candidate has a Montenegrin origin+
  • When he is a relative of the Montenegrin citizen or a foreigner already having Chernogorsk citizenship.


The main part of the complaints of immigrants in Montenegro is associated with a bad standard of living. Most often, immigrants from Russia work in the field of tourism, photographers, programmers, freelancers (in the same or other industries). Housing rental costs and utility bills are not too harmful to the personal budget. No need to accumulate large amounts of money. Just think everything is enough.

We must be prepared that when leased real estate charges at once for the first month and the same insurance deposit for the next month. Deposit is not returned almost never, even if all the property is in perfect order. High humidity near the coast requires very carefully checking all the proposed real estate. Infection mold there is a completely ordinary thing.

To emigrate, language must be learned (this is useful for ourselves, and the manifestation of respect for the local population).

Because of the winter rains, despondency may come. But it is enough to go to another area of ​​Montenegro to change the situation. Immigrants pleases the level of security in this country. To open a business, it is recommended to use the services of special agencies. It is possible to achieve success here, the main thing is to think over and act thoughtfully!

About how much money needs to immigrate into Montenegro, look in the video below.

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