Features of rest in Rafailovichi

Features of rest in Rafailovichi

Rafailovichi is a village of resort type. Its territory is small, tourists come mainly here. All conditions have been created here for a comfortable and unforgettable holiday. There are many shops, bars and restaurants in the village. If you go to the resort with children, then there is a lot of hobbies for them in this place.


Rafailovichi is a resort in Montenegro. It is located near Becichi, is located 3 km from the old town of Budva. The village is famous for the beach, which is considered the best in the whole country. Plot of golden sand takes place 2 km around the shores of the Adriatic Sea. People on the embankment attract street vendors and guides.

The resort is very calm, so suitable for vacation with children. You can find accommodation close to the sea. Rafailovichi call the fishermen. Fish fishing season begins in October and ends in May. It is a big center for tourists, which consists of private houses of small size, hotels and hotels. Roofs of houses are presented in different colors. They are close to each other.

About 15 years ago, not a single person lived in this place. Currently in the village a large number of residents. For those who love rest on the sea, Rafailovichi will become a real dream. It is very quiet and calm here, and guests are at the highest level. Beach in Rafailovichi large number. The coast line is divided into small beaches, the length of which is 15 meters.

Entry Almost all the beaches are free, while they do not particularly differ from each other.

Features of climate

The best time for rest is the middle of summer and the beginning of autumn. There is good weather, the temperature of the air reaches up to +30 degrees. During this period of time drops a small amount of precipitation. In Rafailovichi very warm sea. The water temperature reaches +26 degrees. Swim in this sea – one pleasure. Number of sunny days a year – approximately 30.

Air temperature difference in the day for the year is 22 degrees. The climate is very soft due to the fact that there is a sea. The coldest winter month is considered December. The air temperature during this period is only + 9 ° C. The warmer month per year is August. Temperature during this period of time is + 30 ° C. The beach season lasts about half a year – from June to October. Sea temperature for these months can reach up to 27 degrees of heat.

Important! Do not go on a trip to December. During this period, there are a large number of rains in Rafailovich. The largest monthly rate of precipitation reaches 144 mm.

Where to stay?

Many hotels in Rafailovich are on the edge of the beach. It is worth considering the most popular options.

  • Obala Plus Located a few meters from the beach. From the underground corridor stretched to Kamenovo Beach, go exactly 10 minutes. Nearby there is a very large number of restaurants and various cafes. The hotel is located close to the sea level. Employees of the institution are very polite and conscious. The hotel contains 5 floors and more than 96 guestrooms.

  • Hotel La Mer Located on a small distance from the beach. The minus is that there is no parking space on the ground. La Mer is a three-star hotel. The length of the hotel to the sea – approximately 250 meters. To the nearest supermarket to go 50 meters. In the midst of rest here is a huge number of people.

  • Hotel Meduza located 50 meters from the shore. The structure is similar to the mansion. On the first floor there is a bar. Nearby there is a small number of restaurants and supermarkets.

Apartments in Rafailovichi are not very expensive. You can rent housing at an optimal price. Not only hotel rooms, but also a small house houses are rented. They are often surrounded by hydrangeas, and the staff is very polite and conscious. The best of them should be considered.

  • The best option is the apartment complex with Sea View, located in the village of Rafailovichi. This is the circumferential part of Budva. At a distance of 6 km is the city of Budva. From the window you can see the beautiful sea. Building, where apartments are located, built more recently, in 2017. Tourists can take advantage of free Wi-Fi. There is one bedroom and living room in the apartment. It features a flat-screen TV in it. The kitchen has an oven and microwave.

  • Apartment Tanja located at a distance of 50 m from the sea. You can enjoy free internet and kitchen. Services for holidaymakers include air conditioning and TV.

  • Apartment Loft are a 4-minute walk from the sea. They are located in the city of Becici. Tourists can enjoy free internet, air conditioning, TV, kitchen, dishwasher.

  • Apartmani Ilic Apartments Located 5 minutes walk to the sea. They are located in the village of Bichichi. There is a terrace with a beautiful sea view. Few apartments have a living room and loggia.

Important! In Rafailovich, there is also an opportunity to rent a housing, and for it you can not leave a prepayment, you just need to book the desired apartment in advance.


Nature Monuments are the advantages of Rafailovichi. Large and beautiful mountains that grow a lot of greenery, are located on the coast. Landscape from stones is just beautiful, but you need to fear falling stones. In such places there are plates with cautions. In Rafailovich, there was never never a stonepad.

When there are a lot of people on the beach, some vacationers go to the nearby town of Kamenovo. The road goes through the tunnel. Kamenovo is the attraction of local residents. He looks like a corridor who cut down in a rock. The road to the tunnel is short-lived – just 5 minutes. The cave is well equipped. There is even lighting.

On the shore of Kamenovo you can relax and relax. In this place there is a lot of sports platforms. They have the opportunity to play volleyball, tennis and mini golf.

In Kamenevo, there is a water park, and a water-cableway is open to adults, they can relax well, going through it.

On the other hand, Rafailovichi Beach smoothly goes to the coastal zone of Becici. He is very famous and famous. It has shower cabins and a toilet. The beach draws attention to the sand of a yellow shade. Huge number of visitors is resting here. The services are presented cafes, bars, rides on water and loungers for recreation.

After resting on the seashore in Rafailovich, it would be nice to go well in Budva. There can be reached by train for tourists, which stops at each hotel. Some holidaymakers go there on foot. The road is very long and takes about 2 hours, but you can enjoy beautiful species of the Montenegrin coast.

There you can go on the usual bus. They go very often. 30 minutes have the opportunity to get to the city. There it would be nice to look at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Ramaya Monastery. One of the good options will go to the nearest settlements with an excursion.

You can visit Temple Ostrog. It was built at high altitude and located above the sea. Many people believe that in the temple there are the relics of Vasily Ostrogsky, which have some kind of power. They can cure from any disease. Those who love nature can visit the canyons of the Morach and Tara.

Become popular and walking around the sea to Petrovtsa. This excursion lasts all day. Thanks to her, it is possible to compare among themselves different beaches of Montenegro. The most famous of which is the royal. It is located on the island of St. Stephen.

The most beautiful bay in the world is considered the Boca-Kot. She was included in the many tourist routes in Montenegro. You can visit the valley of 18 lakes. Excursion is interesting and exciting. The characteristic feature of Montenegro is that highly concentrated reservoirs.

Locals say that such a large number of interesting and beautiful lakes will not see any other place.

Most likely, this is an exaggeration, but the beauty of these places is convinced to believe in the exclusivity of nature monuments on the Montenegrin coast.

In the middle of summer from Rafailovic, it is possible to travel on a trip. You can go on the boat on the island of Saint Nicholas, which is often called Hawaii. This place especially like in love with couples due to the romantic atmosphere. Nearby is good Beach called “Rafailovichi”, which acquired in honor of the Montenegrin resort. On the beach is incredibly beautiful. He enjoys great fame among bathing population. Tourists come here from different parts of the world. The beach is not very large, its length is only 450 meters.

You can go to the village of Rafailovichi. This place is assigned specifically for the resort. There is a fishing village nearby. Infrastructure there is very developed. Near hotels, Various shops, restaurants and bars. In this place there are a lot of sports centers. The most famous restaurant in the village – “Three Fishermen”. He attracts all fans of fish.

Near the village are famous for their name “Layered rocks”. They will add sophistication by the beach of their stones. This beach attracts especially those. Who loves to swim under water. Sea bottom very smooth. There live a lot of mammals and fish.

Leisure for tourists

There are many institutions in the village that focus on fisheries and sea products, as well as there are many restaurants in which meat dishes are presented. Near the shore is a large number of different cafes. In this village, a large embankment with a beach beach. On the embankment there is a good restaurant. It has live music. In addition to fish dishes, a chicken with vegetables is prepared here, and all sorts of salads. For children, you can order delicious desserts.

Not far is famous Restaurant “Alexander”. It is located on the first floor in the hotel complex with the same name. The waiters there are very non-painted, but this feature is felt in the whole Montenegro. Rich tourists can go to Restaurant Dukley Lounge. It is considered the best on the whole coast due to the great view of the sea. But prices here are much higher than in other places.

There are grocery stores in the village, and you can also see a lot of tents. If large purchases are planned, then they are worth going to Becici and Budva. In Kamenovo there is a corridor in the form of a cave. There is a small market. It provides the ability to purchase vegetables and fruits at a lower price.

Entertainment as such in Rafailovichs. Resort in this place is quite small. He is very quiet and calm. But if the tourist loves recreation and entertainment, he can go to the “part Budva”. Before it goes about 20 minutes in a hiking step. There are disco and nightclubs. Top Hill is considered the most famous disco.

For food, you can go to the MEGA MARKET and Idea supermarkets. They are pretty close. Not far there is parking for cars. You can rent all the necessary diving equipment and other entertainment in the water.

Beach rest

From the end of the summer to the beginning of autumn on the beach in the village of Rafailovich, there are always a lot of people. There are three zones – one sandy, and two stony. On the sandy area well rest with children, the sea is very warm, it is a small depth. Water is much cleaner, if compared with the beach from stones. Entrance to the beach is completely free.

Stony seats are suitable for people who are not afraid of water and know how to swim.

At a short distance are trading tents. There you can buy a towel, umbrella and sun bed. All accessories can not buy, but rent. In the village of Rafailovichi there is a large number of descents and lifts. To walk to the beach, you need to go through a lot of narrow and winding streets. In summer, there are many colors and various greenery. The beach from the sand gradually goes to Becici.

How to get?

The closest airport to this place is located in Tivat. You can get from it to the destination by taxi. For this will have to pay about 25 €. The road will be short, it takes about 20 minutes. There is another option. You can reach the desired station by bus. From him already transfer to the bus that goes straight to the village.

Before this resort can be reached from any city located near the Black Sea coast. In this place there is no bus station. Nearest Located in Becici. There are buses from different cities, sometimes you have to make transplants. Budva can come to the resort on the train for tourists. It stops at each hotel.


Recreational reviews are not always positive. For vacationers at the end of summer, water seemed very cold – only +19 degrees. Tourists also complain that there are no shops in the village where you can buy a normal food. In small stores prices are very expensive, food in the cafe is very expensive. Some had to ride constantly in Becici, because in Rafailovichs everything is 2 times more expensive. Rest is suitable only for rich people.

Tourists liked the fact that the sea is very salty. Gold and silver is much cheaper than everywhere. To rest advise to go to Budva. On an excursion to Tarot and Marat Canyons, it is better not to ride, because there is nothing to watch there. Rest is boring and unreasonable dear.

Someone says Rafailovichi is a romantic vacation. There is very beautiful, many attractions. Tourists celebrate the fact that this place is calm and low. It’s good to come here to rest alone, without children. Rest is suitable for older people.

Also celebrate a beautiful view from the hotel to the mountains and the sea. On the beach in the midst of the season can be closely due to the large cluster of the people, but here you can enjoy peace and peace in May. Praise restaurant “Three Fishermen”, because there are quite low prices for food. Very praise Hotel Obala Plus. Around it are very beautiful courtyards, gorgeous trees grow. Also celebrate a good embankment and various bars and discos. I really liked the restaurant at the Monaco Hotel. There are very tasty mussels in wine sauce.

Even more about recreation features in Rafailovich, see the following video.

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