How to lubricate ski paraffin?

How to lubricate ski paraffin?

Lovers of ski use in winter for a pleasant pastime know that in order for this attribute of active recreation to be used as much as possible, it is required to be lubricated by such a substance as paraffin. Let’s try to figure out why you need to paraffin skis at all, how often it is necessary to do how new mountain fixtures need to be treated with such a substance, we will understand and in the application technologies.

The need to apply paraffin

If not too seriously delve into the subtleties of the chemical structure of substances, then paraffins are mixtures based on hydrocarbons. There are quite a lot of them, such as the same fluorocarbon substances, but the essence in principle will have one and the same. Difference only in additives that are added to the paraffin.

The need for their application for skis is due to the possibility of a significant increase in slip, and therefore a serious decrease in possible friction of skis and surface. After all, it is known that snow is crystals. And due to the presence of sharp edges of the snowflakes, how much the movement makes it difficult to go, they form a porridge “bristly” type. And in order to maximize friction, it is used by paraffin ski processing.

By the way, the presence of such a lubricant not only does not increase, but also reduces the sliding moment, respectively, increases resistance. Movement is carried out when contacting the base and snow. Paraffin lubricant has the ability to absorb liquids. Naturally, there is an absorption of matter, which makes it possible Increase the level of slip.

Therefore, it will be right not to simply apply paraffin on skis, but after a time to remove it so that the required amount of substance has absorbed and ensured the desired effect, and it does not interfere.

Tools and materials

To implement the procedure under consideration at home, you will need to have such tools and materials at hand.

  • Ski preparation profile. Usually he has a couple of stops that equipped with fastening loop. If there is no profile, then you can fasten the ski on the table with the help of vice. Or apply the workbench of any type.
  • Iron with a special sole. In principle, you can use iron and without it, but then you should be particularly attentive.
  • Brushes of various types. Nylon-based allow you to remove solid and soft paraffin. In addition, with their help you can exercise finishing polishing. Natural can be used to harvest soft paraffin. In addition, with their help you can apply accelerators. Metal allow you to clean skis from old paraffin and dirt. Polishing make it possible to apply powder on a dry surface. But most often used metal brushes, as well as with nylon soft and medium hardness.
  • Ski scrapers. They can be different: 3-5 millimeters thick, plastic and metal, as well as for chute.
  • Traffic jams. These devices are usually used to rub paraffin or manually ointment.
  • Ski stones. With their help usually remove rusts around the edges.

In addition, you will need to have paraffin that will be applied for skis. It happens a few types.

  • Briquettes. The most common form. They are easy to apply, and after heat treatment, they themselves melted, evenly covering the surface. Note that such substances retain their functionality as long as possible. It is important that briquettes can no longer overheat. They should be melted evenly and no more temperature installed by the manufacturer. Otherwise, they will begin to allocate substances harmful to humans.

  • Paste. This type of paraffin has a high convenience of applying. This is necessary with the help of a special applicator, which is usually supplied complete. It is then used for polishing the surface.

It should be added that the quality of the mixture will depend on the quality of these operations.

  • In the form of powder. Such substances are also called accelerators. They are usually used as an additional measure when the main layer has been applied earlier. Note that they cost significantly more expensive than the above-listed analogues. Therefore, they often buy professional athletes and those who participate in competitions.

How to lubricate with iron?

Ski paraffining with iron is usually done during periods between their use. Naturally, before carrying out this process, clean the skis and dry them.

And the process of lubrication with liquid paraffins using the iron will look like this.

  • We turn on the iron and warm it up to the temperature 150 degrees.
  • We spray the liquid substance on the sliding layer of skiing. Here we add that different categories of devices have a different principle of lubricant. Fixtures for the skate stroke are lubricated with the entire sliding surface. And classic devices are usually paraffin so to relete the central region.
  • Now skis need fly from the sock in the direction of the heel.
  • After that, the fixtures are required cool and dry at a temperature of at least 0 degrees about 10 minutes.
  • Now we apply a layer of paraffin using a brush, on which the lubricant was previously applied.

    All this makes it possible to penetrate the substance to penetrate the pores of the plastic, fill them with and maximize the sliding surface. And the extra wax is then removed using the brush. Ideally, these actions need to be repeated up to 10 times. The difficulty is that the cleaning of the brush not only removes the surface layer, but also removes part of the paraffin, which filled the microcracks. And every new processing allows you to better ravage ski irregularities, it is better to fill the irregularities and microcracks.

    Ski preparation without heat treatment

    There is also cold applying for skis. Usually, this technology has to be resorted if there is no iron at hand or there is no time to properly produce heat treatment.

    This will be implemented as follows:

    • first ski required to dry+
    • We produce cleaning the sliding layer using a brush to remove dust and dirt from plastic pores+
    • wipe everything and let’s breathe a little+
    • Now we apply a layer of lubricant small thickness+
    • We are waiting for about 3-5 minutes+
    • We produce rubbing with cork or pads+
    • Let stand another 10 minutes.

    If the lubricants were applied a lot, then it can be removed using a brush. True, manufacturers argue that under cold paraffining, stripping with a brush at the end of great importance does not have. In addition, for normal lubrication in this way, skiing should stand at least 1 hour and preferably under the influence of sunlight.

    And, of course, it should be remembered that such a mode of paraffin – an emergency measure that still does not give such an effect as a classic heat treatment.

    Detailed master class on ski processing paraffin can be found in the following video.

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