List of attractions Podgorica

List of attractions Podgorica

Travels – a great time that makes it possible to relax from everyday fuss, stock positive emotions, discover new places for yourself. For many such a wonderful discovery, and then a favorite holiday destination has become Podgorica. Those who have already been there come back there again. And those who are first riding this city, will definitely find a whole list of attractions Podgorica who will be interested to visit.


Podgorica – the capital of Montenegro, there is the government and parliament. Despite the small population (only about 170 thousand. man), city is considered the largest in the country. He is not on the coast of the sea and there are no beaches here, which is famous for Montenegro.

The city is located in the depths of the country, but at the same time tourists do not bypass him. It takes 5 rivers, and picturesque landscapes with valleys, green hills, flowing waters, the beautiful bridges will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, both in the city itself, and in its surroundings are attractions, there is something to see. And you can do it yourself, having a map of the city and surroundings at hand.

Podgorica – an ancient city, the first people there settled in the Stone Age. Modern buildings and vintage buildings are adjacent here, forming one whole. Mosques and Orthodox temples are surprised by their beauty and greatness. Everyone will choose for himself that he is more likely in this old city. Of course, you can choose excursions under the guidance of an experienced guide, which knows what is most interested in the tourist.

But on the other hand, discover the new city is interesting and independently. For example, you can walk along the tourist street, where various restaurants, cafes, fashionable clothing stores are located. Local residents and themselves love to walk along this street in the evening.

Podgorica is famous for its delicious food, so the tourist is hungry here will not remain. Here you can enjoy a cup of delightful aromatic coffee, eat a hot delicious pizza, taste seafood. Guests can enjoy a large market that will delight vegetables and fruits, honey, olives and other goodies.

Spiritual values

Often travelers visitors attend churches not only because of their faith, but also for the purpose of dating architecture. Especially since temples most often amazed with their beauty and solemnity. In Podgorica, two temples that will cause interest to tourists – Cathedral of the Resurrection of the Lord and the Church of St. George.

Cathedral is on the boulevard d. Washington. He amazing imagination with his external architectural solutions, but, in addition, it is unusually beautiful from the inside. In the temple you can see inscriptions on the walls that narrate about the history of saints.

The church is unique in that it was built in the X century. It is located in the cemetery, where all services are held, including the funeral.

Cultural objects

In addition to cult facilities, Podgorica is rich in cultural objects.

  • In Podgorica, this is not a large number Museums, But enough to familiarize yourself with the history and cultural values ​​of the country and city. There is an art gallery where you can appreciate the art of the country. And the naturally scientific museum will tell about the animal and vegetable world of Montenegro.

  • Russian tourists will be pleasantly surprised by visiting Montenegro, because there are many monuments in the country to our compatriots. And Podgorica is no exception. For example, in the city there is a monument to the Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, as well as a poet, musician and actor Vladimir Vysotsky. He appears in a hamlet costume, and the poet poems are carved on the pedestal.

  • The only State University in Montenegro is located in Podgorica. Educational institution was open in 1974. And first there were few faculties. But over time, they became more and more. And today almost every student can find a profession in the soul, enrolling this university. There are faculties of medicine, architecture, drama, economics, philosophy, tourism. There are even marine and music faculties. So, in the walls of this educational institution you can get the most diverse knowledge.

  • One of the main attractions of the capital is the Millennium Bridge. It is the road from the southern part of the city to the North. In the evening it is especially beautiful when the backlight turns on, and it is lit up with hundreds of lights. Nearby there is a pretty Moscow Bridge, which is a pedestrian. Next to him and a monument to Vysotsky. Both are a gift from the Russian people to Chernogorsk.

Corners of nature

Like Montenegro in general, the capital is distinguished by natural beauty.

  • No less interesting and pleasant can be Walking in Parks. Beautiful corner for recreation – Petrovica Park, in which the Royal Palace is located. NJEGOSEV Park is also a favorite place of citizens. Here you can just walk through shady allys or arrange a small picnic.

  • The neighborhood of the city is also rich in picturesque places. Nearby is the waterfall Niagara. Near him, a cozy restaurant, where you can spend time and enjoy water noise.

  • Over the city, the ruins of an ancient city are also located. Those who are interested in history and loves such places, will be happy to face there and will appreciate this corner in dignity.

  • Very close to the city on the Skadar Lake also have wonderful places. There are houses where you can live in solitude and comfortable, enjoying clean air and silence.

  • Through the Podgorica proceeds the Morach River. Landscapes of unprecedented beauty travelers. A narrow gorge with sheer cliffs, frightening by their formidable species and at the same time attracting their harsh beauty will not leave indifferent.

On this site, more than 30 kilometers long, more than 100 different tunnels, iron and highways, bridges, viewing platforms. All this allows you to enjoy the formidable and attracting beauty and make gorgeous photos.

  • Another river, which can also be interested in travelers – Ribnya. From the side of the Boulevard King Nikola there is a descent, which leads to the old bridge the construction of XVI in. Previously, the bridge was located the old church, which is now reminiscent of the ruins. Young on this bridge swear to each other in eternal love. Such a tradition in Podgorica.

  • The Muslim region begins behind the bridge, where you can walk through narrow winding streets, admire interesting houses and mosques.

  • The purest mountain lake is ideally round shape, located in the mountains under Podgorica, manitis with its beauty of tourists. In addition, the lake is surrounded by mysterious legends. One of which tells that dragons lived in these places, which destroyed the tribe living here, for which the curse was obtained and disappeared from the face of the earth following the dragons. And the beautiful lake remains, and remains many years a wonderful holiday area for the local population and tourists.

It turns out that the tourist to familiarize himself with Podgorica and its picturesque surroundings, You need at least three days to enjoy beautiful landscapes, get a charge of a good mood from delicious places of nature, visit cultural monuments, stroll through the old streets and enjoy local dishes.

About the attractions of Podgorica see further.

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