List of attractions Tivata

List of attractions Tivata

Another decade ago, Tivat was a completely unsuccessful city, but a little time passed, and this area of ​​Montenegro is simply transformed. From a gray sad place, he became one of the country’s tourist centers.

City description

Tivat was named after the glorified Queen Illyrian – she managed the teem, a small part of Montenegro. In 229 g. to N. NS. The queen was attacked by the Roman troops and fled from the well-maintained fertile lands near the Skadar Lake to the lands in the Bay of Bay. It was there that was later built her summer residence.

The city today is distinguished by high tourist attractiveness, and that’s why.

  • Less than 5 km from Tivat is a major international airport.

  • Tivat is very conveniently located – just a quarter of an hour is the ancient city of Kotor, one of the most popular tourist resorts of Budva is located, and no more than 20 minutes need to get from Tivat to the sandy beaches of the Lushtitz Peninsula.

  • Developed infrastructure in the city – there are many cafes and restaurants with national cuisine, there are large paid and free parking, free Wi-Fi.

  • The city is small and compact – if you wish, it can be easily walking around on foot, so tourists do not need to rent a car to explore all its sights.

  • In Tivat, visitors are offered a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities, diving is especially common. It is no coincidence that many hotels are located their own centers for experienced divers – they can dive into the water of the Adriatic at any time. In addition, there are several bicycle trails in the city, and for fans of marine walks is offered a mini cruise on the coastal bay.

  • On the coast of Tivat, there are several beaches recognized as one of the most luxurious and comfortable in Montenegro. In general, they are numbered about 17, and this is not counting private areas of recreation and small bays that are not particularly landscaped, but this is not less in demand. Perhaps the only lack of rest in this city is the hum of aircraft, several times a day of the take-off and walking to land. Airport is located very close, and the planes are clearly visible and audible.

The climate in Tivat is ideal for tourists – mild autumn-winter, and warm, but does not wear out in the summer. From June to September air temperature In the daytime clock rises to 26-29 degrees, at night a little cool – the thermometer column holds at a mark in + 15-17 degrees.

You can swim on the beaches of Tivata until October – at this time the air temperature is kept at 21-22 degrees, and the water of the free of charge is up to 20 degrees.

In winter, the temperature rarely falls below zero, during the day the sun heats the air to 13-15 degrees. The precipitation falls a bit, but their maximum peak falls in November, as well as December and January – so these months do not enjoy great demand from visitors to Montenegro.

What can be viewed for 1 day?

If you have very little time to visit Tivat, then first of all it is worth paying attention to the beautiful bays of the town. Modern marina for expensive yachts uses the greatest popularity among coming Porto Montenegro, only on the coast of the Adriatic Yacht complex. Initially, he wondered as a small town, which is why you can find here Five Star Hotel Regent Hotel & Residences, Sports Complex, a large number of museums and good restaurants, In addition, everything is needed here for servicing yachts: repair shops, small workshops, elling and, of course, refueling.

The construction of this “city in the city” started in 2006, and a few years later, Porto Montenegro became a full-fledged port for small ship. In 2015, he was awarded the recognition and awards of the authoritative jury of the British Association of Yacht Ports.

On the territory of this mini city is relying known to the whole country Museum of Maritime Heritage, His collections are talking about the victorious History of Adriatic and show all the best traditions of coastal regions of Montenegro. Exhibition samples have over 30 exhibits, here you can meet submarines of production of Yugoslavia, Austro-Hungarian shipping equipment, various industrial machines, and even diary Princess Montenegro Xenia.

The walls of the unique complex decorate the paintings of El Salvador Dali, Kulis, as well as Roy Liechtenstein. Near the entrance to the museum there is a pair of submarines raised from the bottom and renovated.

Through Porto Montenegro goes the cozy embankment with which tourists open amazing beauty views Tivat bay. By the pleasure zone, you can go to the Calimania Bay, in which you can see a huge number of small boats belonging to local fishermen – here it is impossible to feel the whole national flavor and identity of this unique land.

By the way, on the way you can look into The comfortable city park, which is located near the berth for yachts – This is a cozy place where residents love to walk with their children. In the people, this park is called Capitolian, He was established back in 1892. In those years, Montenegro stayed under the IGA of Austria-Hungary, it was here that the famous general Maximilian von Stern ordered to bring plants from all over the world, where there were civil and military vessels.

That is why it contains so many truly unique plants.

Interesting places within the city

However, the description of the attractions of Tivat does not end. Let us stay more on a review of the most popular places for tourists in this small town.

Palace Bucha

This palace in distant times belonged to the Bury family – they were famous diplomats at the royal court. The history of the building has been around for more than five centuries, at one time it was considered truly luxurious. The architectural ensemble includes a residential building, a defensive tower, a small church, as well as household buildings.

The whole territory is observed by a stone fence. Unfortunately, to this day, the initial view of the palace could not be preserved – as a result of the earthquake that occurred in Montenegro, it was partially destroyed and subsequently restored and reconstructed.

Nowadays, there is an art gallery here, and lovers of classical music are going here to enjoy the performances of famous musicians.

Church of Saint Sava

Saint Savva is considered one of the most beloved and revered on the territory of the former Yugoslavia of the Saints. Born in the family of Prince Stephen, he, being at a young age, took a post. For a long life, Sawva traveled a lot, often visited Russia, as well as Jerusalem. Due to the exceptional diplomatic gift, he did a lot in order to stop the destructive internecine wars in his country.

After the death of Stephen in 1594, Turkish Vizier ordered to burn his power on the High Mount of the doctor, but the glory of him remained in the hearts of people and was transmitted from generation to generation.

A few centuries decided to build a new temple, where the only remaining part of the relics is kept – the hand, it is it is considered one of the most important shrines in Montenegro.

House Verona

This building erected in the style of the Gothic Renaissance is a real sample of the medieval nobility nest. Initially, the house belonged to the famous Bizanti family in Montenegro, but in 1744, Antoine Verona bought him. Unfortunately, today the publication is abandoned, but, nevertheless, does not lose his spirit and historical value.

For tourists, all sorts of carnivals are of particular interest, which are held in Tivat. So, in the first decade of February, the traditional masquerade in Montenegro is held here, in May, residents and guests of the city celebrate the day of youth, in the late spring, opens their doors in the gastronomic festival, during which absolutely everyone can try dishes made from an unusual plant, which is considered one from edible varieties of dandelion.

At the end of July and the first half of August in the resort are speeches The famous Mediterranean Theater Purgatori. In addition, in summer days there is a mini-Olympiad on the national game “Bochan” – this is a local species of the game in the towns.

In November, Tivat takes visitors within the framework of the Days of Culture – during the celebration exhibitions, theatrical performances, all sorts of perforans and concerts

Surrounding attractions

Not far from Tivat, there are many interesting places that are definitely worth visiting them.

Mount Vrmatz Located on a small peninsula, we can say that Tivat lies right at the foot of this cliff. Mountain will enjoy fans of active sports and hiking on the relict pine forest, while walking from the viewing platforms opens the breathtaking views. Actually, the entire Peninsula of Wirms is an ideal place for Hayking and tracking. It is no coincidence that the inhabitants call this place with natural paradise on earth, there are more than 20 pedestrian routes here, there are several steep cycles.

Selyanovo – a small resort village, many consider it one of the parts of Tivat, however, the locals claim the opposite. However, the administrative status does not matter. The only thing that is important for tourists is an unusual beauty sandy beach, spreading on an incredibly beautiful cape with a high lighthouse.

You can even walk on the beach – the path from Tivat will take no more than 15-20 minutes.

Lower gaze Located immediately for Selyanovo, there are also several beaches, however, on beauty and landscaping, they lose their holiday zones in Selyanovo – the fact is that the beaches here for the most part concrete. But visitors can enjoy the view of small Venetian houses and other residues of the old luxury region. In fact, the lower gaze is considered an open-air monument, and therefore all tourist trails pass through this mountainous territory.

Mountainland – Another tiny village, located on the top of the VRRAT Mountain, 300 m above sea level. From the coast to the village there is a cool trail with a length of about 3 km. People live in a mountainous life from time immemorial, but in the middle of the last century almost all of them moved down, so today only a few people engaged in growing grapes and olives live there. Chernogorsk ecologists seek to popularize the place, and, despite the fact that the village is almost completely abandoned, here, as before, the flow of tourists rushed.

Recently there are discussions on the possibility of creating in the economy.

Kalardovo – This is one of the most comfortable Tivati ​​beaches. The place is located in the cozy bay, the coating of the coast is predominantly sandy, the entrance to the water is gentle, so the place is particularly popular among guests with children.

Tivatsky Solila – The famous Montenegrin Reserve, which is only two kilometers from the airport. It lives the most beautiful and amazing birds – here you can find pink flamingos, as well as cormorants and other exotic feathers. The terrain is quite swampy, so for the convenience of visitors, pedestrian zones and cyboards are equipped, several viewing sites are also equipped.

Monastic archipelago It consists of three small islets, in previous years they completely owned the churches completely, and all the buildings on them were exclusively religious. During the construction of socialism, in Yugoslavia, religion was separated from the state, and was considered contrary to the communist ideology.

Most buildings were destroyed, but, nevertheless, some have been preserved to this day.

Island of flowers In fact, wears a much more prosaic name – Exact. Actually, it is difficult to call him a difficult island, as it connects with the mainland of a small sheath. In the previous years, the terrain abounded by vegetation, however, with the time of flowers it was dressed here, and the composition of the inhabitants changed significantly – the Yugoslav military came here, which built boarding houses.

A little later, refugees of Bosnia were settled here – as a result, there was nothing left of the past beauty of the blooming gardens. From the historical monuments you can allocate only the dilapidated temple and the ruins known at one time.

Island of St. Mark located immediately behind the island of colors. During the existence of Yugoslavia, there was a large ecoterritory with a hotel in the form of a bungalow and a large seating area. But during the collapse of the country, all environmental projects were forgotten, and the island plunged into ruin. Nowadays, all property was purchased by one of the largest corporations in the country, and active work on the reconstruction of the area are being conducted.

Tivat’s sights Look at the following video.

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