List of popular beaches of Tivat

List of popular beaches of Tivat

Montenegro resorts are famous for their high quality and gentle temperature conditions. There is no such severe heat that often feels in Greece or Turkey, not to mention more sultry countries. But to enjoy it, it is important to understand in suitable leisure facilities, including in the beaches of Tivat.


Tivat – Resort is quite a modern level, which has every chance of ahead of the neighboring cities in demand for tourists. This town has no historical nor cultural monuments of any era. But the more valuable his unique nature.

In combination with the excellent climate, the purest waters characteristic of the Boca-Kotan bay make this place as attractive choice as possible. In Tivat, 17 beaches are isolated (if you consider both urban and private coast zones).

Besides them, it is worth mentioning a lot of bays that are suitable for private leisure. Calculate the total number of their number, But it is better to come and enjoy the charms on your own experience.

We still need to remember that there are beaches on the three islands, also related to the territory of Tivat.

Beach platforms are different here: and pebble, and soft sand-covered. But in any case, the space is replete with plants that increase the painting of the landscape.

All officially active beaches (if not considered wild) are equipped with a suitable infrastructure:

  • Cabins for changing clothes+
  • Toilet rooms+
  • Cafes and restaurants.


Change clothes or make hygienic procedures free. But for the sun bed and the umbrella need to pay. Set value is 8 euros.

IMPORTANT: After 15 hours local time, it is sometimes possible to get a discount or even take accessories at all

Rescuers on the beaches work very professionally, and if not violate the rules, you can feel safe

Basic Beach Places

Collapse of the beaches of Tivat it is appropriate to start with Opatovo. This is an urban (municipal) facility removed from the city by 4 km. The total length of Opatovo is 0.22 km. The name is given in honor of the nearest village. The shore is covered with pebbles, in several places mixed with sand.

Opatovo has a characteristic attraction – Red and White Lighthouse. It is located exactly in the middle of the beach. Under the trees with a spreaded crown, a comfortable shadow is created. Opatovo never overfits. Therefore, they advise here to ride those who want to enjoy solitude on the seashore.

Another good platform – Dona Latia. This beach received its name by the town located 1.5 km. The shore is pretty narrow, but it stretches for 1 km long.

Important: Only 50% of the territory is the property of the hotel Kamelija Plaza. Pass on this part of the beach can not.

The disadvantage of the Don Latia is that the municipal territory is covered with a combination of sand and massive plates from concrete. They reach almost the very line of the surf.

But here there is always free space, which is not so often in Montenegro. The next beach that deserves attentive consideration is Selyanovo. Alternative name – Ponta Selianovo.A good feature of this place is that it is removed only by only 1 km from Tivat. Coast stretches for 0.5 km.

It is covered with pebbles, sand and flat pebbles of various sizes. The appearance becomes very pleasant thanks to smooth rocks. Selyanovo has modest sizes, pier for boats and boats + noise from them can scare part of tourists.

In the middle of the Tivat, the attention of vacationers deservedly attracts Beach Belane. You can find it near the yacht club. The length of the beach strip reaches about 0.15 km. Since a lot of people focuses on a width of 0.02 km, it is advisable to go there early in the morning.

Near Blown Placed Free Parking. Not far there are still cafes and restaurants. South of Bela, there is a way out for a walking pathway, going through attractive landscapes. 5 km from the middle of Tivat is the island of colors on which the sand-pebble beach is located.

His length will be approximately 1.2 km. The territory is delimited by several sites, each of which has the entire required infrastructure. If tourists want to visit the beach having a blue flag, then you should give preference Floors Horizonte.

On a sand strip 0.35 km long can be resting quite calm. Thanks to the smooth descent, this place is suitable for young children, and for adult visitors. Floors Horizonte equipped with stairs and pontions + get to them by pedestrian paths.

A coniferous forest is located around the beach + enter the choribone payments only after paying 3 euros.

Within the very tivat settled Beach Stara Rachantsa, Small pebble. He is in the south of the bay. Nearby is a closed oil refinement. Adds romanticism ancient mansion belonging to the Verona dynasty.

At Stara Rachitz you can take advantage of both paid areas (with a chaise longue, an umbrella), and free zones + total coast length 0.08 km.

On the edge of Tivat, almost the airport itself, is located Beach Kukolina. Near him is the eponymous grove.

The coastline of 0.15 km long is covered with pebbles. Large fraction. The main attraction of Kukolin is considered a bar performed in Hawaiian style. Beach visitors can take advantage of a parking lot with solid coating.

Approximately the same distance from the airport and from the island of colors is Kalardovo Beach. Its important feature is the convenience of descent to water. Since the bay in this place is shallow, it is thoroughly warming up.

All this makes the local coast of the ideal choice for children and for people who do not feel experienced swimmers. The environmental properties of Kaladovo are confirmed by issuing a blue flag + minus one – you can only arrive by car.

Palma Plaza’s customers use Palma Beach. An extraneous entrance to it is almost closed, but many for the sake of visiting this place will settle down to the hotel.

.The length of the leisure zone is 0.07 km. At the peak of the season, it will certainly be filled. Part of the coast is covered with pebbles, the other part is filled with concrete.

What else you need to know about these shores?

The advantages of individual beaches of Tivat can be described for quite a long time. But it is worth summarizing with one phrase: Most Chernogort residents prefer this particular resort. Who, how not to them, know the real state of affairs. Anywhere on the shore, with rare exceptions, quiet and calm. Everywhere beautiful nature.

Getting to the beaches of Tivat from Russia is easy, because the local airport takes a lot of foreign charter flights. Freeding through tourist tickets can count on the rapid distribution on buses and almost instantaneous deports to hotels.

About why it is worth choosing tyith, you can learn from the video below.

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