Mogren Beach in Budva (Montenegro)

Mogren Beach in Budva (Montenegro)

Popular to relax in Montenegro is Mogren Beach, which is located in the city of Budva, located in the central part of the country’s coast. This old city is not only the attraction of the Adriatic coast, but also a valuable monument of history. The land of the so-called black mountains, sounding in Latin, like Montenegro – all this is the beautiful country of Montenegro, which is located on the Balkan Peninsula. Rest at the magnificent resort of the Adriatic Sea among scenic nature attracts many tourists from all over the planet.

Fabulous Paradise

Almost in itself city Budva is a unique place to relax. Many landmarks keep perennial historical heritage with whom it is necessary to familiarize themselves. Old Town, Embankment, Citadel, Museums, Slavic Boulevard, Top Hill Nightclub, Waterpark, Antique Library and Many Other Places, Let you immerse yourself with your head in Budvan resort life.

Going to the resort Mogren, you can not get around the parties Old Town Budva, in which there are many historical monuments of the Venetian architecture of the Mediterranean. The old town was founded in the XV century and was located on the coastal spit leaving at sea. The historic center of the city on all sides is surrounded by strong walls of durable stone. Today it is a real museum under the open-air, behind the walls of which many artifacts have been saved, their search continues and is currently.

Old Budva with its narrow streets and houses from red tiles on the roofs, annually adopts guests of any nationalities.

The hospitable city provides an opportunity for everyone to visit the magnificent coast of Adriatic – Mogren. Mogren Beach consists of two bays Mogreen I and Mogreen II, located in the northern part of the city and separated by the rock. This place is the most romantic and major attraction of Budva. It is located on the southeastern part of the coast, 2 kilometers from the Old Town, among multilayer rocks, ancient buildings and stunning panoramas.

Mogrena landscapes are very beautiful, especially impressive road leading to them. On the left of the sea waves beating about a small break, and the rolling rocks on the right. In order to come to the coastal zone, you need to go through a narrow path through a small grotto. Throughout the path, the excellent landscapes of the Old Town and the Island of St. Nicholas.

Popular Object Excursions – Uninhabited Island of St. Nicholas (Local name “Hawaii” or “School”) is 1 km from the old Budva and perfectly visible from the coast of Mogrene Beach. The overall length of the island is 840 m, they include 3 large sandy beaches and many small, located around, which can only be reached on the boat.

Water in the coastal zone of Budva is very warm and clean, through it can be seen pebble and sandy bottom. For this feature in 2004, the Beach Mogren was marked with a “Blue Flag” mark. Beach Mogren occupies a special place among the objects of Budva Riviera – It is fenced by a mountainous massif from the city fuss. Exciting landscapes, water azure and warm sandy coast will not leave anyone indifferent.

The legislation of Montenegro is allowed to occupy loungers only 50% of the coastal zone, which makes it possible to conveniently settle down people on the sand or own rugs, without paying for rent.

Name history

By his name, the resort of Mogren is obliged to Spanish Mariable Mogrini, who failed shipwreck near these places and was thrown ashore of this beach. Also, according to local legends, the Church named after the Roman Catholic Blessed Anthony of Paduansky was built on the seashore.

Unfortunately, until our time, it has not been preserved, since after the Second World War was demolished by the Communist authorities. In today’s days, a cozy cafe is located at the place of the church.

Path to the beach

The most convenient way to get to the Beach Mogren can be on foot, because on the car you will only get closer to Budva on the highway No. 2 through Obilaznica.

You can go to the beach with two trails:

  • Along the sea stroy leading from the Old Town is a road for tourists+
  • From the old Fort Mogren – this is the road for travelers-extremal.

    The trail to the beach begins in the north from the square of the old Budva. The area has input gates, which begins a narrow path for pedestrians. With this trail, there is a magnificent view of the Old Town and the beach of Richardova, called in honor of the actor Richard Vidmarka, who played the main role in the film, filmed on this section of the Budva Coast in 1963.

    Passing along the sheer cliffs, you can see Monument to the sophisticated ballerina or gymnast. However, no one knows the exact name of this statue and its history. One thing can be said accurate – this is an image of love, faith, hopes and Budva symbol. Oversea Powerful stone cliffs, the road goes to the first cup, where the old Budva looks great from this. Immediately I can also.

    In a narrow path leading to the tunnel, you can go inside the rock and go to the next beach – Mogren II. The top foot of the second beach is very narrow, and sometimes slippery and flooded with water. Moving on it, care and care should be taken. From the Far of the Beach of Mogrena II begins the path to the rocks – it is more complex and dangerous.

    The total length of the beaches is 400 m, the entrance to the territory is free, only the rental bed is paid. On the beach there is all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable pastime. Comparing the beaches of mogren і and mogren ІІ, it can be noted that The first beach is much more equipped for tourist or family holidays with children. There are cafeteria, fresh shower, toilet, locker rooms. Shore here more even, sandy-pebble. In addition, the beach is available for renting boats and catamarans.

    Beach Mogren ІІ has a more stony shore. Due to the difficult road here less often you can see holidaymakers with children and comfortable conditions for recreation is provided less than on a nearby beach. The coastal zone of mograne II was covered with large sand and pebbles, and in the far part there is a rocky trail on a cool cliff. Move in this direction in comfortable shoes and abide by maximum caution.

    Overcoming obstacles from stones and climbing the top of the rock, you can enjoy the exciting landscape of old Budva and sheer cliffs. From this point originates the so-called secret trail, leading to the old mogrene fortress, erected in 1860 as directed by the Austro-Hungarian authorities.

    Advantages and disadvantages of rest

    The picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro is one of the most sought-after resorts of Europe. The natural beauty of Budvan Riviera annually attracts a huge number of vacationers. Separately, it is worth noting the Beach Mogren and its main positive sides:

    • The absence of a residential area on the shore and flowing into the sea of ​​rivers, ensures environmental purity+
    • Crystal clear, transparent and warm water+
    • Hollow bottom and sandy shore allows you to comfortably enter the water+
    • Exciting beauty landscapes+
    • Ease of holiday with children+
    • The presence of the necessary infrastructure+
    • The possibility of free entrance to the beach+
    • Because of the mountains in the afternoon, the shadow falls ashore that protects holidaymakers from the scorching sun+
    • The beach is 10-15 minutes walk from Budva.

      Despite the majority of positive characteristics, rest on the beach Mogren has some drawbacks:

      • Rocky, narrow trails and sheer cliffs along the way (more on Mogren II)+
      • In the water there are marine hedgehogs, so it is better to enter the water in a special shoe+
      • Because of the big influx of tourists and holidaymakers in high season (June-September) on the beach you need to take place in advance+
      • On the shore and in the water there is garbage.

      The unique creation of nature, hidden in a small bay and surrounded on both sides with layers in the mountains, where the sea sparkles the blue azure and everywhere a beautiful view – all this is about mogren beaches. In this magnificent place, you can relax from the city bustle and enjoy unity with nature. Visiting Budvan entertainment centers, cinemas, shops, attractions, souvenir shops will be a great option.

      For lovers of outdoor activities, there will also be entertainment: Diving, jumping with parachute, water rides, hiking, as well as stormy nightlife. Here you will definitely enjoy every rest, and rest will deliver many pleasant impressions.

      Choosing a place to stay in Montenegro, it will be necessary to pay attention to the city of Budva, which is the resort capital of the country. Old Town with narrow streets, where you are waiting for many interesting and notable places, will definitely leave the brightest memories in mind.

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