Podgorica: description, attractions, travel and overnight

Podgorica: description, attractions, travel and overnight

Podgorica is the largest city and the national capital of Montenegro, is located at the merger of Morach and Ribnica ribnica in the southeastern side of the country. The settlement is the official cultural and shopping center and is considered the main city of the country, as well as its administrative and economic center.


Podgorica has a population of about 170,000 inhabitants. On its territory is the main university of the country and other higher education institutions. The city is at the intersection of numerous historically significant routes in the valley of Lake Sakadar, not far from the Adriatic Sea. There is not only a favorable climate, but also fertile soils, so fruits and vegetables are distinguished by high ecological purity.

The main feature of the settlement lies in the wealth of water bodies. The city is located on the plain to the north, in contrast to other cities of Montenegro. Podgorica is filled with modern architectural buildings that stand almost at every corner. It is difficult to not notice a large number of green plantings and parks. There is here and the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

From the city you can go to Cetina, the distance between the settlements is only 36 kilometers, and the cost of the trip is within 200 rubles. On the way the bus is about an hour. The city has a key location, it is only 9 kilometers from the international airport, there are also railway and bus stations located close to each other.

Podgorica offers visitors Excellent leisure beaches and attractions. There is a well-developed transport connection, there is both affordable and expensive hotels, lively nightlife. Large cultural events are held on the territory of the settlement as CRNogorsko Narodno, Dodest and Gradsko. One of the main attractions is Monastery Ostrog, Which is nearby.

Along With the National Theater of Montenegro, which is considered the most important theater in the whole country, there are numerous art galleries and museums.

Podgorica offers a large number of restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs and wine institutions with live music. The city serves the amazing dishes of Chernogorsk cuisine, which can be divided into Mediterranean and continental sizes.

In terms of weather, The best time to visit Podgorica – Spring and Autumn Seasons, Since the summer is very dry and hot, and the settlement itself is usually crowded with tourists. Winter can also be a good time to visit, because during this period in local stores there are big discounts for last year’s collections.

Features of climate

In Podgorica, weather Mediterranean – with dry, warm summer and cool, soft winter. The Adriatic Sea has a great influence, since it is about 50 km, and the proximity of the Dinar Alps to the North also contributes to the formation of a unique climate. The average annual temperature in the city is 16.4 ° C. It is worth taking into account the lack of precipitation for 260 days. Rains are more characteristic for late autumn.

The temperature changes gradually by months, and rarely there are sharp jumps on the thermometer. In January, February and March, indicators change from 6 to 16 ° C. In the spring and until the end of May, the temperature increases to 20 ° C.

In the summer, it can be quite hot, about 37 ° C, and by the beginning of the fall, the heat begins to gradually subside, so this period is particularly popular with tourists.

On the bank on average from September to November 20-22 ° C, the water temperature in the sea is 24-25 ° C.

Days a year with precipitation and strong wind about 60 m / s. Snow is an almost unknown phenomenon in Podgorica, no more than a year is observed a year. Relative air humidity is 59.6%, and the air temperature is on average above 25 ° C for 135 days a year. All these features in combination with the unique nature make Podgorica with a very favorable climate, suitable for rest all year round. This place is also known for its extremely hot and dry summer.

In July and August, the maximum mark on the thermometer can reach 40 ° C, and the highest registered temperature was indicator of 45.8 ° C. The average water temperature in the sea is 27.1 ° C.

In the summer in the city it becomes very hot, but nevertheless, the convenient location and the availability of a sufficient number of roads gives the opportunity to travel to a fascinating campaign in the mountain, where much cooler.

Mediterranean climate in the winter season in Podgorica is soft and cool with small precipitation. The coldest season is January, when the average temperature drops at least to – 6°WITH. In the winter season, freezing are possible, but they are never long.

What to watch?

Attractions and beaches attract tourists to Podgorica from spring to the end of autumn. In addition, dental tourism is developed here, as well as many come to shopping. Indeed, dentistry in the country is at a high level, and the cost of services is quite acceptable, so this service is popular. As for shopping, then Before the start of the new holiday season, shops start at low prices to sell old Italian collections, what can be significantly saved.

For those who go to Montenegro to enjoy the warm sea and the sun, you should learn more about the beaches. There are here both open areas and closed paid and even hidden removed areas with special charm.

In the city itself there is no beach, but there is a famous nearby Budva Riviera. However, it is best to choose a vacation spot Beach in Sutomor, Since this settlement is closer, and buses go to him regularly.

Chernogorsk “Old Towns”, as a rule, very picturesque places to visit. In Podgorica, however, in the old city of attractions a little and are located far from each other. Air raids during the war destroyed almost all the structures of the Ottoman Empire, including fortresses, city walls, minarets and houses that Turks built in 1484-1878.

All that’s left – Ruins of the fortress Ribnya, built by Turks between 1474 and 1478. The object is located at the mouth of Ribnitsa and Morach. There are several small tracks to explore the terrain, sit next to the river and enjoy a picnic.

Next to the fortress is Bridge Ribnitsa, The construction of some parts of which the Roman epoch is dated. In addition, in the old town there is Clock tower, Built in 1667.

Through the river breaks New town. Here most of the architecture still creates an atmosphere of the iron curtain. Square of the Republic and nearby pedestrian streets – Sloboda and Neshev have more modern aesthetics characteristic of Europe. New city is home to the City Hall and National Theater. It is necessary to see here Orthodox Cathedral Podgorica, where they can’t do not hit frescoes, mosaic and other features of internal decoration.

Like the local attraction of the new time, in the city Moscow Bridge – a new pedestrian, located in parallel to the Millennium Bridge. It passes through one of the most beautiful parts of the Morach River.

Within a short drive from Podgorica are located Waterfalls located on the River Chizhev. There is a wonderful restaurant and a small park for recreation. Here they serve the classic meat and fish dishes of Montenegro, offer open game playgrounds with rabbits that can be stroked. To see the waterfalls, you will need a little stroll.

It is worth knowing that in the midst of summer and early autumn the river mines, so you can not see the waterfalls.

More than a children’s zoo – animal sanctuary. This is an open space for people and animals, where the deer, piglets, camels and other animals graze. Here they offer to feed piglets from the bottle, treat carrots of camels and chat with ostrich em. There are also peacocks, geese, pigeons, rabbits, horses, dogs, turtles and other animals that need help.

For lovers of history suitable Dokontiya, or Duklia – Destroyed Roman City, which was submitted for consideration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These ruins are just 5 km from Podgorica. Archaeologists took from here found artifacts, and now they are exhibited in the Museum Podgorica, but the stone ruins are still available for inspection.

It is possible to walk through the area and imagine life here 2000 years ago. Interestingly, scientists have found about 300 tomb dated i centuries.

What to try?

Guests Podgorica can count on amazing local cuisine, in which the cooks managed to reflect rich cultural and culinary history, with Russian and Italian influences. In the list of the best institutions of the city you can find the following restaurants.

  • “Dali”. Ideally located in the heart of the city of Podgorica. This is a stylish and modern restaurant, which is filled with visitors almost every night. Restaurant Interior – Luxurious Equipment of Purple Velvet Chairs, Ruby Silk Curtains and Soft Leather Sofas. In another part, modern, minimalist design prevails. Here serves a variety of dishes of Italian and oriental cuisine, you can order salads, pasta, risotto and seafood of local production. Specializing in fault, the institution offers a wide list of local and international vintage drinks, including a number of Chernogor wines from the PLANTAZE vineyard – one of the most authoritative plants of the country.

The staff is well trained and can give advice, what drink is better to combine with the selected dish.

  • PER SEMPRE. Specializes in authentic Italian cuisine. This is an elegant and, of course, a prestigious place with a piano in the hall and art of the Renaissance style. Pleases the room with a wooden interior, a collection of exquisite wines. The choice of guests are presented with all classic Italian cuisine, such as carbonara spaghetti, as well as some home recipes.

  • Pod Volt. The establishment is known for its fried meat and delicious branded walks. Pod Volt offers predominantly meat menu from veal, lamb and goats cooked over hot coals. The modest restaurant focuses on the provision of Chernogorsk cuisine with an extensive selection of wines, beer and traditional drinks.

  • “Nostalgia”. This establishment is a tribute of the past Montenegro and exciting cultural heritage. Traditional Yugoslav Restaurant offers homemade kitchen on recipes transmitted from generation to generation. Cooks are focused on the use of minimum ingredients and achieving maximum fragrance. The establishment serves juicy steaks, oily puree, rice air dishes and tipped vegetable soups.

Traditional wooden interior and patterned wallpaper give a feeling of a home living room, where guests treat feedst food.

  • Kalabrija. This charming Italian restaurant is a tiny pearl in the northeastern part of the city center, where guests can be soaked in a unique atmosphere and taste a delicious pizza. Out of the atmosphere of a cozy tavern hidden in Italian countryside, the interior is an assembly of fancy curtains and tablecloths, antique furniture and open brick walls. Here reigns a unique atmosphere of home coat.

  • Maša. Elegant and modern restaurant dedicated to the fish menu, in addition, this is also a universal store for those who want to taste fresh, high-quality seafood in Podgorica. Large and spacious, with high ceilings and a glass facade overlooking the busy streets of the city, the restaurant has its own city charm. If guests look at breakfast, they serve croissants and domestic pastries.

Local chefs can please each – here delightly prepare meat and offer the vegetarian menu.

How to get?

Podgorica has its own airport and airfield. All specified objects are not difficult to find on the map, which is very convenient. However, for those who are not going to stay here for a long time and would like to move to a quieter area, the bus station works.

The distance from the airport to Podgorica is only 1 km, to which – 86 km. A little closer is Budva – 64 km, and then only from the city to Herceg Novi, because you have to drive 108 km. The easiest way to get from Budva to Podgorica – Bus. There are more than 100 routes here, there is no transport only at night – from 00-30 to 3-30.

Urban and intercity transportation work constantly, the infrastructure is well developed, therefore tourists do not occur. The only thing that is worth not to pay attention is to be a flight schedule that changes from the season for the season.

In addition to public transport, a taxi works here, but the private traders will take quite expensive at the station, so it’s worth ordering a car in advance.

Where to stay?

Hotels in Podgorica a lot, there are cheap hostels and expensive 4 star institutions with quality service.

You can easily rent a room in the private sector, most often this accommodation costs cheaper.

Among hotels that are particularly popular, you can immediately consider several.

  • Hotel Hilton Podgorica Located in the center of the city, where government agencies are, making it ideal for those who came here at work. Previously, it was an old hotel at the top of the city, but not so long ago, it was completely repaired and now it is a luxurious object of the 5-star brand Hilton. Here they offer an indoor pool, a wellness center, parking and even allowed pets allowed.

  • If you like 5 star hotels, it will be necessary to stay in Ziya, who is hidden on a quiet street in the center of Podgorica. The hotel is close to Dona Goritsa Forest Park and within walking distance of the city center. There is an open terrace and a wellness center.

  • ARIA Located near the city center (7 km), this is the perfect family-run hotel. Here provided a game room and pool.

  • Comfortable and modern hotel Aurel Located on the outskirts of the city, when leaving Podgorica, namely, on the main road from the coast, which leads to the north. It also offers a free shuttle service from and to the airport.

  • Hotel Podgorica stands right on the banks of the Morach River. From here, guests fall into the city park, the old city and new quarters.

  • Hotel Ramada – Contemporary building located in the lively part of the city. Inside there is a wellness center and gym.

In the next video you can watch life and attractions in Podgorica.

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