Prcan in Montenegro: Attractions and recreation features

Prcan in Montenegro: Attractions and recreation features

Cold season behind, warm days are coming, the long-awaited vacation is approaching, and therefore, it is necessary to think about the place of its holding. Sometimes I want to combine everything at once: the cultural program together with simple fun, in this case it will be reasonable to go to Prcan, there you can admire the soul to the attractions that are guaranteed to leave your mark in your memory, shuffle on the beaches under the scorching sun and taste a delicious local kitchen.

We suggest briefly consider all important information for the future holiday in Montenegro.

Where to eat?

The city does not replete with a large number of diverse restaurants or food stores, but quality service and delicious food with more than compensate for this deficiency.

If you want to eat deliciously, taste local dishes and at the same time do not spend the precious time to rest on cooking, then with confidence, go to one of the restaurants.

As already mentioned, Quality quality at the highest level, while the cost of dishes moderate.

If you are not an amateur of such institutions or simply want to save money, you can visit one of the stores with food. The point here is exactly the same as with restaurants: there are several places in the city where you can buy everything you need to fully eat.

As for shopping, this city is definitely not for him. If you wish to buy souvenirs, in this case, you can go to Budva, which is much better suited for these purposes.

About Beach

Having understood with food, you, of course, want to visit the beach. The city can not boast a huge segment for recreation, everything is quite modest, but at the same time cozy. However, you can be calm – rest is not damping. People in this small town are relatively small, so you will find your place on the beach.

By the sea there is all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable pastime. The visitor can rent an umbrella and a burden for the sun, it will not beat the pocket and at the same time will save from the need to walk with your faugs. Or a person can come with her towel, which will mean free entrance to the beach for sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

Time to start resting on the beaches you can see in the picture below.

As you can see, starting from May and before November, water in the sea is warm enough and great for swimming. Additionally, I would like to note that The stram is very small, and if you do not know how to swim, you will still succeed in spank on babe.

It is also worth noting that in the city there are thermal sources that are used for rehabilitation after carrying out some diseases.

The city’s attractions

So we came to the most important thing: the sights of the city. This item should pay special attention because the city is replete with different places that the tourist is simply obliged to visit.

Previously, it was a rich city, a large amount of funds were invested in it, which in turn caused a huge interest from the intelligentsia.

This causes such an abundance of family estates, as well as the presence of several beautiful cathedrals fascinating the soul with their design.

If you have a large amount of free time, it is recommended to visit not only existing, but already destroyed attractions. Such belongs Church on a hill above the city, she is abandoned, but despite this, you should go there. Separately, I would like to say that there was buried the famous navigator Ivo Ving.

In addition, we suggest visiting the following places.

  • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. This temple refers to one of the iconic buildings in the city, this serves several reasons. One of them is the historical value of the structure. The church was laid in the XIII century and built more than 100 years, if we talk more precisely, 120 years. Many did not believe that the cathedral will be completed, but it happened, and until today the building pleases its spiritual and cultural component of tourists and indigenous people of the city.

  • Runly abounds of destroyed old infrastructure. Here you can rank a cathedral of three sisters with a beautiful legend, which affects such an important factors for each person as love and time.

  • The Bescuche Palace was erected in the XIII century, When the owner’s family had a huge weight in society. Intelligentsia meetings were held in the estate, in other words, parties. The building should be viewed from the sea, so it has a majestic appearance, causing delight and sadness from the fact that time mercilessly takes his.

  • Palace Verona. The owner’s family played a key role in the development of the city. Palace is considered the richest in the city. However, it is worth noting that individual estates were redeemed from the clan of Bizantti, and not erected on their own projects.

To date, any of the tourists can admire the sights of such a beautiful city. Be sure to buy a map in order not to miss any of the places that you should visit.

Of course, this is not all the sights of the city, but only their small grains. We recommend that you allocate for several days only to get around as many historical places as possible, admire the fascinating buildings and feel the spirit of the epoch for a long time. Be sure you will not be disappointed, except that your soul will be born of a pleasant sadness from contact with local legends. Therefore, boldly collect suitcases, buy tickets and travel for unforgettable impressions in the glorious city of Prcan.

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