Radovichi in Montenegro: attractions, climate and selection of apartments

Radovichi in Montenegro: attractions, climate and selection of apartments

A small village of Radovichi in Montenegro is widely popular with tourists, despite the lack of entertainment and a rather modest list of attractions. This place attracts travelers with their sleeve climate, cozy apartments, nature and history.


Radovichy village is located on the south coast of the Gulf. The warm Mediterranean climate contributes to a comfortable stay. Increased moisture level and summer heat as if scattered with a light sea breeze, fresh and pleasant. At the same time, cold air masses cannot penetrate this place: they interfere with the surrounding mountains, so that there are no sharp weather changes. Not far from the village is the city of Tivat, where lovers have fun to spend a large number of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and such institutions.

Besides, Radovichi attract a large number of beaches, among whom included well-known blue horizon. Small sand, which is attributed to the healing properties, shallow water, stretching at least 50 meters from the shore, make this beach, surrounded by pine trees and olive trees, one of the most popular in Montenegro. The entrance is paid, because tourists are provided with everything you need for rest. If you come with your equipment – you do not have to pay.

The entrance is paid, because tourists are provided with everything you need for rest. If you come with your equipment – you do not have to pay.

Alamar Beach – Another famous beach, which is characterized by comfort and higher prices. Here you can rent not only a sun bed or a chaise lounge, but also a comfortable soft sofa, closed by canopy and installed on a wooden flooring, which stretches to the water itself. Cliently – Not so popular, but no less loved by tourists Beach. It is small: only 150 m in length. Coast covered with a layer of pebbles.

Here you can rent everything for rest, and enjoy the view of the sea.

Historical reference

The Kertoli region in which Radovichi is located, has a rather rich history. The first mention of it dates back to the XIII century. In those days, the region referred to monastic lands and belonged to the abode of St. Archangel Mikhail. The name of “Krtholi” in translation means “hills”, “fortifications”. These natural hills at one time played the role of defensive structures that defended settlements from enemy raids from the sea.

For those in the territory of the Salt Cock during the Middle Ages, the local foggy fought (Princes Zeta, Nemanichi), Venetians and Turks. In that era, salt was expensive, and the possession of these deposits could bring the owner a considerable income. In the spread of Christianity Montenegro, especially the Kertoli region, also played an important role. It was in this region that in 1776 the first folk school opened in the country, in which the children studied, among other things, the foundations of Christianity and the law of God.

What to watch?

Radovichi do not shine a large number of attractions, but what they can offer for inspection really deserves attention. Mostly it is ancient church:

  • Saints John+

  • Holy Luke (was rebuilt in 1777.)

  • St. Archangel Mikhaila+

  • Savior (Central Temple of the Region)+

  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1843 buildings).

In addition, being in Radovichi, it is worth a visit to the famous bird reserve Tivatskaya Solila and the natural attraction of the Kertol archipelago, which includes the Islands of Exok (Island of flowers), St. Marko and the Gospie grace.

Where to stay?

The most popular tourists apartments are:

  • Villa Galina+

  • Apartmani Kalezik+

  • Apartments Starcevich+

  • Apartments Bakadekina.

    This housing is famous for comfortable, homely cozy rooms (in some there are even its own separate kitchen), the atmosphere of Chernogorsk antique and – what is important – reasonable prices. Rest in Radovichi is not noisy walking and crowded excursions, not just a change in the situation. Youth companies will meet, so-called parties will be incremented here. For a similar type of vacationers, this resort is low-income: too quiet and calm.

    But family people with children love Radovichi as a way to distract from their concerns, to forget about the bustle of the big city and to join the history, culture and the unique nature of the region, feel torn off from the world and enjoy this fully.

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