Rest in Becici (Montenegro): attractions, kitchen, weather and overnight

Rest in Becici (Montenegro): attractions, kitchen, weather and overnight

Picturesque types of landscape, warm sea, diverse kitchen and measured rhythm of life … All these benefits can be provided to you – a small resort town located on the beach of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro.


Becici is a village in Montenegro, who received glory due to its sandy beaches. There is a little less than a thousand people in the settlement, but in spite of this he is always full of travelers, and every year more and more new hotels appear there. It is a calm and picturesque resort that will not leave anyone indifferent.


The climate of Becici can be attributed to the Mediterranean type. Here are soft and short winters, while summer is hot and protracted. In summer, the average temperature reaches + 27 ° C, in the winter, the thermometer column is lowered to + 8-9 ° C. If you have a desire to fall in the Montenegrin settlement, remember that since November the rainy season begins, so the umbrella takes with them necessary. The most suitable time to relax – summer. The precipitation at this time is a very rare phenomenon, and by mid-June, water in the sea reaches optimal for swimming. But note that the biggest influx of tourists will be in the summer months.

Before October, the resort retains the velvet season, and in November with bathing you can tie. In winter, Becici is empty, as it becomes raw, and a strong wind appears. If you want privacy, then you may like this place in winter.

In the spring of the town again comes to life. Already in April you can go here, because the precipitation stops, the trees begin to bloom, and the sun accompanies walks. Tourists at this time a little. Since May, the temperature becomes summer, but everything is still worth refraining from bathing. If you can’t decide what time to come to this corner of Montenegro, then the average temperature indicator for months:

  • January – + 6.2 ° С+
  • February – + 6.8 ° C+
  • March – + 10 ° С+
  • April – + 13.2 ° С+
  • May – + 21.5 ° С+
  • June – + 25.5 ° С+
  • July – + 28.5 ° C+
  • August – + 30.7 ° C+
  • September – + 25.8 ° C+
  • October – + 16 ° С+
  • November – + 10.8 ° C+
  • December – + 7.5 ° С.

What to watch?

In Becici attractions a little and all of them can be found on the map, but at the same time he still will not leave anyone. Of course, the most important attraction is the beach with the embankment. It is a big – length of more than 2 kilometers, and if you compare with the neighboring Budva, it is also much better in quality. Sandy for the most part beaches have everything you need for rest: sun loungers and umbrellas, souls and cabins for dressing, cafe. On the beaches that belong to hotels, there are water entertainment, but a little later.

Waterpark at the Mediteran Hotel with many slides and most different pools will accurately like both children and adults. And it is not necessary to be the guests of this hotel, you can just pay the entrance.

One of the interesting features of Becici is pedestrian tunnels that pass through the rocks. They can lead you to Budva and Kamenevo (do not worry, it is not the only way there to be – you can use the tracks). In the summer, the charter of heat, just walk through the tunnels. Cool transitions are equipped for walks, while you can find panels there and get closer to the history of Montenegro.

The small Orthodox Church of St. Thoma will also have to taste those who are looking for a place for privacy. A small and cozy place is located in a very picturesque place – on the mountain surrounded by Garden Roses. If you decide to lean the neighborhood of Becica for a while, then go to Budva. There is worth visiting the old fortress and the museum that is located in it. The most budget leisure version – Walking in the city. If you climb a little bit, then you can see a stunning look. Tiled roofs of houses, sea and many greens can inspire you to any accomplishment.

Fishing lovers Becicism will appreciate. Not far from the settlement there are many lakes, where the most diverse fish is found (there are also fishing stores in the surrounding area, and you can easily rent a boat at the pier). Travel agencies are organized and group rides on fishing, where the guide is divided by all the details and tricks that can be useful in the process of fishing. If you are a shopping lover, then this picturesque edge can disappoint you a little. There are no shopping centers or boutiques. But in visiting the local market and tiny shops to deny yourself. Honey, local wine, olive oil, as well as many other quality products can be brought home as a souvenir. Seafood can be bought literally at every step.

Now we will walk on the list of excursions that you can visit being in Becici.

  • Excursion “Canyons” is the most popular in the whole Montenegro. You will be able to see the Skadar Lake, which is the largest in Europe, visit the mountains and canyon of the Tara River, stroll through the Durmitor National Park.

  • “The heart of Montenegro” will lead you to Cetina, who has its ancient history. You are waiting for a trip to the yacht, a playground with a panorama on the Boko-Kotor bay. In local shops you can buy delicious home cheese and other edible souvenirs.

  • Excursion “Grand Canyon” will lead you to the north of Montenegro. The bus rides next to the Morach River Canyon, then the observation deck is on the mountains. The next canyon is the Tara River, after the Jurgevich Bridge follows – one of the main attractions of Montenegro. After lunch, the Durmitor National Park will meet you. If you have a desire, you can swim in the sea (if the season allows). Completes the tour of the beer river, the Piva Lake and the Orthodox Monastery of Beer.

  • Excursion to the Scandar Lake will allow you to get better to get acquainted with the fauna of this country, as the lake is located in the National Park. It has a lot of fish, if you have a license, you can enter. With her absence, you can just swim.

  • If all of the above seems to you too calm and measured, then Jeep Safari Must cause you delight. The most interesting sightseeing tour will allow to visit those places where the bus will simply disagre. Biogradsk-Mount National Park is the oldest in Montenegro, and the experienced guide will tell a lot of interesting facts from his history.

What to try?

Despite the popularity of fishing in these parts, there are still a lot of meat position in restaurants, because they prefer local residents (it is worth noting that seafood is more expensive here than meat). And visiting, and the indigenous residents of the mandatory tasting include chopped sausages of Chevapchichi (they are prepared and served with fresh vegetables or potatoes at your discretion), Nehushki rubbed, stewed lamb, thick soup Chorba (it is prepared with meat, fish and even cancer). Do not forget about breeding dishes based on dairy products – Pind and Cyzvar.

How to get:

Citizens of the Russian Federation may be located in the state of up to 30 days without a visa, but it is necessary to register at the place of stay at the first 24 hours after arrival. You go to the mail in Budva and pay for a tourist duty, which is 1 EUR for every day in the country (per person). After you are heading to the tourist office in Old Budva and stand up on there. After all the manipulations, you have a receipt of payment of duties in your hands, the border guard can ask her (if it turns out that you are an unregistered traveler, you will need to pay a fine – 60 EUR).

In Montenegro, there are two airports: one in the capital Podgorica, the second in Tivat. The latter is closest to Becici, so the ticket is better to take from Russia exactly. Airplanes fly every day, direct flight is from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Airport arrival is 25 kilometers away from the village and 21 kilometers from Budva, but no public transport on this route. Tourists turn to taxi drivers, and those for 30-35 EUR will bring them to the destination. If you flew without a suitcase and not to save, then on a taxi you need to get to Tivat bus station (cost about 5 EUR), then transfer to the bus and drive to the bus station Budva (ticket 2.5 EUR). Here you can either take a taxi (5 EUR), or sit down to another bus (1.5 EUR) and so get to Becici.

Flight by plane to Montenegro is the most optimal option. If you want to drive by train, we must understand that the road takes several days, and you must get visas of those countries in the territory of which you will pass. Buses from Russia no. There is an option to go on your car, but it is also very expensive in time and also requires obtaining a visa of intersected countries.

Where to stay?

If you want to live near the sea, you should pay attention to hotels, as many of them are located right away from the beach, which can sometimes be their own. Be prepared for the fact that the prices of the summer will be higher than at another time of the year, since this is a peak of the influx of tourists. We present top hotels with the best rating for royal holidays.

  • “SPLENDID Conference & Spa Resort” (5 *). Located in the very center of the resort, to the beach from it 2 minutes. The hotel has many pools with different features, spa, casino.

  • Dukley Hotel & Resort (4 *). There is your own private beach that is in a minute from the hotel. Here is a unique style of apartments, all amenities for your comfort.

  • “Hotel Montenegro” (4 *). Its sandy beach is a 2-minute walk away, there is a spa with a wide variety of services.

  • «Iberostar Bellevue – All Inclusive» (4 *). There are hills around the hotel, and the windows come to Becici Beach. If you are interested in a gastronomic tour, then you should settle in this hotel: here 7 restaurants in the territory of Chernogorsk and international cuisine. Also for guests are carried out various events.

  • “Aparthotel Shine” (4 *). This is an aparthotel, which is a few steps from the beach. You can register in it at any time of the day.

If you are interested in the apartments, you should know that they are below the price (as well as the number of stars in the category), and there is also a large number of supermarkets nearby. For a walk to the sea you will leave for about 10 minutes depending on the place.

  • Guest House “Slavuj” (2 *). Prices start from 25 EUR, but in the summer they become higher. From the balcony there is a wonderful view of the mountains or the beach, which can be reached in 10 minutes. These apartments are located on a quiet street, so the noise of the cars will not disturb you.

  • Apartment »Cenic” (3 *). Studios with cleaning twice a day. Located near the mountains. The beach is just 7 minutes from them. Cost – from 35 EUR and above season.

Tourist reviews

You can hear many good reviews about Becici. Many celebrate that it is a great budget travel option. Montenegro is a small and picturesque country with excellent weather and a comfortable climate, which is designed for family holidays. The opinion of tourists who have already visited Becici converge on the fact that it is an optimal place to relax with children. Most of the hotels have children’s and game rooms, as well as animators. There are marine entertainment for kids, and the village itself is rather quiet, no parties will interfere with them. Also, visitors note that the locals come delight at the sight of children in restaurants and shops.

Constantly there are reviews about a delicious and diverse kitchen, which can be enjoyed at this resort. Local cooks are stunningly prepared and fish, and fish, as well as seafood. Neshushki and home cheese most often drive away from here as hotels. Finally, all travelers speak about the delightful Beach of Becici. Its length is more than 2 km, here you always support cleanliness. It is important to remember that marine hedgehogs can be found near large stones, so it’s going to swim in specialized shoes. Soft sand-pebble sand allows you to quietly walk along the beach.

On holiday in Becici, see next video.

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