Sveti Stefan in Montenegro: Beach, Hotels and Attractions

Sveti Stefan in Montenegro: Beach, Hotels and Attractions

Abroad Many leave not every year. If you already choose, then you want everything to be most comfortable, positive and preferably not very expensive. If you choose a place to rest and do not know what to stop on, you want to get only pleasant impressions of the rest – we suggest to take care of one of the small and hospitable resorts of Montenegro.


Sveti Stefan – small resort village in Montenegro. It is located on the beautiful coast of the Adriatic Sea, on the Budva Riviera, in the south-east of 5 kilometers from the famous tourist town of Budva. The town is named after St. Stephen, the patron of Montenegro.

Once it was a fortified fishing village, in which the fortress and the Church of St. Stephen were built in honor of the victory over Osmans. For a long time it was an important shopping center. But by the middle of the 20th century, there are only 20 inhabitants, who were sent to live on the mainland.

The resort consists of the island and mainland connected by a narrow sandstream.

On the island is located closedAMAN Sveti Stefan Premium Hotel, which consists of individual house rooms, 15 extra-class rooms and 100 luxury apartments. Relax here can only be very secured people, representatives of show business, politicians. For their comfort, there is a bank, restaurants, 3 pools, an art gallery, a hairdresser, confectionery and 3 churches (St. Stephen, Alexander Nevsky and the Assumption of the Virgin). Unfortunately, only hotel guests can use this infrastructure.

The resort town located on the mainland consists of about 40 houses built by tiers on the mountain. Most of Sveti Stefan – houses of locals in which tourists can rent a room, the rest – several hotels and apartments. Infrastructure is not very developed – cafes, restaurants, 4 grocery store, souvenir shop, bakery.

Features of climate

The Mediterranean climate in which Sveti Stephen is located, gives 100 sunny days a year, as well as a stuffy and hot summer (the temperature reaches +40), windy and rainy winter. January and February – cloudy and cold months. But even at this time, the air temperature does not fall below 5 degrees. Perfect time to relax in the resort – mid-July-beginning October. The specifics of the climate is that dry and hot July and August have a beneficial effect on health:

  • Immunity strengthened+
  • Improves the operation of the respiratory system+
  • Increases the body’s tone+
  • Exchange processes are activated.

    Water on the beach turquoise-transparent, clean and very salty. The main thing is to guess with a comfortable water temperature.

    Where to stay?

    To relax in Sveti Stefan, you can choose hotels of the appropriate category.

    • Fashion 5-star Hotel Aman Sveti Stefan, Located on the island. Comfortable room in the medieval town – expensive pleasure.
    • Hotels 4-Star Provide access to clean and comfortable beaches and basic infrastructure.
    • Hotels 3-Star or Guest Houses. You will have minimal conditions for recreation, but for unassicious holidays and this is enough.

      Choosing apartments, note that the buildings in Sveti-Stephen are built in the Montenegrin principle – tiers. The higher your temporary housing will be located, the more steps (and they can be about 250) will have to overcome to get to the beach. You can use a taxi service if you don’t want to go up.

      Unfortunately, there are no ramps, so families with young children and older couples are better renting apartments on the first line.


      Silence is something for which Sveti Stefan is appreciated. This is an ideal place for a serene and relaxing family holiday. You will not find here nightclubs, discos, bars, karaoke and any midnight parties. But you can eat enough to enjoy the beach relax. Beach The village is divided into several types:

      • Paid+
      • Free+
      • Nudist.

      In fact, the beach in Sveti Stefan is alone, but he is divided into two plots. On the right there is a beach of the guests of the hotel – Island (for them it is free). Rest tourists can visit him for 100 euros. The beach is covered with pink sand, almost like elafonisi in Crete, and you can only sunbathe here on the sun bed.

      To the left of the cage is a public (free) beach, covered with a large pink pebbles, which looks beautiful in the rays of the setting and rising sun. Here you can rent a sun bed and an umbrella or just use a towel or rug. Also on the beach you will be offered boiled corn, ice cream and donuts. For those who wish to eat here, a good choice of cafes for every taste is presented. Shower, toilet, changing cabins are on both beaches.

      Small nudist beaches are located on the outskirts of the village behind the cliffs. Their main part is fenced.

        Due to the successful location of Sveti Stefan, sea excursions are often held here.

        • Fish-picnic. Ideal for families with children, because it holds Captain Petar. Sailing along the Budva Riviera, you will enjoy luxurious views, and during small stops you can swim.
        • Canyons Tara and Morach. This is a group excursion (50 people), which includes a Morach Canyon program, a rocky gorge Plate, beautiful Morach monastery, black lake.
        • Grand Canyons – The luxurious excursion like the canyon program, but if finance is allowed, it is better to choose this. In the process of this excursion you will get a complete picture of Montenegro.
        • Walk on the ship on the Boko-Kotor Bay. Blue Lagoon, the Church of the Virgin Mary and the city – this is the beauty you will see.
        • Rafting The Tara River will satisfy the tastes of extreme lovers.

        If there is an existing Schengen visa, you can visit Albania, Bosnia and Croatia.


        Without a doubt, the most desirable place where tourists want to get, is an island hotel that is usually closed for ordinary mortals. There are 2 ways to penetrate the territory of the island.

        • Order a table in one of the island restaurants. But you need to remember that dinner will cost expensive.
        • Excursions that pass twice a day (at 11-00 and 14-00). Place of collection – guard booth, located on the variety. At the appointed time, the guide takes a group of those who want and conducts them to the cherished island. Excursion lasts 40 or 60 minutes in Serbian or English. In the tourist season (from May to October) you pay 20 euros, and not in season (November-April) – 10 euros.

        Attractive landmark Sveti Stefan (In addition to the island) – Park Milocher and Castle. For a long time, the royal family loved. Park is located 500 meters from the hotel. It was broken for the Serbian royal family, who has not far from the summer residence, in 1934.

        Botanical Garden Milocher – so more accurately you can characterize this park, occupies the territory of 18 hectares. In order not to get lost and not to get into an awkward position, it is better to build your route, guided by a card hanging at the entrance. It indicates those places where it is possible and cannot be (because there are private residences) to walk tourists. The park is arranged in French style – a huge amount of juicy greens: cypress trees, palm trees, old olive trees, magnolia, combined with stone arches and original borders framing the walking paths.

        On hot days you can stroll through the wonderful embankment, surrounded by cypress trees and olives, as well as enjoy the chic coniferous aroma of pines growing along the edges of Alley. Also here can be viewed on exotic plants growing in natural conditions, for example, Agava, Magnolia, Lebanese cedar.

        Silence, chic species, coolness, magnificent nature is something that can be enjoyed in the Milocher Park. Not far from it is a villa Milocher, a former Summer Residence of the Royal Family.

        A little flying away from the villa is easy to reach famous beaches.

        • Queen Beach (Mail Cool). Paid in summer season and free for walking outside the season.
        • King Beach, or Royal Beach. Only the guests of the Milocher Hotel, located in the former Palace of King Nicola, can get here.
        • Beach Milocher.

        Not far from Sveti Stephen rises the oldest monastery of Praskvitsa, located on a mountain in a beautiful olive grove.

        This is a valid male monastery, consisting of a large church of St. Nichola, the Little Church of the Holy Trinity, a guest house and Keels. In the old cells there is a monastery library and a museum where you can see the Golden Cross, belonging to the king of sushan. You can get here by car or walk.

        Another landmark is the legendary villa “21”. She is known for the fact that the price of living in it is determined at the auction, and it makes it the most expensive villa on the Adriatic coast.

        Fans of hiking can reach the small town of Prznom, located 2 kilometers from Sveti Stefan. Here you can relax on the clean beach, stroll through the narrow streets framed by grenades and figs, or walk along olive groves and enjoy fresh seafood in small restaurants and cafes. If you are not afraid of long hiking, then for 3 hours, admiring the beautiful views, you will reach Budva.

        How to get?

        The wonderful village of Saint Stefan can be reached in several types of transport:

        • Taxi+
        • Personal or rental car+
        • urban transport.

        Taxi – convenient and fast way to get from Podgorica and Tivat airports. Economical option – in advance to order a taxi online, as it is much more expensive at the airport.

        When renting the home apartments, it is often offered to meet their future guests from the airport. It will cost more than a taxi.

        Near Tivat Airport is a bus stop. Unfortunately, first you will have to get to Budva, and there is to transfer to the bus or minibus (Mediteran Express) to Sveti Stefan. A small minus – to the apartment will have to go down the stairs.

        If you flew to Podgorica Airport, then first of all the bus or train get to Podgorica, transplanted by bus before Budva and from there – to Sveti Stefan.

        Sometimes you can agree with bus drivers who take tourists who came across travel agency. For an additional fee and in the presence of free places you can easily get to the village.

          Transport connection between cities in Montenegro is very good:

          • From Budva by bus for 1.5 euros you can get to Sveti Stefan, buses run every 10 minutes+
          • From which buses walk in 1-1.5 hours+
          • From Rafailovichi and Becchechi to Sveti Stefan, you can walk along the sea along the seafront or take a bus that goes from Budva to the Yadranway.


          Sveti Stefan – Pearl of Montenegro, so lovers of beautiful nature are resting here. Most tourists value silence and tranquility reigning in the resort, as well as large comfortable beaches with clean transparent turquoise water. This is especially important for those who prefer a serene beach vacation away from the Big City.

          Tourists celebrate excellent living conditions: cleanliness, comfort, availability of air conditioners in the rooms, the availability of pools in hotels.

          Spacious verandas or balconies, seized by grapes, with chairs, a table and an umbrella from the Sun conquered the hearts of most travelers, because you can enjoy a chic sea view, tiled roofs and mountains from any floor. Restaurants offer dishes for every taste, seafood are especially valued.

          Families with children leave contradictory reviews – someone likes, and someone leaves dissatisfied. From positive:

          • Modern playgrounds+
          • The menu has a large selection of dishes for children+
          • Comfortable beach+
          • The hotels offer a crib, stroller, and will also prompt, much better go with the child.

          The only minus for recreation with children is the location of the village – a lot of steps, which are difficult to overcome with the stroller. According to the reviews of tourists, it is also a bit darken with holidays in Sveti Stefan and other moments.

          • Yarny location village. Permanent walking on the steps – a tedious occupation.
          • Lack of large supermarkets.
          • Large pebble on the beach. This problem is solved by buying special shoes.
          • Relatively high price of apartments and hotels, almost like in Budva.

                Tourists appreciate Montenegro, and respectively Sveti Stefan, for security, beautiful photos and pleasant impressions. Use all the wonderful benefits of rest in Montenegro: Relax on comfortable beaches, examine local historical sights, enjoy authentic food. Do not be afraid to discover new places and interesting features.

                Next, watch the video review of hotels and villas located in Sveti Stefan.

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