Ultsin in Montenegro: Features, Landmarks, Travel and Overnight

Ultsin in Montenegro: Features, Landmarks, Travel and Overnight

A trip to Montenegro is attractive not only because of natural beauty and numerous beaches. The very attractive side of this country is its cities that are replete with antique monuments. Tourists should pay attention to such a city like Ultsin.


Ultsin (Ultsin) in Montenegro – this is a resort station located on the south of the country. It is located on the Adriatic Sea coast. Attracts the attention of holidaymakers not only the stormy past of this old city, but also proximity to the border with Albania.

Among Russian tourists there was a strange opinion, as if Ultsin is somewhere in the wilderness. However, this resort underestimate in vain: there will be a lot of opportunities for the connoisseurs of the beach holiday and for those who love comfortable parties.

Epithet “old” assigned the city is not in vain. It was built approximately in the V century to our era. The founders of Ulsin are the Ardai (one of the Illyrian tribes). Later, the city was under control:

  • Ancient Greeks+
  • Ancient Romans+
  • Byzantine Empire+
  • early Serbian state+
  • Venice+
  • Ottoman Empire.

Montenegro herself became independent in 1878, and Ultsin entered its composition only two years later. All last epochs were reflected in the architecture of the city. According to the correspondence in it, 11,000 inhabitants are listed. However, the tourist season is accompanied by a large number of people. Then holidaymakers are several times more than indigenous people.

Since Ultsin is close to Albania, the share of Albanian population accounts for about 70% of citizens. This circumstance can not be ignored when traveling there. Inappropriate, unclear behavior or indiscreet clothing, causing actions may result in negative consequences for tourists. But they will be able, without leaving the Montenegrin Earth, taste traditional Albanian dishes.

As for vegetation, Near Ulsin, the grove of olive trees is located. Even the usual citizens go there. Therefore, for tourists it is useful to go in this direction. The city is located on the swords of various plants, as if coming out of an outstanding painter.

Noteworthy feature of the surrounding area is Presence of lakes. The biggest one (Shask) is 10 km south and inferior in magnitude only by the scandar lake in Montenegro. For the shores of the reservoir grows reed. His thickets serve as a house for winter birds.

It is reliably known at least 200 types of feathered, stopping here. On Shask Lake ride and fishing lovers who can catch up to 20 different types of fish.

How to get?

The nearest airport for departing to Ulsin – Podgorica. The distance between these points is 77 km. Between Tivat and Ultsin Road longer than 7 km. The problem is that it is not only necessary to get from the airport, but also to fly first to Montenegro. Direct flight Tivat leaves Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Podgorica without transfers can be arrived only from Moscow, and then in the summer months.If a direct message for some reason is not available, most often an intermediate landing is made in Belgrade.

The same information is to keep in mind and tourists who have decided to relax in the popular city of Budva. From Belgrade to Ultsin and other Chernogorsk resorts get not only by air, but also by rail. There is even a trailer car, which from Moscow transit through Belgrade comes to the city of Bar. Distance between him and Ulzine is 28 km. Minus only one – the Moscow car goes exclusively in the summer. You can take a train from Belgrade twice a day. It will arrive at about 8 and at 20 o’clock local time.

From the bar in Ultsin leave for a taxi or by bus. Tickets for such a long-distance bus are sold in about 2 euros. You can simplify my life, renting a car or taking advantage of the transfer. But some travelers, evaluating the location of Ulzin on the map, choose another option. They get by plane to tyrana, after which they go to Shkoder and from there sit on the bus or car to the Montenegrin resort.

The road between two finite points takes about 40 km. The passage of the bus will be approximately 6 euros. Border control is made at the transition of Sukobin. It is worth mentioning about one alternative – when tourists arrive in Italy, and then sit on the ferry to the bar. The cost of the ticket varies from 44 to 250 euros (it is influenced by the comfort of ships and specific cabins), time of crossing – 9 hours.

What to watch?

Inspection of the sights of Ulzine is appropriate to start with the old part of the city. Currently, this area is being prepared in the list of specially protected UNESCO objects. In the old part of the resort, the selection of objects for inspection is:

  • Walls of a medieval fortress+

  • Calaya Castle+

  • Museum of Archeology+

  • Tower of Bashika.

Fee for entry from tourists in the old town do not take. It’s possible to examine it in an hour. Interestingly, it is in this place the Turks contained captive Cervantes taken. The Archeology Museum is occupied by the former Church of St. Mary. In direct appointment, it has been used since the beginning of the XVI century. But at the end of the XVII century, a mosque.

Here they keep the extensive selection of artifacts of the ancient Roman and Ottoman epoch. Ticket to the museum costs 2 euros. In the summer months it works from 9 to 20 hours daily.

On vacation it will be useful will be to get to know the closer and from Balshchić Tower. Built it in the XII century, and against the background of the surrounding buildings it was really impressive at their height building. The tower has received its name in honor of the dynasty, which ruled Ulzine in the XIV-XV centuries. Now the tower occupies an ethnographic museum and art gallery. It is necessary to approach the museum through the area of ​​slaves. Once this place was really used for slave trade.

But the sailor mosque was reconstructed in 2012 exactly on the site of the predecessor of the same name, built in the XIV century. Muslims erected the temple in the area of ​​the Small Beach. The mosque was obtained due to the dedication saved from death. Notice: Minaret of the Matroskaya Mosque of Ponune continues to be used as a lighthouse. It is interesting to visit the temple of St. Nicholas. It is surrounded by olive trees.

The Church of St. Nicholas was commissioned in 1890. He was dedicated to the memory of victims of the struggle for the freedom of Montenegro. If we talk about nature monuments in Ultsin, it is necessary to mention Ulsinsky salt.

Such a name has a protected zone located near the village of Say. So an unusual brand was given on the once located immediately salty. After the closure of salt production, birds began to arrive here. And since 2015, the territory was submitted to the organization engaged in the National Parks of Montenegro.

Doctors advise to come to the former salt copy those who suffer from respiratory disorders. Salt air contains a lot of useful substances. Another attractive feature of the reserve, where even excursions are organized, is the amazing Lake Solana.

Many thousand birds fly to the shores of the lake. Separate species settled here even on an ongoing basis. Solana Lake became the center of attraction for:

  • Pelikan+
  • Flamingo+
  • Baklanov+
  • Herkel.

Ulciny beaches – this is a separate big topic. Small beach begins almost from the oldest city and reaches 350 m in length. Sand descent to shallow sea pleases and children and adults. The beach area is very well equipped. Visitors are available not only to undressing booths, but also quite a few cafes, restaurants, renting sun beds. Active leisure connoisseurs ride on catamarans and hydrocycles.

If the small beach still does not like or seem crowded, you need to move on the embankment further south. Rocky shores are found there, where you can find small beach courts. In this place there are platforms for diving lovers. Such platforms are often used by beach clubs.

Attention deserves the so-called Female beach. It is dedicated to foreign observers part of the coast. Even the most modest and puritan configured ladies will feel quite calm here. Men not allowed here at all. From incoming take 2 euros. In the female beach near the shore from the seabed, healing water is broken. Since it follows from hot springs, the temperature consistently holds at least 15 degrees.

Fear of the rocky shore do not need. You can go down to the water in steps. Women’s beach is equipped with shower cabins and sun loungers.

Great Beach Ultsin is so uncomplicated: this is the most popular part of the coast across Montenegro. He is officially assigned a blue flag. The strip of dark sand shallow fraction stretches for 13 km. Preheat Sand mass perfectly helps in the fight with:

  • Poles in muscles+
  • Arthritis+
  • rheumatic disorders.

As along the great beach there is a hob of seabed, you can come here and children. Visitors are available rental chairs and umbrellas. Infrastructure also includes fish restaurants, bars, gaming centers and children sites. Cakesurfing fans often come to the Great Beach. Those who wish to master this sport will be able to rent equipment and visit master classes.

The Great Beach is customary to divide into several sections that are distinguished by their specificity. At the very end of the coast, the island of Ada Boyana is the island of Hell. There is a nudist beach. And the KiteSerfers and Windsurfers also rushed there. Copacabana Beach Plot is 12 km from Ulzin. Every year the music festival is held every year in the last days of June. Performers and whole groups from different states come to him. Music sounds different states:

  • Funk+
  • jazz+
  • Soul+
  • house.


Ultsin is characterized by the fierce and sunny weather in the whole Montenegro. Come to Ultsinsky Riviera stands in May and in June. Peak demand falls in July and August. Then on the coast overwhelmed coast air temperature can reach 30-35 degrees.

In September, it becomes cooler – the air cools an average of up to 25-27 degrees, while the sea remains warm. Interestingly, the locals themselves choose for water procedures this month, when there is no crowd of tourists, and the air temperature and water in the sea are very comfortable. In the winter months there is a soft weather, most often the temperature is about +10 degrees. Due to the rains and the lack of special entertainment of tourists in the winter months there are a bit.

Where to stay?

The problem with the choice of housing in Ultsin is especially Ortre at the peak of the season. High demand is accompanied by regular price increases. In the city itself there are about 300 objects for accommodation (if you consider not only hotels, but also apartments, hostels and more exotic options).

Experts recommend booking real estate in Ultsin through Booking service a few months before the trip. This is the most comfortable and safe decision.

Reviews show that It makes sense to go to Guest House Smajlaga. You can get from this guest house to the beach stripes in 4 minutes. Service fully matches the level of 3 stars. Guests are available not only garden and terrace, but also guest area, personal kitchen and stove.

Not bad estimates give and Hotel Senator. From this hotel you can walk to the sea in a couple of minutes. Guests are available free Wi-Fi, garage and swimming pool. All rooms are air-conditioning. Everywhere equipped miniature kitchens and dining areas. Guests Villa Marinero can reach the coast in just 1 minute. Almost close to the romantic old town.

What to try?

The highlight of Ulzin are Albanian dishes. Here traditionally do tens of grades of amazing cheese. Among them are solid, and soft varieties. Some cheeses are prepared with additive spices and goat milk. Acquire cheeses and goat cheeses advised in small stores, and not in supermarkets. Pay for them will have quite a lot: prices range from 8 to 16 euros per 1 kg. But excellent taste fully justifies such expenses.

The reason is simple – At local pastures there are completely unique herbs. A pleasant novelty in Ultsin will also be Chernogorsk butter. It is characterized by the same notes.

Any local resident will definitely recommend foreigners to taste. So here is called dried meat, which was littered according to a special methodology. But to find something specifically national from the number of sweets and desserts will not be able to. Yes, and the general choice is small. But all local food meets the basic principles of healthy nutrition.


In estimates of tourists who visited Ultsin, the benevolence and peace of the locals often noted. Of the other positive traits of the resort are usually called affordable prices and abundance of beaches. Travel here is justified for people of various ages. In Ultsin, you can take pictures practically every step. Find attractive places very easy. Some even call this resort of the highlight of the Adriatic.

Mountains around look majestically. In cafes and restaurants give great portions of a variety of meals. Tourists pay attention to the fact that the institutions themselves are quite a few, and additionally diversify meals by purchases on the market. There are selling exclusively delicious vegetables and fruits.

How to spend your holiday in Ultsin, see next video.

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