We choose a snowboarding jacket

We choose a snowboarding jacket

A properly selected jacket for snowboarding has far from the last value in ensuring comfort. The qualitative thing should protect a person from temperature drops and the effects of wind gusts, leveling falling, to divert swelling, without which it does not do with active movement.In this article we will look at how to choose a suitable snowboarding jacket.



Features and differences from the ski jacket

Today there are many different types of high-quality snowboarding jackets. Similar things are sewn taking into account that under them you can wear clothes in several layers, as well as the appropriate protective ammunition. Spacious out of view of the products under consideration for riding on a snowboard guarantees complete freedom of user movements. The bottom of such jacket is made elongated, so that with the slopes and the execution of various tricks of the back and herdnaste of a person have always been closed. A peculiar “skirt” can be attached to the waist area from the inside, creating barrier protection against penetration inside water and snow.

The peculiarity of modern snowboarding jackets lies in the presence of a rather deep hood.

It can be easily put on a protective helmet. In this case, the hood will reliably protect the user from the effects of cold wind and snow. Qualitatively performed jackets can be adjusted due to the presence of special lipochku, rubber bands, lightning and a variety of fumes. Most copies provide for a large number of pockets (and internal and external), in which a person can keep different useful trivia.

Women’s models of snowboarding jackets are usually manufactured shorter, characterized by a damned cut. For all other basic parameters, things for men and women are identical.

Many users who are interested in snowboarding are interested in the question, is there any difference between a ski suit and a snowboarding jacket. In fact, the difference between these things is minimal. First of all, differences in design and colors are distinguished. For example, for riding on a snowboard are produced predominantly bright and youth models of jackets, and clothing for the mountain ski is most often characterized by strict one-photon performance.

There are differences and in the form of jackets intended for snowboarding and skiing. Ski jackets are produced more elegant, neat and even sophisticated. Snowboarded by such qualities will not boast. These models look rustic and extremely simple. When looking at them, the impression may be created that they are more of their owners on 4-5 sizes.


Modern models of snowboarding jackets are divided into several separate species, each of which has its own design features. In order not to make a mistake in choosing such clothes, it is very important to take into account the subspecies to which it belongs.

Modern models of snowboarding jackets are elongated and shorter. Long models are still called Anorak. Such products are presented in a wide range. Most manufacturers produces men’s agen’s men’s models, but women’s options are sometimes found on sale.

Extratented types of snowboarding jackets often go without zipper along the entire length. In many copies there is such a clasp, but only on the pockets and in the neck zone. Jacket-Annarak is often complemented by a large number of front pockets, is characterized by a solid cut, equipped with a hood with the ability to adjust.

In a rich assortment today, classic snowboarding jackets with zipper in front. Such products are distinguished by modern cut, have a removable hood, as well as an antickered “skirt”. The latter in many models is not removable.

Quality models of jackets with zippers produce many well-known manufacturers. These warm protective products are made from practical materials that are wear-resistant, moisture resistant.

Produced models of snowboarding jackets are also divided into different types in accordance with the design execution and manufacturer materials.

Today, we can find a lot of excellent products for snowboarding, equipped with special heat and moisture insulating membranes. Many species of jackets are also complemented by special impregnation.


As mentioned above, Modern models of snowboarding jackets are divided into different types in accordance with the materials used in their manufacture. This criterion is one of the most important in the choice of perfectly suitable and practical clothing for a winter sport.


Depending on the types of membranes used for the production of snowboarding jackets, Several varieties of similar products.

  • Models with impaired membrane. The name of such details speaks for itself. This material does not have in its pore structure or holes intended for transmitting moisture droplets. Their removal in this case is implemented on the principle of osmosis – being on the surface of the membrane, the moisture seeps into the outer layer, and the special top of the top warns its hit back. To the main disadvantages of the jackets with such membranes can be attributed not the fastest moisture concern and high cost.

  • Porous membranes. In the manufacture of many snowboarding jackets use special porous type membranes. The design of these products is simpler. In them, the wet air is displayed outside through a special porous structure, due to which the “breathable” properties of clothing for winter sports are at a decent level. Jackets with porous membranes have their drawbacks. If the thing is exploited incorrectly, the membrane elements risk quickly fail. In addition, products with the insulation components under consideration are characterized by the worst in washing and care.

  • Combined elements. A similar membrane is a composite material, which includes two main components – porous and solid. Jackets with specified components have all the advantages of the options discussed above, but also not devoid of deficiencies. Usually, similar specimens are available in the arsenal of experienced Snowboard Ass.

Membranes that are present in modern snowboarding jackets consist of several layers, there may be 2, 3 or 2.5. From the wrong side, these components are securely protected by small-scale materials or are covered with foam synthetic inserts.


If inside the jackets of the body of lovers of winter sports are protected from moisture and cold with special membranes, then the outside is provided for a special impregnation of the product. This impregnation very well protects the snowboarding jacket from water, effectively repulsing it in any conditions. Even the smallest particles of condensate, which are in a dense fog, are absorbed in drops, getting on the treated surface. The formed droplets easily flow down, not delivering the user not the slightest inconvenience.

Buying a high-quality jacket for winter sports, it is very important to take into account the fact that impregnation on its surface is required to periodically update. It is implemented in the form of an aerosol. Required cans with suitable compositions are sold in many sports stores, so they do not have to search for a long time.

Colors and design

The external design of snowboarding jackets is the most different. Most often in sports stores there are models made in such colors:

  • black+
  • Yellow+
  • White+
  • Red+
  • Pink+
  • Green+
  • blue+
  • Gray+
  • Pistachkaya+
  • Purple.

Often one model of the jacket combines several contrasting colors at once, for example, black and yellow or blue and pink. Buyers can choose for themselves as one-photon options and products decorated with multi-colored geometric patterns, abstract bright prints, drawings in winter and sports topics.

Modern manufacturers produce very attractive jackets for snowboarding. On the shelves of stores come across both baggy specimens of type Oversis and the models of the fitted type. The latter are usually designed for women.

Rating of the best brands

Lovers of sport sports have an excellent opportunity to choose absolutely any snowboarding jackets. Herd quality products produce many well-known companies. Get acquainted with some of them.

  • PEAK PERFORMANCE. Famous brand specializing in the production of not only reliable and practical, but also very attractive jackets. The manufacturer’s assortment has both brutal men’s and more elegant women’s products. PEAK PERFORMANCE products present very good Gore-Tex membranes.

  • Norrona. This brand is especially popular and in demand in Europe. Jackets with the Norrona branded logo belong to the category of elite, so it is not suiced, but at the same time are characterized by impeccable quality.

  • Marmot. Releases high-quality equipment for lovers of winter sports. In practical and wear-resistant jackets of this brand there are membranes from the NanoPro family.

  • Patagonia. Products of this manufacturer have long been famous for brilliant quality, attractive design and high level of comfort. Especially popular products designed to occupies freeride, snowboarding, winter tourism.

  • Haglofs. The models of this well-known company are characterized by relatively low prices than attracting many buyers. Haglofs branded clothing is very popular because it has been produced for a very long time and managed to establish.

  • Columbia. The world-famous manufacturer who occupies a leading position in the sports goods market. COLUMBIA Snowboard Jackets are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time demonstrate the highest quality and level of comfort.

Criterias of choice

Throw out from what criteria should be repelled to find the perfectly suitable model of high-quality snowboarding jacket.

  • The size. This is one of the most important parameters of any equipment. The jacket must accurately comply with the anatomical features and physique of the user. Too little thing will deliver a lot of inconvenience, and too big will not contribute to the right thermoregulation, which can lead to negative consequences for a person.

  • Quality of seams. A very important parameter that affects the level of comfort and dryness during the well-being in the fresh air. Most often, poor-quality jackets begin to proceed at the seam, so it is important to make sure that they are all well-pricked. On the tag, the inscription All Seams Are Sealed, testifying to the quality of the seams. This information is recommended to check, especially if the jacket model is bought.

  • Quality of pockets, cuffs, lightning. The state of these components always affects the quality of winter equipment. Cuff jackets are usually made of soft rubberized material, with a characteristic two-layer structure. Lightning things must be processed by special compositions that do not let moisture inside the jacket. Clasp is obliged to be comfortable and serviceable.

The presence of dense and deep pockets with lining and reliable clasps are welcomed.

  • Properties of membrane. You need to learn about the parameters of moisture resistance and vapor permeability membranes in the product. High-quality membrane is designed for the minimum precipitation of at least 5000 mm. The models of the average price category are characterized by the level of moisture resistance in 10-20 thousand. mm. This indicator will be enough, but you can also acquire a more practical option with the values ​​of 30-40 thousand. mm.

  • ConcerningParry permeability, then here it will be permissible 5000 g / l square. For the best models, the indicators are 20-30 thousand. g / m square.

  • Design, brand. It is recommended to choose attractive jackets that you will like to taste. Today find the appropriate option can buyer with any preferences.

High quality branded equipment should be purchased. Fortunately, in the range of many firms there are relatively inexpensive goods.

Tips for care

We will highlight a few useful snowboarding tips for snowboarding jackets.

  • For washing products with membranes, ordinary detergents cannot be used. Small particles of powder or thick gel can score micropores of membrane parts, settle on tissue fibers. Because of this, clothes will be spoiled. The only washing of a snowboarding jacket with classical means can bring it out of order.
  • From professional chemical cleaning, too, you need to refuse. This is due to the fact that with similar cleansing procedures, very often used very aggressive agents and compositions that can seriously harm things.
  • To remove contaminants and spots from snowboard clothes, you need to use special transparent liquids. They are sold in many sports stores.
  • Washing The things under consideration should be carried out manually in warm water with a temperature not higher than 40 degrees.
  • Press or unscrew the dense or thin jacket is not allowed. Drying on the battery or other heater is prohibited. Even just next to the heating devices, the product cannot be placed.
  • After the completion of the washing process, clothes for winter sports is recommended to shake well. Need to allow stroke with the things of accumulated water. You can cheat the postgraded jacket on the usual hanger in room temperature.
  • After complete drying of the insulated product, it will have to be treated with a special water-repellent impregnation. Stroking membrane materials are prohibited due to the possibility of serious damage.
  • Special membrane care products prolong their service life, but it must be borne in mind that sooner or later they begin to harm the tissues. After 15-20, the styrics of the membrane lose their previous properties. That is why it is not too often to wash the equipment.

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