Weather and features of the rest in Montenegro in July

Weather and features of the rest in Montenegro in July

To fully enjoy the July sun, clean sea, warm sand or anti-nature nature, you need to spend the peak in the country, which is simply created for beach holidays, and is suitable for lovers of mountain tourism. This country is Montenegro. It was in July here here is the most favorable weather that has a family vacation on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.


Despite the fact that Montenegro takes a relatively small area, its territory is in three climatic zones.

  • Mining. The weather here is similar to the subalpine climate type. Even in the middle of summer, it is not very hot here, and at night it is even cooler. In winter, the weather is pretty warm and almost windless. In this region there are National Parks Durmitor and Biogradsk Mountain.

  • Continental. Mountains arrays protect the central part of the country from cold winds, so the highest temperature indicators are fixed here. Increased air humidity smoothes hot summer weather.

  • Coastal. The pronounced Mediterranean climate is observed on the entire Adriatic coast. Summer is not very roast here, but dry, with a minimum precipitation. Refreshing sea breezes weaken the heat. Daily and night temperatures – approximately 10ºС.

Weather conditions in the middle of summer

The total majority of tourists arriving in Montenegro are chosen for the country’s coast. In July, it seems that the sun shines here constantly, to 15 hours a day. Rainy or cloudy can be released just a couple of days. Wind at this time of year is also almost no, and the sea is quiet, warm and clean.

    The average temperature of the second summer month fluctuates in the area + 29ºС during the day and about + 20ºС at night. At the same time, the water warms up to + 24ºС and above. In such temperature indicators, the battery process cannot cause discomfort. Near the water can be held all day, enjoying gorgeous views of the coastal zone.

    In addition to the beaches, travelers are also sitting in Montenegro Mountains and Mountains. The weather here, unlike the coast, is noticeably cooler, but for lovers of extreme rest is not a problem.


    July vacation in Montenegro is always associated with luxurious beaches, clean sea water and affectionate sun. On the beaches are widely developed infrastructure for tourists. Different types of entertainment, such as water parks, zoos, attractions, dolphinarium.

    The climate of this country is ideal for the treatment, restoration of forces and recreation of children. For this purpose, the resorts and sanatoriums of a particular recreation. In the summer in the country there are many children’s camps. In addition to fun games on the beach and splashing in the water, the Datvora learns a lot of new things about the country stay, her story and traditions. Carefully selected staff cares about kids around the clock.

    You need to be ready that July – Peak beach season. In popular urban coastal areas, such as Budva or Becici – a lot of people. At the same time, there are wild beaches or less well-known, where you can spend time in solitude, enjoying nature.

    What you can view?

    For tourists who are accustomed to relax not only on the beach, the hospitable Montenegro prepared a lot of other entertainment. This feature should be used to the maximum in order to stock with pleasant memories at least for the coming year.

    The country, having the status of an environmental state, makes it possible to enjoy its endless plains, transparent lakes and bays, magnificent mountains and to receive spiritual satisfaction and improved organism.

    Beautiful places, natural reserves and historical architectural structures should visit every tourist who came to Montenegro in July.

    • Island of Sveti Stephen. It is located in the waters of the Adriatic Sea and is connected to the Lower Limit of Natural Origin. This is a mysterious and surprisingly beautiful island, which must be visited.

    • Boca-Kotor Bay and Kotor. Bay from a bird’s eye view – fascinating sight, and having visited an old city, it is impossible not to feel the atmosphere of antiquity and historical significance. All the labyrinths of stone streets lead to the main Catholic church of the Holy Trifon. The place is under the protection of UNESCO.

    • Petrovac. Coastal city located in a picturesque bay. Pebble beaches surrounded by coniferous groves, make it possible to enjoy the purest air and the same water. Main landmark of the city – ancient Venetian fortress Castello.

      • City-Fortress Old Bar. This city is filled with its own atmosphere and flavor. The remains of the ancient fortress built by Byzantines are still attracting curious tourists. Vintage abandoned houses, though they will be buried in the thickets, however, they have been well preserved to this day and hurt.

        • Monastery Moracha. It is most important than the sanctuary dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. Beautiful and well-groomed territory attracts visitors to their history, their own apiary, the presence of a healing source.

          • Fort Arza. This mysterious building is located on Cape Mirishta, which is on the peninsula Lushtitsa. The structure was built in the XIX century and at that time was considered the best technically equipped defensive fort.

            • Skadar Lake. The largest natural freshwater reservoir in the Balkans is an area of ​​nearly 480 kV. KM. In this amazing national park, swampy and water ecosystems dominate. In the lake live fish and mammals of some endangered species.

              • Black lake. It is located in the northern part of Montenegro at the bearish mountains at a height of 1416 m. Water in a lake of glacial origin, so amazingly transparent and clean.

                • Biograd Lake. Bowl of the Mountain Arrays of Belasitsa is the placement of this reservoir. Lake lies in the center of the National Park of Biogradsk Mountain. Place refers to the protected area and especially picturesque looks in the middle of the summer.

                  • Delicious. Mountain and country National Park. His attractions include the village of Nehushi, having an ancient architectural buildings and the mausoleum of the representative of the Royal Chernogorsk Dynasty of Peter II Petrovich Nesha. Mausoleum is located on top of the mountain, and from the observation deck there is a luxurious view of the whole country.

                    • Giurjevich Bridge. This building is famous as the highest automotive bridge in Europe. Its length 365 meters, and height 172 meters. The view that opens with it is simply fascinating and produces an unforgettable impression. It was built on the Tara River.

                    Montenegro is a unique combination of unrealisticly beautiful mountain landscapes and crystal clear sea. Active rest in the form of a sightseeing tour of the canyons of this country will provide an opportunity to make such photos that you will remember more than one year about this holiday.

                    Cultural and public events

                    To feel all the flavor and hospitality of Montenegrins, learn more about their lives and culture, you need to come here in July. The second month of summer in Montenegro – the most height of festivals, concerts, performances and fairs. Almost every city from year to year at the same time has its own holiday, and it is always spectacular, bright and beautiful.

                    In early July, the city starts in the city Festival Basse chronicle. His program includes such events: performances and literary evenings of local and visitors Troupe, Classical Music Concerts. For lovers of popular execution, another festival passes – Summer with stars.

                    In Budva, the Budva Night has become a traditional holiday, and in Ultsin – Ultsinskaya night. This is a dance marathon, lasting until the morning. Even if it does not take in this participation, to watch graceful dancing can be infinite.

                    In July, the city is taking International Fashion Festival. Famous fashion designers are involved in shows. You can not lose a chance to visit the event of this level. Immediately lovers of puppet theaters will be able to take the soul and enjoy the game of loved by heroes.

                    From sports holidays should be noted Durdormor Ring cycling, passing in the Chernogorsk National Park Durmitor. And also attracts its scale and entertainment sailing regatta in the city of Tivat.

                    Montenegro on July 13 notes the day of statehood. At least this holiday and does not have the status corresponding to his name, but it is noted quite wide. During the celebration, solemn and mass events, fairs and folk festivities are held. Tourists have the opportunity to try various traditional Chernogorsk dishes cooked by antique recipes.

                    Whatever the weather, here you can always find a lesson for the soul. Montenegro will delight you with your diversity, welcome and hospitality.

                    On vacation in Montenegro, see the following video.

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