Weather and holidays in Montenegro in April

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Weather and holidays in Montenegro in April

Montenegro has always attracted its beaches and a unique climate, and today it is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Where and how to relax in the country in April, not everyone knows because the beach season is not yet considered open.

general characteristics

Montenegro can be divided by about five regions. The center is considered to be Podgorica – this is the capital, which is a pleasant combination of vintage buildings and modern architecture. Approximately an hour drive from it is the historic town of Cetini – the old royal capital, where it is necessary to come in April to visit numerous museums and churches. Approximately 30 km from Podgorica, Virpazar village is located. She stands on the shores of the Skadar Lake and is popular among tourists, ornithologists, kayakers and fishermen almost at any time of the year.

The pleasant city of Herceg Novi was founded in 1382 at the entrance to the bay. Guests will surely please narrow streets, ancient fortress and churches and pebble beaches, on which you can not only sunbathe, but also just walking.

Fortified medieval Kotor city – World Heritage Heritage, Culture and Natural Beauty. a small village Perast Known for its well-preserved baroque architecture. Both places are popular starting points for boat cruises on impressive caves and the islands of the bay. They all act even in April.

Budva is the main city, where vacationers can spend the night on the embankment. Becici is a place located near Budva, Where in April, tourists are freely engaged in water sports or just drink coffee in one of the numerous seaside cafes.

Family Village Petrovac with pink pebble beaches popular among snorkeling lovers.

The southern coast of Montenegro is home to many ethnic groups with rich cultural heritage. The main city of the Bar in demand for the tourist destination, since clean beaches are located on its territory, stone fortifications and the oldest olive trees in the world. In the nearby village of Good Water there are long sandy beaches that more attract visitors in the summer. Ulcinj, located near the Albanian border, has a castle on the top of the hill.

Northern Mountains Montenegro attract tourists, nature lovers and adventure. Kolashin is a mountain resort that is popular with outdoor leisure lovers who want to get to untouched forests, lakes and rivers nearby National Park “Biogradsk Mountain”. Zablyak Village is a great starting point for studying the glacial lakes of the National Park Durmitor or Alloys for the Gorge of Tara. In both cities you can go skiing.


In Montenegro in April, the air temperature is the same as in our country in the southern region. In the afternoon, the temperature may rise to a maximum of 20 degrees with a plus sign, at night it is in the interval between 8 and 10 degrees. In Tivat and Budva, the weather is the same, but if you move closer to mountainous areas, then the air temperature is reduced during the day to +12 degrees, and at night it comes to +3.

Even in April, the likelihood of snow falling in the mountainous location is preserved, with the calculation of this it is necessary to properly select the wardrobe. In coastal cities, the snow replaces rain, of the whole month of such days about 13, the rest will delight the gentle sun. By the end of April, the temperature is not particularly rising, but can be + 21-22 degrees.

On some beaches you can find sunbathing tourists already at the beginning of the month, but it is rare about bathing, since the sea remains pretty cold – only +16 degrees. By the end of the month, the most courageous gladly dip in cool water, however, the water temperature changes weakly, and can grow only at 2 degrees.

April – the best time for a relaxing stay, walks on local attractions that are located in Budva and Tivat. There are no such heat, so the excursions deliver maximum pleasure.


In April, it is worth visiting the lively port of Kotor, which is located in the late Kotor Bay. You can always rent a private yacht for a day and go on your own trip. The bay surrounded by amazing on the beauty of the mountains, is often depicted as the southernmost “fjord” of Europe. His shores are littered with coastal towns consisting of old stone houses and fishing harbors filled with shady wooden pontons.

The city of Perast consists of old stone estates. Nearby stand Two small islands:Sveti George (Sv. Georgiy) and GOSPA-ON-SKRPIEL (Variamother rocks), Each of which is crowned with the church. Before the islands can be reached by boat from the embankment. Southeast is a popular town of Budva. This is a medieval settlement on a fortified island connected to the highway. One of the most luxurious resorts. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton visited Elizabeth.

Be sure to visit the 700-year-old city with a large number of offers for tourists – Herceg Novi. Here you can visit the monastery of Savina and stroll along the coastline on the Peninsula of Lushtitsa, which comes out to Kotorsk Bay. Medieval walls surround the old town in Budva, What consists of interesting paved streets seated by Venetian buildings. To the east of the city there is a long narrow coastline covered with large modern hotels – Slovenian Plaza.

In April, in the National Park, the Durmitor, who received UNESCO World Natural Heritage status for his landscapes, High peaks, thick pine forests and some deep gorges, will be offered:

  • Hiking excursions+
  • Cycling and kayaks+
  • paragliding.

The “highlight” of this place is a black lake and a three-kilometer walk from the National Park in Zhablyak.

The biggest lake in the Balkans – Skadar. Located on the border with Montenegro and Albania, it is a refuge for numerous birds. About 270 species of feathelves live here, many of which are rare or under threat of disappearance. The Office of the National Park is located in Virpazara – from here it is possible in April to make a trip to the ship, eat fresh carp in the diner.

Having been on vacation in Montenegro in April, it is necessary to climb on the mountain massif. Here at an altitude of 1657 meters, there is a Mausoleum of Nesha, dedicated to the prince-bishop and artist Petar II. From here it is impossible not to appreciate the amazing view of both the country as a whole and the bay.

Having visited the country in April, it is necessary to go and see the National Park “Biogradsk Mountain”, where a primitive woodland area is an area of ​​5400 hectares between the Lim and Tara rivers. Here you can watch the flight of the falcons.

The “highlight” of Montenegro, with a length of 82 km and a depth of 1300 m, is the sensational Canyon River Tara. The deepest gorge in Europe can boast unlimited rafting and canyoning rafting. This is the place where tourists offer extreme types of rest. Nearest cities: Kolasin and Zhablyak.

Unforgettable impressions will leave Monastery-Ostrog XVII century, which is connected by a vertical jumper between Danilovgrad and Nicshich. Inside, in the cave of the chapel, the remains of the founder of the religious community of Vasily Ostrog.

Here you can familiarize yourself with the activities of the largest wine manufacturer in Montenegro – Plantaze, Which is most famous for its red wine under the Vranac brand. Vranac means “black horse”, which in the past was considered as the embodiment of the magnificence, however, like this wine. Tourists are offered to visit Wine basement Plantaze’s Šipcanik, To enjoy the taste of drink and buy a bottle home as a souvenir.

Be sure to stroll According to Ulcini, One of the most historic cities of the Adriatic coast. Among its main attractions – Baltsic Tower and Renaissance Mosque, in which the city museum is also located.


Those who are still thinking about visiting Montenegro in the spring, I want to give a few tips.

  • If you swim, then it is better in special shoes made of rubber, and in case of water sports, it is necessary to wear a suit.
  • Some tourists fall shortly after arriving on vacation. First Symptoms: High Temperature and Food Poison. Among the main reasons will be acclimatization, overwork or swallowing of sea water. Therefore, it is always necessary to find out first of all where the medical center is located nearby the place of residence.
  • The easiest way to move is a rented car.
  • Money can be easily changed, local currency – euro. Cards will be able to use not everywhere, only in large centers.

In the next video you can stroll around the city Budva in April.

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