Weather and holidays in Montenegro in the fall

Weather and holidays in Montenegro in the fall

In the autumn in Montenegro, you can often see tourists from various countries, including Russia. And all because climate and weather conditions at this time of year are especially good here. In addition, the beaches are not filled in autumn, and in general, rest at this time of year leaves only positive impressions. Clean fresh air perfectly affects health, and mountain landscapes simply can not but rejoice. In this article, we consider the weather in more detail at the autumn time in Montenegro, we learn the features of rest in the most popular cities of the country, we will meet interesting excursions.

How to relax in the autumn months?

Rest in Montenegro in the fall, namely: In September, October or November – can be very multifaceted and interesting for tourists.

  • It is believed that the beach season is closed in the fall, but it does not mean that on the beaches at this time of year it is impossible to enjoy the freshness of the sea holiday or go to a picnic from the Azure Sea.
  • Excursions at this time of the year are even more comfortable for tourists at any time of the day, because the weather in the fall is not so hot and stuffy as in the summer. You can easily attend vintage castles, fortresses, national parks, monasteries and other architectural values ​​that may be interested in foreigners.
  • In the fall, hiking of canyons and mountain locations are popular. There you can admire not only the luxurious nature with the majestic firs, but also enjoy the mountain fresh air, which is filled with essential oils. It has exclusively therapeutic properties.
  • In the fall in a given country, a lot of different kind of sporting events, as well as various interesting festivals and exhibitions. Such entertainment will be like not only to adult tourists, but also for children.

Despite the fact that most of the cities of Montenegro are not very big, In each of them a strongly developed infrastructure. Transport here walks in almost all seats of the country, and it is recommended to rent your own car on which the easiest way to move from the hotel or villa to the beach or nearby areas.


Weather in Montenegro in autumn quite unpredictable, In September, there is very warmth here, sometimes the August heat remains. But in October and November, the weather fluctuates between 18 and 23 degrees of heat. Evenings and can be cool at all, in the range of 14-17 degrees of heat with a small wind. There are periods of rains, but, as a rule, they are not very extended. Very changeable weather in the middle of autumn, there are increasingly beginning to fall out.

Mountain locations at this time may even be too cold, and therefore tourists are recommended to take with them clothes warming, including jackets and coats.

At the end of September, Budva may be too warm, the thermometer column periods can rise to +25.26 degrees Celsius.

Such weather can be comfortable for many tourists who do not carry heat and stoolness. Nevertheless, before the planned trip, it is extremely recommended to see the weather forecast to be fulfillment.

Selection of excursions and entertainment

At the beginning of the fall, up to its middle, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the last warm days. This month you can relax perfectly by visiting national reserves and parks.

  • Durmitor Park, which is located in the north of the country. In autumn, there is particularly clean air and picturesque terrain. In the National Park, you can visit the canyon excursion or go to rafting on the Tara River.
  • Near the city of Kotor can visit. Here you can simultaneously enjoy the sea air, and mountain. Many doctors and specialists recommend visiting this mountain range to those who have breathing problems.
  • Lovely excursion can be Trip to Skadar Lake.
  • Especially beautiful park is Bogradsk Mountain, It is very picturesque here, and you can make the most beautiful photos. And you can also go on a joy on jeep.

To visit recommended Local Botanical Garden and Bird Reserve. In which you can visit the Boca-Kotor bay, where you can get a lot of positive impressions.

At the autumn time in Montenegro, you can go on Camping with fishing, And if you understand the mushrooms, you can go to the forest precisely. At the autumn time of the year very relevant Hiking.

Until October, in the waters of the Adriatic Sea, it is quite possible to swim, on all the beaches there are a lot of varied cafes and places for recreation, but not all the beaches are equipped with children’s venues.

Consider current beaches in Montenegro.

  • In Budva There are 5 topical beaches that are always open to tourists. However, the main beach called Slavyansky is considered very noisy, not even in the swimming season. Nevertheless, the beach of Yaz, located 3 km from Budva. Getting to it best on a rented car, because buses want only once a few hours. You can also get on foot. On this beach, a place for nudists is assigned, it is worth knowing about it before visiting, so as not to get into the awkward situation.
  • In the vicinity of Herceg Novi There are also picturesque beaches, but they are almost all concrete. Nevertheless, Herceg Novi is recommended to visit the old town with his set of attractions.
  • In the city of Ulcin Typically, warmer than in other cities of Montenegro, in addition, there are several beaches for swimming, sandy and pebble. Especially recommended for visiting the beach with famous black sand, the length of which is more than 12 km.
  • The special property of Montenegro is and Beach Tivata. Tivat is a very modern resort, you can visit city beaches, and those that are on capes, nearby islands and in neighboring villages. Especially recommended the picturesque beach of the island of flowers. Truly the paradise place.

Price range

For the trip to become successful, it is recommended to consider it in advance, as well as calculate all possible and exemplary embezzlement on vacation. Usually the finished ticket to the Montenegro “All Inclusive” for two with the current dollar rate costs about 65-70 thousand rubles.

You can relax and cheaper if you pick up a less expensive hotel and eliminate some excursions from the program. However, with this scenario, the reservation should be carried out in advance.

In general, the trips in the fall are very beneficial, Since the main charter season at this time is considered closed, if you do not take into account the beginning of September.

Purchase vouchers are recommended only from proven tour operators. It is believed that tour in the fall for many tourists it turns out about 25-30 percent cheaper than in the height of the summer. At this time of year, you can also be very profitable to purchase and last-minute offers.

Traveler reviews

To finalize the opinion of the autumn holiday in Montenegro, you need to get acquainted with reviews of tourists.

Most of the tourists are satisfied with their holiday at this time of year, many say that the most wonderful time is. Hotels are completely inappropriate, as in summer, and even semi-empty. In autumn

Montenegro is especially welcoming, it is advantageous to settle even in a paradise 5-star hotel, while at the beginning of autumn the weather is very comfortable, and you can still swim in the sea.

The main thing that tourists always remain in delighted, this is because In this country, the purest mountain air, which can be enjoyed, just walking through the streets or going to the campsite in the forest.

Absolutely all in admiration from the perfectly clean water of the Adriatic Sea. Autumn is an excellent option to spend a relaxing holiday in Montenegro, and enjoy the company of loved ones.

Almost all tourists are positively responding about coastal cafes in the main cities for recreation. Here are perfectly prepared a variety of dishes from the national kitchens of the world, the beaches are also equipped with everything necessary for rest.

    Of course, in the autumn time of the year there are advantages and disadvantages in holiday, which is why it is recommended to plan it in advance, while studying the potential accommodation options and various excursions to visit.

    On the rest in Montenegro in the fall of the tourist’s eyes later.

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