Weather, beaches and relaxation features in Progz

Weather, beaches and relaxation features in Progz

Thinking about where to relax during vacation, many stop their choice in Montenegro. Tourists are increasingly choosing rest in a small spa village. The weather is beautiful there, there are a variety of hotels, the beach and everything you need for a full holiday.

Features of terrain

On the shores of the Adriatic Sea surrounded by mountains and citrus groves there is a small fishing village called Przno, which has become a popular resort place Montenegro. To date, this is a small village with cute cozy streets, well-developed infrastructure, where it will be comfortable to any tourist. Once this small settlement was not known to anyone, and only fishermen lived there. Similar quiet villages always attracted artists and other artists. It was thanks to them that I began to know.

In a short time, a small village became a popular resort town, and tourists from many countries go there today.

The weather in this area is high temperatures. Already in late May, the sea warms up so much that it is quite possible to open the swimming season. In summer, the temperature on average reaches + 25 °. Winds in this area happen extremely rare, as well as rain. The resort village is surrounded by mountains, citrus and olive groves, so that the weather is most comfortable for recreation. The resort season lasts until the beginning of October.

Rest in Prime will have to do with all those who appreciate privacy and calm. In this small village there is absolutely everything you need for high-quality relaxation: clean beaches, comfortable hotels, fish restaurants, interesting souvenir shops, exciting excursions and unique nature.

Perhaps this is the best place for family holidays and for those who want to spend vacation in silence and enjoy the amazing nature. In this cozy resort town, a sufficient number of varied hotels that are conveniently located along the coast. And you can also remove the villa that is very profitable if you arrived on vacation a large company.

Beach and entertainment

Of course, the first thing that interests many tourists on vacation is the beach. There are several options for lovers to sunbathe. You can go to the Royal Beach, which is well guarded and is paid. In addition, you can go on a free municipal. But in the midst of the season there is a lot of people and have to come there in advance to have time to take place. The municipal beach is also distinguished by its purity, which pleases all visitors.

The one who has already had time to visit is probably knowing that this The resort is not suitable for fans of a noisy rest. There are no nightclubs and discos that work until the morning.

Therefore, you will have to be content with only a calm beach holiday and walks on the quiet villages of the village.

In the event that you still want entertainment, you can go to Budva. This is another popular resort of Montenegro, which is located quite close to Prim: at a distance of only 7 km. And there you will be waiting for not only discos, but also various rides, playgrounds and other entertainment.

In the very same way, you can go to one of the restaurants and pamper yourself local cuisine. Of course, a lot of popularity there is a variety of seafood dishes. In addition, we should taste local cheeses and cheese, which are most often made of sheep milk. And Montenegro is famous for its diverse meat dishes, for example, this is a baked lamb. As for drinks, the local beer likes all tourists without exception.

Attractions and excursions

Despite the fact that it is a small terrain, still there are attractions that you need to see with your own eyes. This small resort village is so beautiful that even ordinary walks around the city are a real excursion, during which you can admire unforgettable species. You can walk around the terrain on your own, without accompanying the guide. Cozy streets, vintage mansions and dilapidated vintage houses will impress each of you.

After examining the independently all corners, it is possible to go on a tour of the neighboring towns, which are also pleasantly surprised by their beauty.

Be sure to visit the Botanical Garden, which is located next to the royal residence. This place is a very original name – Milocher, which is translated as “peach”. There you will be waiting for unusual plants, exotic flowers, striking with your beauty and dope with their unique aroma. And also the royal palace itself can be considered one of the attractions of the local district.

Not so far from this cozy resort town is a monastery. Despite the fact that most of the construction was destroyed, its main part has survived and preserved to the present day. Monastery of Praskvitsa – Another interesting historical place that is worth visiting every tourist. There is also the most interesting museum with valuable exhibits. For example, you can see the letters of Catherine herself the Great.

Not far from pretty there is another small village where you can go on an excursion. This is cult. This place is famous for the fact that there is the most ancient cathedral, which was built back in the XIV century. In addition, you can go to the island of St. Stephen, which is located a few kilometers from the very trial.

As for souvenirs, there are very many varied shops and shops in other nearby towns. Mostly sell clay and ceramics. There you can pick up a small jug or a beautiful bowl that are manually painted. As a rule, similar products are decorated with national ornaments.

You can find products depicting various attractions. Also large popularity among tourists enjoy handmade and dolls in national outfits.

Review of the beaches of the city of Prime See in the video below.

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