Weather in Montenegro and the best seasons for recreation

Weather in Montenegro and the best seasons for recreation

Montenegro is a picturesque country on the Balkan Peninsula. Gorgeous sandy beaches, ski and wellness resorts are ideal for tourism and family holidays.

The lack of a language barrier eliminates the need to hire a translator, which opens the doors of this hospitable state for all tourists of our country. Travel agencies promise an unforgettable year-round rest, but every month a year has its own characteristics.

General weather characteristic by regions of the country

The climate in Montenegro is soft, the heat is tolerated easily, does not interfere with rest. The whole country is divided into several climatic zones.

  • Coastal – Mediterranean climate, in the summer months, windless and blends the sun, the winter often rains. Especially a lot of precipitation on the northern coastal resorts.

  • Mining – subalpic climate with cool summer and soft winter.

  • Continental – The climate in the center of the peninsula is characterized by a cooler weather, in the summer – maximum +25. Uniform precipitation throughout the year.

Summer sea in Montenegro is heated to comfortable +25 degrees, hot air softens light breeze.

Winter drops a lot of precipitation, and the temperature in the mountains falls to -5 degrees. The most humid air on the coast, the dry climate in the depths of the country.

In Cetina, the most precipitation in the winter months is a protracted shower and fog. The most high-along resort Zhablyak is a great place for skiing tourism: Many sun falls up to 30 cm snow. The mild climate in the city of Tivat.

Climate for months

The choice of the month for a holiday in Montenegro depends on personal preferences and travel purposes.

  • January – this is the coldest month of the year in the Montenegrin coast. The average daily air temperature at night barely reaches the mark +6 degrees, and during the day he warms up to + 10 ° C, the water temperature is very low – just + 8 ° C. This time of year is characterized by rains and winds, it often snow in the mountains.

The most budget prices – in the coastal zone, but you will have to restrict ourselves to a visit to the water park instead of the sea beach or go to the ski resort, where prices are at the maximum mark.

  • February – very rainy time, the average daily air temperature is slightly higher than in the previous month +13 degrees, water +12 ° C. Walking around the beach will not give pleasure, raw air and a permanent permanent wind push the tourists to ski resorts and in the cities in the depths of Montenegro. This month is designed for sailing lovers, which is developed in Budva. You can also visit the Mimosa Festival in Herceg Novi.

  • March – the weather is still very windy and cool, Despite the fact that the thermometer’s column will show about + 15 ° C. Water heats up to + 12 ° C, the sea is restless and sea walks are very difficult, snow avalanches are somewhat in the mountains, so ski tourism is better postponed until December. Hotel accommodation prices are gradually starting to grow.

  • April – nature blooms with lush color, tender flavors of the first colors permeate everything around. The air temperature reaches the mark + 18 ° C, the water warms up to + 16 ° C, it becomes an order of magnitude less, prices continue to rise. Good time for active and excursion holidays.

  • May – the full start of the holiday season (not to be confused with the seaside bathing), Air – + 23 ° C, the sea – + 18 ° C, it is still early to swim, but prices gradually rise on the eve of the summer. This month is perfect For recreation holidays.

  • June – notable to the influx of tourists, a noticeable increase in housing prices and food for vacationers, the long-awaited swimming season begins. A light breeze from the sea softens the sultry air and helps to get a uniform tan. However, it is not necessary to spend a long time to spend a lot of time (you can quickly burn out) and light hats should be worn.

The thermometer column rises to +27 degrees, water warms up to +24 degrees. On the beaches these days are crowded, in the evenings, cafes and parks are clogged to refusal. On cloudy days, you can visit excursions, but these days are recruited 1-2 per month.

  • July – air temperature rises to + 35 ° C, water is most moderated to + 26 ° C. The precipitates and the wind are minimal, the heat in all corners of Montenegro (a little bit of coolness remains only high in the mountains), the peak of the influx of tourists, prices begin to bite. Pension, sanatoriums and recreation centers for July must be ordered in advance, preferably in March, finding accommodation in place is almost impossible and catastrophically expensive.

Ideal time for beach holidays, excursions to such heat are heavier even in comfortable buses with air conditioning.

  • August – in the second half of the month it becomes a little cooler (+ 32 ° C, water +25 ° C), prices are at the same level. Comes the best time for diving.

  • September – noticeably cold, the velvet season begins. Day Air temperature is + 27 ° C, at night +20 degrees, water warms up to + 23 ° C. Prices are slightly reduced. This month is 90th for surficists.

  • October – Recession of the tourist wave. The air is quite comfortable +22 degrees, at night cold – + 15 ° C, water warms up to + 20 ° C. Pricing for coastal holidays continue to decline. In mid-October, there is a beach season closure. Ski resorts have not yet begun to work and the only accessible view of recreation is a sanatorium treatment.

  • November: Day +18 ° C, at night about + 10 ° C , water +15 ° C, by the end of the month the snow begins to fall in the mountains. Prices are minimal for coastal rest, ski resorts remain at an acceptable level.

  • December – the air is a bit warming up a bit, and the thermometer column reaches +14 degrees, at night the temperature in the mountains falls slightly below zero, the water in the sea is cold and the day is only + 12 ° C. Snow in winter goes only in the mountains, on the coast pouring a delay rain. The price of coastal rest drops. The beginning of the ski season entails the rise in prices for rest in the mountains. December is also a good month for shopping in Podgorica.

Best beach holiday season

Bathing season begins in Montenegro From the end of June and lasts until mid-September. The Adriatic Sea is famous for the transparency of water, the bottom can be considered to a depth of 60 meters, which is very important for diving lovers. Especially picturesquely off the coast of the bar, where many caves and sunken ships.

Early spring is the most good time for excursion tours, and the height of the summer is great for swimming in warm sea.

Velvet season is the best time for healthcare procedures. Ski tourism is available from the end of December to mid-March.

Depending on the purpose of visit, you should choose the time when you go to Montenegro. Getting the train will be cheaper, but fly by plane is much faster, and after all on vacation every day in the account.

The resort season in Montenegro lasts all year round, The exception is November – the month of endless rains throughout the country.

Suitable time for tourism

You can go to stay in Montenegro at any time of the year, it is enough to take a passport (for traveling for a period of less than 1 month, the visa is not needed, however, it is necessary to get paid registration on the day of arrival in the country). It is worth noting that every kind of rest in a certain season is beautiful in its own way, you can also combine several areas of tourism and get unforgettable impressions for many years ahead.


Excursion services provide mainly hotels and local guides. Be sure to visit the Montenegrin capital – a dynamically developing city Podgorica With fantastic symbiosis of old and new styles in architecture, incredibly atmospheric flavor and very welcome residents.

In Montenegro, in addition to the capital, there are many beautiful and interesting places.

  • Budva Riviera famous for its identity, beautiful beaches and entertainment for every taste.

  • Herzegnovskaya Riviera Amazes tourists with the magnificence of the natural beauty of the northern coast of the country.

  • Tivat surprises the abundance of cultural events and colorful festivals. There are also an international airport and a botanical garden with exotic plants.

  • Canyon Tara In the National Park, the Durmitor will impress Rafting lovers.

  • Saint Nicholas Island It has a seashell form, it is also notable for picturesque views and three sandy beaches (deer are found in the undeveloped part of the island).

  • Bogo-Kotor Bay famous for specially grown oysters and mussels, which gourmets will appreciate.

  • Serbian Orthodox Monastery Ostrog impresses with his greatness: has two levels, one of which is carved in the rock (the abode of the acting, 12 monks live in it).

  • Island Hotel Sveti Stefan With red pebbles beaches are available only for tourists living there.

  • Skadar Lake, The area of ​​the water surface of which at the dry time of the year is 490 square kilometers, and with a spring flood – up to 530 km, the tourists will impress all ages.

    You can make an independent excursion to the gastronomic paradise near the city of Cetini (village of Nehushi), the abundance of meat and cheese products will leave vivid impressions even at the most pressing gourmets.


    For medical tourism in Montenegro, the offseason is most suitable (the beginning of the spring and end of autumn), the rest will be more budget, fewer people.

    Sea air and water together with a mild climate, as well as a change in the situation, the lack of domestic worries are an effective medicine for the prevention of stress and colds.

    Chernogorsk Beach Sand has a natural origin, it is rich in minerals and unique useful components, Staying on such beaches contributes to the treatment of infertility, and mud wraps increase the chance of conception of a healthy child twice.

    The most famous recreation center in Montenegro is considered Institute of Igalo in Boko Bay. This organization is a rehabilitation and physiotherapy center. Newest equipment, highly qualified specialists, sports equipment, indoor pool, pebble beaches and seabed with medicinal mud, comfortable rooms and interpreter services will make rest as pleasant and useful.

    Complex rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, restoration of patients undergoing stroke or infarction, as well as people with the consequences of the work of the central nervous system. Developed special health programs for professional athletes, Complex procedures for rejuvenation and weight reduction. Prevention and treatment of stress.

    There are other wellness centers.

    • Prchan – specializes in the treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases and asthma.

    • Ultsin – conducts prevention and treatment of inflammatory processes of internal organs.

    • Kolashin – Mountain air resort. Specializes in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

      Many health centers provide pedestrian and sea excursions around the neighborhood.

      Ski resort

      The ski season in Montenegro lasts from the beginning of December to mid-March. In January, the temperature consistently holds below zero, snow cover at some resorts can reach several meters.

      Among the most famous ski centers, you can allocate several.

      • Turkey – famous for several ski schools for tourists from different age categories.

      • Kolashin – This is an alpine resort with picturesque slopes covered with grass and crystal clear mountain rivers. The undoubted advantage is that it is easily accessible to urban transport.

      • Zhablyak – Surrounded by five canyons. Unique flora and fauna impressive. The resort is equipped with a variety of ski slopes and tracks of any complexity, including children’s.

      There are many other, smaller tourist bases in the mountains.

      Ski tourism helps strengthen health and fits outdoor lovers.


      Sea fishing is attractive in Montenegro from the end of March and before the beginning of November, fishing in lakes is best from May to October. More than 40 species of fish are found in the country’s reservoirs, so fishing becomes not just a troubling waiting, but a fascinating and gambling view of the rest.

      Fish catch on the Skadar Lake is prohibited during spawning: from March 15 to July 1.

      For fishing in lakes and rivers, which are located on the territory of the national parks of the country, will need Special permission, And anyone who wants a tourist or a local resident can be afraid of fish on the fishing rod in the sea coastal zone.

      All restrictions and subtleties of fishing can be found in the Union of Sport Fisheries Montenegro, as well as clarify which tackles are allowed to use. You can buy a fishing tour, where the guides themselves make out all the documents and control the fishing process: do not bother the head with strict rules, but just have fun. Before buying a tour, it is fairly carefully familiarized with conditions and prices.

      Among marine inhabitants are found Dorada, Sybas, sea crucian, spinorogogozh, flounder, stavride, rim And many others, and at night the coast can be seen Caracatir, Muren and Octopus. Photos with such exotic representatives of the sea fauna will decorate the account in any social network, and the photos with major copies will be the subject of pride for many years ahead. The largest fish was caught in 1985: salmon, which weighed 41 kg.

      With kids

      Montenegro is created for family holidays: the transparent Adriatic Sea, picturesque landscapes and medieval cities are impressive with their magnificence and children, and adults.

      It is recommended to choose a place of residence in advance if you can – through early booking at the beginning of spring. It is desirable that the hotel provides children’s menu, as well as safe pools and kids sites.

      The best season for recreation with children is considered summer months: July and August, when the sea has already warmed well.

      In the second half of June, it is not very hot and not so crowded, and the water for swimming is already quite warm. In September, the afternoon is very comfortable, you do not need to hide from the midday heat in the shade, but evenings and nights are already cool, so you need to take windbreakers, sweaters and light hats for children. May and October are not at all suitable for resting with the kids, because it will not work out no longer, but it is best to strengthen children’s immunity precisely marine water.

      In the bathing season, the rest is more expensive, but you can save a little on the nutrition:

      • Order accommodation with meals 1 time per day (for example, only lunch, so as not to miss breakfasts because of long sleep, and dinners – because of evening walks on the embankment and visits to the cafe)+
      • Buy local seasonal fruits away from tourist accumulation sites+
      • Take products for easy snack in supermarkets (will cost cheaper than in local markets).

      Fully abandoning nutrition is not worth it, and if the family lives on a certain routine of the day and plans to rest solely on the beach – it is better to take a three-time catering at the hotel.

      Older children can be sent to an independent rest under the supervision of experienced educators in any Health camp on the coast.

      Montenegro is a great place for family and other types of rest.

      Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed, overhanits only the price level of skiing in winter and coastal – in summer, but it is easy to correct early booking or burning trips.

      It is also worth considering that Large and close to the sea city are distinguished by a high level of prices (Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Podgorica, Herceg Novi), on average cities price rates for accommodation and food are somewhat lower, and rest in the settlements removed from the coastline remains quite budget all year round.

      What time of year is the best for travel, see next video.

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