What are the ski glasses and how to choose them?

What are the ski glasses and how to choose them?

The variety of brands and a significant range of ski glasses present in the sports accessory market makes them the right choice of descent lovers on mountain slopes. In addition, these optical products are characterized by a number of parameters that need to be carried out during the selection process. Errors may be expensive to do the skier, as it is, first of all, the question of its safety.

Description and appointment

In the production of ski accessories, glasses and masks are traditionally divided. However, the first may look like ordinary sunscreen products, but they cannot be reliably fixed on the face – they are not suitable for fast descents. Overall-dimensional lenses on a rubber band or belt classify as a mask.

In other words, the name of this accessory does not acquire significant importance, the difference lies only in the fact that a constructive mask involves the best overview and can be put on traditional glasses.

The main functions of ski glasses include:

  • Ensuring the protection of the face from various kinds of damage, clogging eyes with outsiders (ice floes, branches, etc.)+
  • Protection against ultraviolet rays and decreased brightness in the snow+
  • Eye shelter from wind and snowflakes+
  • Improving the visibility of the mountain relief, which provides the best perception of the track in bad weather.

Review of species

The functions and quality of ski glasses are largely dependent on the properties of the lens, which is usually done from frost-resistant and durable materials. Lenses can be single, and double (first fogged soon). In double lenses there is a special airspa, which prevents fogging (impertuous glasses). Products with interchangeable lenses, with diopters, with a camera, heated, for night riding.

In addition, technologically, they can be mirrored, photochromic (“chameleons”), transparent.

It matters and the size of the glasses, a number of products are distinguished by this criterion.

  1. Men’s – With the strict design inherent in them, dark colors, massiveness. In a certain sense, they are universal because they use them and women.
  2. Women – smaller product size, with bright palette and additional designer solutions.
  3. Children’s – Performed with the children’s parameters from colorful materials. Glasses for children are complemented by various patterns and drawings.

The relevant parameter of any accessory is the degree of protection against ultraviolet rays. The color of the lenses on this parameter does not affect, but the translucent range is different, it is determined by the degree of dimming glass under various weather conditions. Allocate a number of models.

  1. S0 – with low dimming, transmitting light by 80, or even 100%. In essence, these are transparent windows intended for cloudy conditions and artificial lighting in the dark.
  2. S1 – with light transmittance from 43 to 80%. They are darkened by little, apply with a non-silver sun, in cloudy conditions, twilight.
  3. S2 – passed from 18 to 43% of light (with an average dimming), are used in variable cloud conditions.
  4. S3 – with a high degree of protection against sunlight (passes 8-18%). Available different shades. Options in solar conditions.
  5. S4 – light transmission at least 3% and not more than 8%. Used in highlands (with a height of more than 2 km). Protect from extremely bright sun. Meet less often.

For different weather conditions, various shades of filters are used, which helps to improve the clarity of the perception of images and color reproduction.

In form

According to the parameters of the curvature of lenses divided into cylindrical and spherical.

  • Cylindrical – with horizontal bending. Have some image distortions on the edges (in deplete models).
  • Spherical – with horizontal and vertical curvature. At cost they are more expensive than the first.

Color lenses

Lens color is not a tribute to fashion – this is a relevant functional property. Chromaticity quality achieve a method for applying different layers that optimize the transfer of the resulting image, eliminating his piciation and unnecessary tones.

  1. Amber lenses remove blue tones – the visible picture becomes a clear, more accentuated. Apply for not particularly bright days, they are universal.
  2. Reddish lenses will rise for cloudy weather, give a sharper picture.
  3. Gray shades lenses do not change color ratios, give a real image.
  4. Dark shades lenses (brown, bronze) strengthen the quality of contrast and eliminate excess light. Will be to the place in bright days.
  5. Mirror products skip a little light, canceled themselves in solar conditions, do not suit cloud weather.

Yellow-red lenses possess universal qualities. The presence of polarization (anti-glare) layer is especially valued in the lenses. However, the consequence of this is the deterioration of the ability to distinguish soft layers of snow from forehead. In other words, this is not the best option when riding on the slopes with an uncertain state of snow cover.

Mirror lenses in their properties are similar to polarized counterparts, but to a lesser extent clean the rickety from snow. Such models are suitable for clear pore.

Photochromic lenses can change the degree of – adapt to the features of existing lighting, are able to skip less or more solar flux. They change their qualities not immediately, to replace the lenses when changing weather conditions is not needed.

In order not to acquire several models of products with different filters, copies with interchangeable lenses are made.

Best manufacturers

The top rating includes a number of successful brands that have won the consumer confidence.

Anon M4 Cylindrical Sonar

Used and men and women. Cylindrical glasses, replaceable parts are available. Mounting of cylindrical or spherical lenses. Anti-recruitment feature is provided. The product can be put on top of glasses. In the manufacture of MFI technologies (Magnetic Facemask Integration) – the mask holds a gameter magnets (included). Antitumena function allows you to clearly allocate the track.

Suitable for cloudy, and for clear weather.


  • There are replaceable lenses+
  • Provided by the technologies of antituman and the mounting of the gameter+
  • Universal+
  • Enharged over the glasses.


  • High price tag.

Dragon NFXS + Lens

New from the American company engaged in the manufacture of sports accessories and glasses without rim. Glasses with successful design and excellent side review. Lenses are protected from fogging, which provides a clear overview even with weather-free weather. Designed for adults. Represent a reduced frame of the NFX series. Equipped with double cylindrical lenses with the possibility of ambulance. Used Lumalens technologies ensure the elimination of glare, increase the degree of contrast. The product is protected from ultraviolet, the antipal function is available. The strap is adjustable, and from the inside there is a silicone coating, which prevents sliding.

Suitable for cloudy and sunny days, as well as for skiing in the evenings.


  • Lack of rim+
  • Full protection against ultraviolet+
  • Adjustable fastening with silicone inserts+
  • The presence of replaceable elements.


  • Suitable only for small faces.

Oakley Line Miner Goggle

Adult Product, Different Color Hammary. Full protection against UV rays. Cylindrical shape glasses, giving an excellent front and lateral overview. Replaceable double lenses allow you to ride under various weather conditions. The degree of fogging glasses is reduced by anti-turn coating. Tight fit to the face is provided by a three-layer fleece lining. There are special cuts for wearing masks with glasses.


  • Full protection against ultraviolet rays+
  • Ensuring wearing with diopters+
  • Do not stove+
  • Availability of a replaceable set of filters.


  • No detected.

Sky Monkey SR44 RV

Product with an anatomical form that does not cause discomfort. Glasses with a mirror spraying, with the level of protection S3 (for clear and sunny days). Strap with internal silicone stripes, wide, adapted under helmet, is adjustable. The product with a cylindrical double lens (maximizing ultraviolet).


  • The presence of an antisupant function+
  • Durable Rubbing+
  • Scratch protection+
  • Low price tag.


  • exclusively for sunny days.


Product from the famous Austrian company. Designed for adults. Equipped with replaceable double filters that are fastened with special latches. Cylindrical glasses, equipped with a thin rim, provide excellent visibility. Fisking is prevented by the internal treatment with anti-turn coating. High degree of UV protection. Mask is successfully combined with helmet. Applied on cloudy days.


  • Double glasses are provided+
  • Anti-foot protection+
  • The presence of a comfortable thin rim.


  • S1, S2 protection levels.


Special covers ensuring the safety of products from dirt and various deformations are provided for storing ski glasses. Sell ​​such a cover included with them. Accurate glasses care – an indispensable condition for extending their operations:

  • We do not recommend drying the product near the fire, the heater – lenses can be deformed+
  • Do not wipe the inside of the glass – you can damage the layer of spraying+
  • In the course of cleaning, use special sprays or soap with a neutral pH, and moisture remove with napkins+
  • Do not leave glasses for a long time directly under the sunny rays.

Tips for choosing

Pick up a full-fledged accessory for skiing is not quite easy – you need to take into account a number of criteria:

  • Quality parameters of types of lenses+
  • shape, frame, sizes+
  • The degree of adjustment density+
  • Helmet compatibility quality+
  • Availability of ventilation devices+
  • Types of filters used.

In addition, during the choice of products for the mountain ski, we recommend paying attention to some additional aspects.

  1. Convenience, Comfort. At the same time, the product should be seamless to the face tightly so that no gaps and the pressure was not created.
  2. The cutout configuration for the bridges (as well as its quality) must be comfortable, do not complicate the breath. Overly soft frames of glasses – a significant drawback.
  3. Helmet should fit tightly to points.
  4. The presence of a seal on the inside of the product from a hypoallergenic foam rubber (required 2-3 layers). In advanced products between the foam rubber and face, an additional layer of fleece is used.
  5. Fastening options (gum, strap) must be comfortable and reliable. The presence on the strap of the silicone layer is a plus.
  6. Ventilation prevents fogging glass, due to the difference in temperature on the street and inside the glasses. It can be membranes, windows or mini-fans on batteries, usually disposable at the top of the product. Thanks to the optimization of the microclimate of the glass, do not fade.
  7. The quality of the review is relevant. Usually glasses have front visibility. To increase the lateral perception, it is worth contacting the models for a snowboard.
  8. With poor eyesight, if contact lenses are not used, use special products that allow you to wear them from top tox. Otherwise, get models with diopters.
  9. Pay special attention to the parameters of the purchased lenses that are divided into forms, color (filter), bandwidth properties.
  10. Glasses and helmet should be treated together – choose a full-fledged kit will be easier.
  11. Traveling over the slopes, it is better to use contact lenses.
  12. The weak point of ski glasses is a fixing gum, often failing because of its gradual stretching.

Therefore, it should be paid to the degree of its elasticity and softness. These qualities should be moderate.

On how to choose a ski mask, see the following video.

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