Zhablyak: Climate, attractions and entertainment

Zhablyak: Climate, attractions and entertainment

Zablyak is a small town in the northern part of Montenegro, located at the foot of the mountain range Durmitor. The city is located at an altitude of about 1460 meters above sea level and is considered one of the highest. The area is famous for a large number of pure lakes and a magnificent canyon, the deepest in Europe.

Zhablyak was founded in the 1860s and at that time had another name – “Varezin Water” due to the presence of a large number of sources with clean drinking water. The city acquired its current name in the 1870s. How many years ago, today Zhablyak is an administrative center, despite its small size.

This area is becoming more and more popular with tourists from all over the world.

Brief information

The population of the city of Zhablyak is about 2-4 thousand people. At the same time, the city has a developed infrastructure and popular with tourists. Here is one of the best ski resorts in Montenegro, although not particularly known compared to Italy or France.

Ski resort in the city works all year round. In winter, it is possible to ski or snowboard here, and in the summer, rafting, cycling, hiking, mountain walks, including horseback, and much more are available. In the National Park, the Durmitor can ride horses all year round. In the park there is a clean black lake, a beautiful mountain river Tara and a beautiful Bridge of Juryjevich. Experienced guides will tell a lot of interesting things about the park, the town itself and will show places to which an independent tourist is unlikely to get. By the way, the park is a UNESCO World Heritage List. Compared with famous European resorts here prices are much lower.

Ski slopes in the gown comfortably equipped. There are several of them here: 4 “blue”, 4 “red” and 4 “black”. There are also children’s tracks, equipment rental, instructor services. Mountain rescuers and medical care points are here. In the town itself there are quite a few restaurants, cafes and shops.

And also in this part of Montenegro are several huge canyons. Tara river canyon – the largest in Europe, it should be seen with his own eyes. If you go to the gills in the summer, then it is necessary to swim in the black lake, and in the container. Water here is clean, transparent, pleasant, though cool. On the shore of the Boka-Kotan Bay in Zablik is the ancient city of Kotor. Here, too, you can come with an excursion and visit the most beautiful and picturesque places.


In Zhablyak you can come to rest all year round, and the weather contributes to this. In winter, there is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders – the weather is warm and clear, in December-January, the air temperature is from 0 to -1.3 degrees Celsius, at night The thermometer’s column does not fall below -10 degrees. The best time for winter sports in Zhablyak – from the end of December and the end of March. In March, plus temperature is already installed – about +2.4 degrees Celsius. In the summer there is no strong heat and stuffy – temperature maximum +20.23 degrees day. In this weather, tourists go to rafting or for a walk through mountain routes.

Clean air, abundance of greenery, alpine meadows and their aromas makes summer holidays in the gowns unforgettable.

Where to stay?

In the town a lot of hotels in various levels – from 4 to 2 stars. But you can also rent an apartment, houses, room. In the private area Zablika prices for such a rental are very low. Villas within the mountains are more expensive, but they can be rented a whole company. Many independent travelers rent housing at the arrival in Zhablyak – for this enough to walk through the streets and ask for residents about the availability of a free room. Such a housing option is the most budgetary.

And you can rent a hotel room or apartments in advance via the Internet. Arriving in the city, you will be sure that you will have to spend the night and relax. There are many proven services for this. Hotels are located both in the city center and in its surrounding area, but it is not difficult to get to the center of Zhablyak or ski resorts. Hotels start from 2500 rubles per night. Apartments in guest houses can be removed for 1000 rubles (1 night).

We list the best places for stopping in Zhablyak.

  • Condominium Family Apartments. It features clean cozy rooms, kitchenette, Turkish coffee cooking equipment, washing and drying machine shared. Price per night – from 2400 rubles. is a 10-minute walk from the center of Zhablyak.
  • Hotel SOA 4 *, Located in the National Park Durmitor. Excellent rooms, excellent kitchen, free Wi-Fi and more. Price per night – from 6800 rubles.
  • Hotel Polar Star 4 * – Popular place in tourists from all over the earth. The hotel is located on the border of two natural parks, at the foot of the mountains. Magnificent view, stylish rooms, Chernogorsk cuisine – all this and much more can be found here. Price per room – from 3400 rubles.
  • Villa Borje – Located in the National Park itself, it is cozy wooden houses with all the amenities and a kitchenette, including. The ski lift of one of the resorts is just 6 km from the villa. Price – from 10,000 rubles for the house.
  • Etno Village Sljeme – Cozy Bungalow in the style of the chalet, also on the territory of the park Durmitor.
  • Pension B & B Jvorovaca. Small family hotel with free Wi-Fi, restaurant and bar. There is also parking, kitchenette, playground and other amenities. Rooms are small but cozy and clean. Cost – from 3600 rubles per night.
  • Lalovic – Private house in the center of Zhablyak with rooms and shared kitchens. On each floor shower, there is free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV and other amenities. Price – from 1000 rubles.

There will be no problems with housing in the gown – here at every step there are apartments and hotels for every taste and wallet.


In the gown and its surroundings quite a lot of attractions and picturesque corners. In the town itself you can walk for a long time for the beautiful European streets, visit the traditional home market and in some cozy restaurant with local cuisine. Interestingly, there are no traffic lights in the city, even at the only intersection. Outside the city, the main attraction is, of course, the mountains and the Durmitor National Park.

Walk from the city you can walk to the Black Lake, it will take 20 minutes. And also here can be reached by car. Black lake is unusually beautiful, it is surrounded by mountains and the highest pines.

The Dumber National Park itself is a high-mountainous array with alpine meadows, plateau and beautiful peaks. Mount Bobot Cook in the highest points reaches 2500 meters in height.

Giurjevich Bridge – Another landmark of Zhablyak. This giant with 5 arches was built in the 1920s, during the war it was almost destroyed, but then rebuilt again. Bridge of 170 meters high passes through the canyon and the Tara River. Canyon itself is a landmark and one of the most visited places in the country. Tara River Canyon – the deepest in the European part of the world, picturesque and amazing. Its surrounds relict forests and sheer cliffs.

The ski resorts in Zhablyak themselves are also attractions in their own way. For this purpose, thousands of tourists come here annually.

Where you can go?

In the gills itself there are a lot of places where you can spend time, even though the town is very small. It has only one supermarket, one bank, but many cafes and restaurants for every taste, including game zones for children of any age. In addition, there are houses with saunas, which are especially in demand in the winter season after long hikes in the mountains or skiing. In winter, in addition to the mountain skiing and snowboard, you can visit the hiking routes around the lakes, or ride horses.



In the summer in the gown, too, there are a lot of entertainment: hiking along mountain routes with a guide and without, car trips to long-range tops and a plateau, excursions on the Bock – Kotor Bay, swimming in a black lake and much more. In the Bock-Koto bay you can see the city itself, a closed Catholic monastery, the city of millionaires Perast, the ancient Church of the Virgin Mary on the cliff. Such a journey will be comfortable in summer.

How to get?

If you decide to relax in the gown, then it is best to fly from Moscow to Podgorica or Tivat. These international airports are almost equidistant from Zhablyak, the distance does not exceed 300 km in both cases.

From the airport Podgorica to Zablyak can be reached on a flight comfortable bus, taxi transfers or car. You can rent it right at the airport, only for this you will need international driver’s license. 2 roads lead to the gowns: through a small town of Shawn and through the canyon of the Tara River. On these roads to the ski resort can be reached at any time of the year.

Roads to Zhablyak are good, but often looped, there are steep serpentines and descents, so you need to be attentive, especially in the winter season. At this time, anti-cycling chains and products should be carried with you in the trunk in the case if the machine is stuck in the snow. Bus ride to Zablyak will be more budget. Buses go every hour, and travel time is about three hours. The route passes with stops.

If you relax in Budva and want to get to Zhablyak, then you can do this in two ways, as Budva is connected by bus routes with other cities.

  • There is a direct route to Zablyak from Budva. On the road will have to spend about 5 hours. The bus rides with stops for sanitary needs and snack.
  • The second option is from Budva to Podgorica (taxi, bus or rented car) and then transfer the bus to the gown.

The easiest way to travel in Montenegro by car, the price of rent begins from 20 euros. But the bus is also a good budget option, especially if you are traveling without children. Travel or excursion to Zhablyak will not leave you indifferent.

This town falls in love with her senses – beautiful mountains, clean air, extraordinary lakes contribute to this.

In the next video you will find a presentation of the Zhablyak ski resort.

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